Texas swamped by heavy rain and flooding from Imelda

Texas swamped by heavy rain and flooding from Imelda
Texas swamped by heavy rain and flooding from Imelda
We wanted to take you back to Texas. Now we’re CBS News, correspondent, Janet shamlian, is standing by in the City of Beaumont how bad it was at all. Well, here’s the good news. You know, I’m not wearing a hat and a hood. The rain has stopped and the waters are receding, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. So for the first time I was able to leave my hotel since Wednesday night, because the waters have receded. There are still warm water on roads throughout the region. Many roads are blocked. Even itenez Interstate 10 is having problems this morning and there’s a long way to go this going to be a long cleanup process. Here many many people were caught off-guard by just how rapidly the Water started to rise haven’t been many rescues, rescues, I’m in the Beaumont area there were more than 600 and then they said after that number that they lost count, and I think part of the problem With this storm is that everybody was preparing for it on Wednesday and when ends Wednesday turned out to be somewhat of a bust, and there wasn’t that much rain. You know you, the people, let their guards down, and then we got walloped Wednesday night into Thursday and no one was expecting the amount of rain and Marie in such a short. Of time. In fact, in this area, more than three feet of rain in 24 hours, just unbelievable, so well it wasn’t as vast and widespread as Harvey. They weren’t really expecting it here and it came down in such a short. Of time. So I imagine there’s going to be a major cleanup effort. I mean images of all the vehicles stranded on roadways or people just have to serve their cars as quickly as possible. What are we saying about the cleanup? It’S going to it’s going to take awhile and we are expecting more rain today. Maybe a thousand yards from Interstate 10 right now and there are still trucks that have been in no ditch there, for whatever reason that the driver has left you’ve seen those images, those drone images with just floodwaters encompassing neighborhoods. Those are individually going to have to clean up their home. These are things that are going to take not days or weeks, but must tell listen. We all saw Houston had to deal with hurricane Harvey. That was a hurricane which is overseeing now look almost as bad. How does this storm compare numbers wise to others that the state has experienced? I don’t have the exact numbers on how it Compares and Harvey was significant, an event. The rain that came down and Harvey was over four days to start had 53 inches of rain. So you can’t compare the rainfall totals or how vast Harvey was, but I will say that it just came down so hard so fast he ran again the low-lying area. It doesn’t take me to look at it. Look at a big rainfall in Houston and your street will fly so when we get that much rain that quickly there’s going to be widespread flooding – and I can just back to my previous point about people letting their guard down after Wednesday did not turn out to Be a significant Rainmaker and then Wednesday night it just started and did not die off all day. Thursday tells me that this this event in particular, is going to trigger some policies. Procedural changes in the way people deal with impending bad weather. Absolutely you know there’s also such a thing as just storm fatigue. Could you hear about it? I mean how many times can you get ready? It’S like the hurricanes, he’s going to call me, or is it not and at some point you just can’t live your life waiting. You know for a storm. It’S a great Point: hey Janet, really good to see you reunited with your crew. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.
Parts of Texas are coping with deadly flooding from Tropical Depression Imelda. CBS News correspondent Janet Shamlian joined CBSN AM from Beaumont, Texas to talk about recovery efforts there.

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