Taliban official: ‘War in Afghanistan should end soon’ – BBC News

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Taliban official: ‘War in Afghanistan should end soon’ – BBC News
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Taliban official: ‘War in Afghanistan should end soon’ – BBC News
As the waters difficult speech is more difficult than war and problem, especially the conflict to the war which is going on in Afghanistan for the Lost food, the kids giving an end to it, cannot be over.. We still hope we are working from our side. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan date as soon as it is possible. The watch world end in Afghanistan. The same thing I see now because Administration, jobs working with Adele.. What message would you send to them? They might be saying we don’t want these guys to come back. Understand, you’re not free to give. We are not agree with that. I didn’t, but I’ve seen the aftermath of a bomb that goes off in the center of the city and you must know that they will be civilian casualties denied, that’s terrible, no serious casualties, but let’s not like much which, which is coming in the media. But still I say that we are trying our best to prevent this. The last time allowed to skip school women weren’t allowed to walk what would be the fate of women and also that Afghan cultures, cultures. This will be granted to them, and this is the right. You might not expect why take Parton to continue fighting experience that also so the whole country. My power will not help because it would not bring peace in Afghanistan. We don’t want to have a community minutes early, so we wanted to solve the things on the table and peed in the peaceful minutes, Ford dealership in peace forever, and it does issue International legitimacy mattity. Do you think that if you come to a peaceful resolution, it will be easier for a future God to have better relations with countries around the world? Last time, only a handful of countries recognized the Taliban that government video of optimistic that it will be recognized by the whole world and it will have good relation, especially with the neighbors, with the region, with the with the whole world. What forces from Afghanistan. But we want to be friend friend with you in future, so let’s the American should come back to Afghanistan and work with us in a rehabilitation in this
Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, who has led the Taliban’s peace negotiations with the US, has told the BBC that “peace is more difficult to achieve than war”.

Mr Stanikzai was until recently the head of the Taliban’s political office in Qatar and remains a leading figure in the group. He gave his first interview to the international media to the BBC’s Secunder Kermani, while attending a meeting in Moscow with senior Afghan opposition politicians

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