The American who bought London Bridge – BBC News

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The American who bought London Bridge – BBC News
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I didn’t even think it was a real story but they should be described my grandfather’s crazy thinking mr. McCullough had more dollars than sense I said you mean the London Bridge from the song at home and I said what why did I get pulled out of class and what are they talking about and my mother said she is going to take it apart and move it out to Lake Havasu and that’s what he’s doing here I was living at Havasu Palms which was a very remote isolated Park we first moved there was a trailer park and Marina Campground 12 mile dirt road to get there so very primitive we didn’t have any telephone and Havasu City was right across the lake and it was a really small little place there wasn’t a lot of people lived here beating of a high school back then my grandfather got to go to the city would who is the master planner of Disneyland and they came up with a plan for Lake Havasu they started advertising in the Midway in the dead of winter and offered free flights come out here and check out my ad so they fly them in and they load everybody up beautiful hotel and then take mine tours and and show them the houses and then time I want to say that those houses range between about 30 and $35,000 each that was a good deal we bought a piece of property I know I thought well it was an investment in the future not thinking that we would move here and then they flew your home I can remember people walking down the aisle saying who the hell wants to buy a pile of rocks and I thought that person didn’t see beyond opportunity here for young people to come and just start and to build something the nursery rhyme it’ll be replaced in four years by Bridge twice the width and a half million times blowing it up with explosives or something it was very very carefully removed for obvious reasons taken by Lorde into body Sunday in the times taking down to Siri talks about 4 miles Downstream and they’re offloaded stole their temporarily until they could be shipped off lesbian average hair syndrome I thought it was dumb dumb so but at the time when I found out about it the guy that lost he’s mine how you going to do that like one time show me Asia a city out by the airport there wasn’t much traffic there are they and what many are they he said he saw a city and there was turn over here just desert they brought 10600 pieces of London Bridge Granite on ships through the Panama Canal to Long Beach then truck did over here to Lake Havasu and put it in a storage compound you where was stored until it was ready to be used and installed by the the Masons and the crew working on the actual construction of the bridge it was my job to put those stones that that you see on the bridge today into their proper pie everything was done according to information that we were given as to their position and altitude of on the on the bridge itself and we have do those one stone at a time they built a bridge over the over dirt I didn’t think it was going to work but it did and it’s Hollow so they run all the utilities through it and stuff and then they was all that dirt out and there was terrible I was working around here and there but it had a lot of history you can see bullet marks on it from World War II and and just really interesting thing to do I’m glad I was part of it and I just kind of building it kind of a strange way most people don’t Bridges across the river Roberta cross the bridge there were lots of articles that came out my son is crazy and then once it got erected and it was open and then they changed it to crazy like a box so it is said he probably wouldn’t be the size it is so just had a huge impact and it brings a lot of chores in which is great so then it did for the business owners the hotel at the resorts all the businesses down by the bridge great brings a number of people make a million something and just that aren’t they don’t live here they’re not coming here to take out boats or whereabouts are coming to see the fridge all of this town and there are still people Taurus that come from all over the world and if you walk the bridge you can hear all the different languages the Chinese for the Japanese Germans and British Open bridge and it said it was an amazing feat to put that up truly was
US businessman Robert P McCulloch bought London Bridge 50 years ago and moved it to the desert in Arizona. But why did he do it and what happened?

The amazing story of how a Victorian bridge from London was shipped across the world and rebuilt in America.

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