The artist who makes you look twice – BBC News

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The artist who makes you look twice – BBC News
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it’s about creating an illusion web by the view it doesn’t know which which item is real in which kind of makes people question reality makes me question what they see because when they see my videos with us be seconds the brain sees a real object and then there’s a review and you understand that you were tricked the first one because it was kind of two unlike favorite ones everything got destroyed to be honest like that the object is smashed off or I’ve done one where there was some fries and a coke gets pulled all over them for me those ones where there’s a kind of big destructive the most fun most complicated drawings of always man-made forms geometry logos and text ice cream cone and easy I was quite surprised
Howard Lee creates illusions out of everyday objects.
The Gateshead artist taught himself how to create his hyper-realistic drawings which he now makes a living from.
See if you can spot which is real and which is the drawing.

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