Taking big pharma to court | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Taking big pharma to court | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Taking big pharma to court | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Tens of thousands of people exposed to the opioid crisis Health, Canada. Now it says it is considering taking action to and to the weekly this week. It says the government of Canada has not closed the door on taking legal action against opioid manufacturers, marketing practices, 28th drug companies, including Purdue, pharmaceutical and Reckless, and deceptive marketing drugmakers recommended hours for minor injuries when anti-inflammatories would have been more effective. A Minor Sports Injury addiction that destroyed his life. I still don’t appreciate how close to dying. I came in my wife ex-wife now she does. She found me in the shower stall with water not running and passed out. Green, not not breathing, basically breath steps away from from dying who are the makers of Oxycontin admitted to misleading doctors about the drugs risk of addiction? They have to pay on $ 600 past three years, but here there are no judgments, no multimillion-dollar fines. Until now there has been no public education. The government was even considering legal action to talk about all this is Janelle he’s one of the lawyers behind the proposed class action suit, so play a landmark suit. With the 1.1 billion dollars would get people’s attention. Tom Brady’s class actions in the past we’ve never seen an outpouring like this in every single one of our communities, hoping that you’ll finally get enough attention that this practice tops that opioids aren’t prescribed for minor conditions like his minor injury that ended up derailing as life Is a fighter, and he cares deeply about this lost so much instead of letting it beat him, he came out the other side and is fighting just as hard as he can try and make a change ace against a opioid makers in the states and basically they’ve Said to the drugmaker’s, you need to be more careful in what you tell going after four persons. Bottom line is the best way to change their behavior and that’s what this lawsuit is about. The drug makers were, you, suggest, misleading medical journals, misleading doctors, misleading patient groups and patients have been dying and health Canada. What are they doing? This is been going on for years, purchased Health Emergency of my lifetime. That’S a great question that that’s something for our politicians and for Regulators to decide. We are not pursuing Health Canada in this lawsuit, we’re pursuing the people, billions of dollars in profits on the backs of tens of thousands of Canadian deaths at the moral culpability lies with those who profited from this epidemic. It is really a manufactured epidemic Health crisis that these drugs soft sure this was an epidemic that they invented. Is it surprising that the manufacturers haven’t patented the epidemic for all the work they did manufacturing it? We have to do our due diligence, we’ve known that this was a crisis for years. From our perspective, we’re David going up against Goliath, and if you’re going to do that, you better make sure you got a slingshot, so we had to do I due diligence. It says that there were Lies by corporate Executives about the effects of the drug, the drug manufacturer walking to the doctors, but they were talking to Med students, running educational programs, for the medical students on pain management. There’S no way our doctors will be prescribing his medication. If they’re properly informed of the risks associated with them, complete lack of efficacy with respect to some conditions, well, if people abused it, then you know they are kind of fight where we feel like we’re strong on the merits and – and we look forward to having this Case tried on its merits: Big 5. More states in the US have against Purdue Pharma
Victims of the opioid crisis have long pointed the finger at big pharma companies for marketing opioid-based drugs to treat chronic illnesses. A doctor who became addicted to opioids is suing 28 drug companies, including industry giants like Johnson&Johnson and Purdue Pharma, for an alleged “pattern of false, reckless, and deceptive marketing.” The Weekly speaks to his lawyer about their chances of winning what could be a landmark case.
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