Terrorists are ‘progressing’ in Africa’s Sahel region, UN’s Guterres tells FRANCE 24

Terrorists are ‘progressing’ in Africa’s Sahel region, UN’s Guterres tells FRANCE 24
Play Welcome to the welcome Pacific Theaters many topics on the agenda. I will stop with the nobody you win ring whether you didn’t sacrifice democracy on the altar of stability. The United Nations was not a charge of organizing is to help the Congolese people in every way and every field, especially against all those I know. There’S a major operation government has been recognized is to work as well as possible to help to create the right conditions for National reconciliation, have a more stable political life capable of creating the right conditions to solve the Deep problems which are numerous and decisive for Africa.. A large country is at the center of the continent, with many neighboring countries having a cold capable of contributing to be important in Africa or the seems to be a problem. There are many election where there is too little doubt about the elections, including this one. It is up to the member states, not the Secretary General of the United, should recognize or not to do everything to make sure the situation in Congo would make it possible for democratic reconciliation and make it possible to respond effectively to the problems very serious problem facing This country, a meeting here with President tshisekedi, so we really inclusive – you should probably have also kind of reconciliation with the individual, pretending having won the elections before you look so from the UN side. Are you in favour, dialog between the political protagonist, the results of the election to have an inclusive dialogue which makes it possible to create the conditions in favor of stability? We know that the alkaline one of it anymore, according to your first discussion with the Entourage of the new president, you have the feeling that is not on the same wavelength and it was his mother’s got to go on. I think the conditions exist for corporations. I look Home Group B. Positive in future will do everything we can in this direction. We will do everything we can for monusco to be as useful as possible to the Congress. People hope that this will be the last one saying that this time will be different. I hope that the answer is yes, but supposed to vote, because there is an effective. The African Union, mediation through the United Nations, have committed themselves very clearly the relationship between the Central African Republic to stabilize central Africa and show something very interesting in my view, and I said so yesterday, there is a window. We signed an agreement, we are working on. An agreement in Libya was so long way over, but working on it. She’S fire has been set up in the capital and there has been also in central Africa agreement. Important agreement elections exist to prevent. We were expecting violence in Congo, Madagascar, Marley, but these elections, irrespective of other consideration, it’s all about the results of these elections, were held in peaceful conditions on the one side, the African Union. On the other hand, the United Nations are working together are really succeeding in solving conflicts in solving problems and in preventing conflict, and this is very important for the International Community to support Africa in terms of peace and security, but also in of development, because this is What is necessary and we will have an opportunity to talk about this – there is a region which is a key region for cooperation. Aside, honestly, I was getting for them before moving to Molly, I’d like to say what about Burkina Faso attack that came as regular like a weak link of Sahel wheat link, but it is a country that does have a serious security from you. But if we look back 2013 until now, the change in the price terrorist groups Eeveelution in the side that has been a permanent expansion so that today, even countries on the coast feel threatened. They feel threatened. And I think we must say very clearly that neither the security system that have been put in place know the efforts made by the International Community for development are sufficient to fight effect. Play this roof in the terrorists capability in the soil, which has consequences that go beyond their wedding for the present expansion of their actual direction is more dangerous and expanding. What should we do? We are strengthening the capability operational capability of the UN mission in the mud. Animation. Does the French forsbacka, which plays a very important role, limited G5 Sahel? I wanted this G5 start out with a robust Monday and with guaranteed funding, which is not the case. United States opposed it, which is really capable of five effectively terrorism essay. Someone to move. Do you have to let help us have not yet accepted this division of chapter 7 of the UN. I would have guaranteed funding. I hope that one day, this Vision will be accepted because, in my view, in the context of the Lake Chad and in the context of Somalia, in the face of terrorist actions yeah, it is no money for the UN troops to be involved to keep the peace And they sacrifice a big sacrifices for those who are involved in peacekeeping, but there are some regions which require forces that imposed Feast to fight against terrorism. That would be a volunteer. These will be African forces, the International Community Africa, because the consequences of the expansion of terrorism in those regions will go much further than Africa and the Mediterranean Europe also is threatened by is going on and Olivia are ringing the bell. Yes, I’m reading the alarm Bells. Millie, we must seriously invest in security and in the development of the Sahel region. Not so far yeah man, it was agreements – were signed question since the murder of Jamal khashoggi. Do you have the feeling that the Saudis Mall listening about the men going to make any comparisons? I would like to say that in the negotiations we’ve had with Saudi Arabia and with the Emirates, I’m with the hoochies and with a heavy government, Saudi Arabia has played a very positive role. In order to have the agreement in Stockholm is new and no to be able that I know you realize this agreement. We haven’t been up there yet a long way to go, but I believe there is a will or both parties to follow the line of Peace. But there’s a lot of mistrust between the two parties at this mistrust naturally makes it very difficult to get results or in terms of agreement, especially when they concern control over land. Thank you very much was the secret General. Thank you for watching this interview from Addis Ababa at the headquarters of the African Union. Thank you.
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In an interview with FRANCE 24 on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres justified the UN’s decision not to dispute the result of the recent presidential election in DR Congo. He also discussed his hopes for the peace deal signed in Central African Republic, and warned of the ongoing terrorist threat in Africa’s Sahel region.

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