Tapper hits Trump and son’s posts about Warren as ‘blatant racism’

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Tapper hits Trump and son’s posts about Warren as ‘blatant racism’
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Tapper hits Trump and son’s posts about Warren as ‘blatant racism’
The president’s tweet Elizabeth Warren, who he you know she’s gone through the her controversies, apologize for saying that she was Native American earlier in her life President Trump Pocahontas. The last line refers to see won the Trail and all cancel a reference to the Trail of Tears was it, which is obviously a transitive and take a look at it. This took a screenshot of that tweet and a response to it that says: captions quote Savage. That is blatant racism and you can, I guess you know you could always explain away. Maybe Trump didn’t mean Trail of Tears, what he said Trail, but then the other two. That’S just racism against Native Americans and nobody even said they’re playing with people’s emotions for fun, and it’s absolutely intentional they’re trying to provoke a reaction and then to make people out to be hysterical Who Cry 5. They want to keep having this debate over public rectus mocking their opponents, and we’ve seen this movie before and I think it’s best for everyone to stay like you guys, are being racist, clowns again and Keep On Truckin. I understand your position in your position. You all look like me and racism with its blackface or whether it’s against the native it in that Native Americans hurtful. It reminds us and takes us back to quote when you make America great again with people color hear that. Well, it’s never been better. It’S not awesome, praktan Americans right now, but if you take me back to America was great, can Americans back then either? And so I think when we talked about it we cannot let it be normalized and we got a hold people accountable. Talking about impeaching the lieutenant governor over allege sexual misconduct. Right. Do you have an attorney general and a governor who, who are putting admit they’ve been in blackface? That’S because of the environment they weren’t. We can’t let them off the hook, because it’s some high school prank. We have never let them off the hook, maybe the new South, with the Confederacy and everything before the new South is coming home to roost, because their environment, if told them to be that way, I said I don’t know why Corey doesn’t want to get more of These attacks on Warren there’s been this will focus on poor Elizabeth Warren that she keeps getting attacked and I think you are rightly focusing on what’s important, which is actually it’s very traumatizing for the for the indigenous people that are having to live through this. But this is going to be the next year of their life. All of us white men used to dress up in blackface, and it’s not true, and when this Native American stuff happened, it makes me worried. The people in the Native American Community think that the rest of us think that the Native American genocide is funny or about the impact of President. Is Sons have on people who are American to take that take their lead on it and probably act on it. How they verbalize it
CNN’s Jake Tapper discusses the social media posts President Donald Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr., posted about Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the Trail of Tears, hitting them as “blatant racism.”

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