Tensions rise at 1st day of G7 summit

Tensions rise at 1st day of G7 summit
Tensions rise at 1st day of G7 summit
The first official group event at the G7 Summit in France is on right now on the eve of more formal talks tomorrow, g-7 leaders, including prime minister Justin, Trudeau, president Emmanuel macron, as they arrived for the official dinner, the leader spent much of the day meeting one-on-one With each other in bilateral talks with the prime ministers of Britain and Japan, US President Donald Trump he’s already unhappy with the way things are going. He left last year’s Summit in anger and refused to sign the final communique. The cbc’s David Cochran has more on that and on Trudeau’s talks with other leaders today, including Britain, Boris Johnson, Justin, Trudeau, just finished trade negotiations with 1 populist and unpredictable leader and he’s about to do it all over again. Canadians for a transfer companies and citizens to continue to to keep taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, but leaving the EU means leaving the free trade deal with Canada. So both haters are Keen to negotiate a post brexit deal to preserve billions into a trade, others threatened trade War. Donald Trump didn’t come to France to drink the wine. He came, threatening to tax it bowing before he even left Washington to impose wine tariffs. If France taxes, American tech company and if they do that, will be texting, their wine or doing something else will be taxing their wine like they’ve, never seen before. It’S all very taxing for an international Forum that is showing the strains that have shown that set this increasingly difficult for all of us to find common language in the world to meet our Corporation. More, not less. That being said, that’s not a reason to stop the conversations for the conversations aren’t leading to Common Ground Trump has at some point slap Terrace on every single member of the G7. With a recession looming, not shy of saying he will do it again. G7 members will lead to a rewarding the already weakened trust Among Us, unanimous communique by the end of this Summit. They know they won’t get the US on side on key issues such as climate change or even trade. So there’s no point in even trying David Cochran CBC News, Biarritz, France, teen council, president spheres, that tensions between Trump and the other leaders could throw the world into a recession. We spoke with Ian Lee, he’s an associate professor at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. He says he isn’t surprised by what Donald just had to say. I’Ve been teaching for 30 years, and I followed the career of Donald Tusk with great Fascination he’s a very intelligent individual. I would caught characterize him a slightly Centric right. He started a pro market Reform Party in Poland, prime minister, after 1989, from 7 mm 7:14 going around like Donald Trump, and I think he is speaking with a full voice of the European Union, because the the leadership and and people in Europe are very, very nervous About mr. Trump’s increasingly incendiary and comments because of the risk it will throw the world economy into recession. Of course, European countries, many of the European countries are heavy trading Nation, so this is. This is really serious stuff in a town near where the Summit is being held, police have fired water cannon to disperse Auntie, G7 protesters about four hundred demonstrators Ox Road and several protesters through rocks and stones at police. More than 13,000 police officers are currently guarding the summit site.
World leaders began talks at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, exposing sharp divisions on issues ranging from global trade to Brexit and the current fires in the Amazon rainforest.
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