Tanzania to send back all Burundian refugees

Tanzania to send back all Burundian refugees
Tanzania to send back all Burundian refugees
Thanks very much for staying with his tongue out for ION Africa with me to Calvin Smith tonight is the thousands of people who fled over the Border. This game listicle turmoil in brandy of the Lost voices. It’S a key step in moving forward from recent political and social upheaval and in Sierra Leone, crowded Capital people moving to plumerias for building new houses, which is land reclamation by packing plastic with plastic waste, so solidly that they can be fixed at houses can be built On it, it’s a technique that is not without risk. We take the Indian refugees back home from October 1st, whether they want to go or not. It’S government says that it’s now time for refugees to be repatriated, because their Homeland is now safe vote that hundreds of people are still leaving for India every month, Nicholas Flamel tell the school. Bernie has improved. That’S why the refugees can go home.. The government is trying to please some of its electorate who do they don’t want to live next to sprawling refugee camps? You have 200,000 refugees in Tanzania right now. Pleasing is bringing cantopop Checker and Caesar with this decision, and tweak to the whole process should take up to 2 years. Is the State of Affairs in Burundi currently countries, especially through Congo and Rwanda today, and he told me executions – will continue the UN Refugee agency. The unhcr also gave its position. It sent a statement to AFP, and this is what it said. The situation has improved. Have the NGA Human Rights Watch, which says not be bringing government, does not tolerate criticism and Human Rights Watch says that Security Services carry on rape, abductions and executions. Government in the past has accused the unhcr
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In tonight’s edition: Tanzania insists it is safe for Burundian refugees to go back home. It will start repatriating hundreds of thousands of people from October 1. Meanwhile, in Sudan, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok is set to announce the country‚Äôs first post-Bashir cabinet. Finally, in Sierra Leone, slum residents are using plastic to transform soil into solid ground to build new homes.

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