Thailand Pabuk: Tourist islands hit by storm – BBC News

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Thailand Pabuk: Tourist islands hit by storm – BBC News
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Thailand Pabuk: Tourist islands hit by storm – BBC News
One person is reported to have been killed off her powerful tropical storm made landfall on the Southeast coast of Thailand still has caused thousands of people to flee their homes, prepared, shelters. China’S most popular tourist destinations for face major disruption was meant something Pig holiday season. Thousands of people have left the islands of kung fu movie in areas affected have been counseled while among affected Jaws filming all of this. For you, how are you coping guys pouring rain and wind and the wind is very and – and you don’t got me outside all you swimming pool holiday Resort theme, and when can you expect to go home Nichols new about the weather? They knew that it was going to be pretty bad. Did you have the opportunity to leave earlier, not really Marigold, okay, well, Antonia and Daniel Fenimore. Take care of each other take care of that as well as many thanks for joining us. I hope you get home safely soon.
Tropical storm Pabuk has lashed southern Thailand with wind and rain, in what is expected to be the worst storm to hit the region in 30 years.

The storm made landfall at 12:45 local time (05:45 GMT), sending trees crashing down into houses in the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat.
It is moving across southern Thailand, affecting popular tourist spots.
Thousands of people have left Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan islands but many are riding out the storm.
At least two nearby airports on the mainland have been shut and ferry services have been suspended. Tourists stranded on Koh Samui have told the BBC that the island is seeing heavy rain, wind and waves and there have been short power cuts.

People also say they have been advised to stay indoors after 16:00 local time until Saturday morning.

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