Tariq Ramadan: The rock star scholar and the rape claims – BBC News

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Tariq Ramadan: The rock star scholar and the rape claims – BBC News
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use your light to go towards the direction Ramadan is perhaps the most famous Muslim intellectualize today many see him as an eloquent charismatic defender of the face as a he’s reciting the Quran as he is sticking it to the establishment on issues good job and I’m confronting the white preacher go from teaching religion in the south of Paris describe how to transition from hyper-conservative must dim the 2nd of April that she’d been sexually assaulted by a famous Muslim figure back in March 2012 not initially she refused to name him and the story died down until October last year when this happened to her Hollywood out loud the man she was talking about with Tariq Ramadan just made contact with them social media that they begun some sort of a relationship and that he then assaulted them I contacted one of them when you have would be tired, Don has admitted having a relationship with she alleges he sexually assaulted her he was a public personality who never spoke to me about religion for me back then he was the complete opposite of what he preached I went to Paris to speak to the lawyer for another accuser who goes by the name be styled to protect her identity she alleges the professor Ramadan raped her in a hotel room in Liam in 2009 set for blondie he went to a police station voluntarily questions he was immediately arrested and charged with two counts of rape and he’s being in pre-trial detention since now this is where the story gets more complicated how do you say Professor Ramadan has being in solitary confinement so much of the last 6 months that his health is failing under the first 45 days they weren’t allowed contact with him do you feel that this is a politically-motivated camp against your father role in the political scene in France and his role in the debate about Islam in France about identity in France that always things and I think once you put these two together and becomes obvious at least to us that it does not respond to traditional norms and is therefore motivated by the reasons which we feel Politico sorry, Don gets fed treatments these are some of the high-profile figures who put their name to an open letter Equitable legal process one in which he is presumed innocent until proven guilty is that one form of justice for Muslims in France and another for everyone else casaroma Don’s treatment was in anyway exceptional and received this reply to his state of health is compatible with his attention mr. Ramadan himself does of course have access to this fall in Conformity with the room look up the penal code decided whether the case will even go to trial but many feel the trial has already begun in the media much of that has played out online and some of it has turned ugly take a look at hand I always face the page any abuse has Spilled Out into the real world one akiza said she was strangled and had liquid thrown in her face the harrasment go so bad but Professor Ramadan issue this please full he was detained you have to remember is a professor of Ramadan is a married father-of-four and he’s now admitted to having extramarital affairs with several women this was a man with a squeaky clean image who lectures on how to live as a good Muslim and that definitely means no sex outside of marriage do you think your father has done anything wrong every human being those things that are wrong so I have made mistakes the same every human being has made mistakes this is not what the stories about the story is not by mistake it’s about a crime and I believe that he did not commit this crime talk to you soon some of the country’s most divisive issues feminism racism islamophobia but a gangsta backdrop of me too it’s also a story that’s become all too familiar a story of alligator signs of abuse of male power the boundaries of consent in the harassments of accuses whatever the outcome of the case its implications will be felt fobby on those directly involved black BBC News Paris
Oxford professor Tariq Ramadan is one of the Muslim world’s most famous and charismatic speakers.
But several women have now come forward to say that the man who used to preach religion in public, sexually assaulted them in private.
He strongly denies the claims.
Reporter: Myriam Francois
Video journalist: Mohamed Madi

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