Talented Women who were Overshadowed by their male relatives – BBC News

Talented Women who were Overshadowed by their male relatives – BBC News
This year, 100 women, it’s taking you on a journey through time and space to bring 5 incredible women out of the Shadows Of History. We stopped in 18th century England in the sky, the comet, when it’s electromagnetic waves are converted into sound waves. Caroline Herschel discover dates. Come it’s one was named after her. She also discovered a Galaxy Herschel was the first woman in England to be paid for her contributions to science, as an astronomer is last known about then her brother Williams, who discovered Uranus Carlin dedicated a lot of time. Cataloging Williams work rather than focusing on her own together, they discovered 2400 astronomical object. She was determined, cognition firework in her lifetime. So when she discovered, I was sleep, the Royal Observatory Greenwich to it before anyone else. now off to 19th century Japan, huge wave, is breaking to the left to the right. Both struggle to stay afloat want to see if Chucky White in the distance, Mount Fuji, blue and white Peak Blends into see below this iconic image of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by katsushika Hokusai is one of the most recognizable pieces of Japanese but hooks. I wasn’t the only autistic katsushika in 19th century Japan, his daughter paintings of beautiful women, that he said he couldn’t compete with. Her name is being left out from the history books Gallery timepieces under his name, which all historians believed to be hers. Now we has developed a cult following anime, documentaries and graphic novels have been made about her life, and one writer has described her as the next wave and now it’s time for a Victoria happy Easter Sonata, when it was discovered it was attributed to the other F Mendelssohn her brother Felix, it was only pregnant under her name. In 2012, 15th birthday, her father wrote to her saying that music cut the come a profession for phelix, but to her it would always remain, but an ornament. I never the foundation of Fidelity life. Most of puppies time and some of those that were published under her brother’s name embarrassing, but he met Queen Victoria. She announced her favorite piece of his, but she picked one of funnies Italian 20th century egg. Just some of the comments made by Albert Einstein’s family about his first wife. Together, they were both strong students and one-time malevo, got the top Mark and applied physics 5, as opposed to a 1/4 Albert years of operation credit for it speaks of how happy you will Be when the two of us together, will it bro I’m going to take motion to the Victorious conclusion off to his will give the money to a son’s it still. She threatened to reveal her involvement in his work. I’Ll bet wrote to her when someone is completely insignificant, there’s nothing else to say to this person, but you remain. This is silent. This is what I advise you to do and last but not least, that take to the high seas. I live Adventure on what women given the chance would choose. Otherwise these are the words of Simone Cousteau. She left a fashionable prison lifestyle to explore and research the oceans with her husband, Jack about that s***. She even experienced living underwater for days at a time. The first woman act note a diver, a business partner enough about the Explorer Jacques cousteau’s famous Expeditions Jean-Michel describe Simone of the real Captain of the clips I just bought, who is avoiding the Limelight and never drinking Jack’s documentaries about that life at sea swimming pool in The Mediterranean, but instead she has written on the box of giant land turtles and Dunstable gown in tropical residencies she’s, also cooked for 23 men and helps save the Calypso when it’s not it’s more with no offices, a board
BBC 100 Women is celebrating talented women from history whose work has been overshadowed by their male relatives.

Katsushika Oei was an accomplished painter, but her work is less known about than her father Katsushika Hokusai’s.

Fanny Mendelssohn composed more than 400 works of music, most of which were unpublished in her lifetime. Some of those that were, were published under her brother’s name.

Simone Cousteau was the first female aquanaut, and she explored and researched the ocean with her husband Jacques aboard their ship.

The astronomer Caroline Herschel discovered eight comets – one was named after her. But her work is less known about than her brother William’s, who discovered Uranus.

Many know of the work of Albert Einstein, but there is significant debate around how much his first wife, Mileva, contributed to his discoveries.

Watch stories of women who should have been better credited by their husbands, brothers or fathers.

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