The Briefing Room: Democrat debate podium reveal, Hurricane Dorian Comey IG report | ABC News

The Briefing Room: Democrat debate podium reveal, Hurricane Dorian Comey IG report | ABC News
The Briefing Room: Democrat debate podium reveal, Hurricane Dorian Comey IG report | ABC News
Everybody Welcome to The Briefing room on Devonshire and Washington great to have you with us here on ABC News, live or developments right now in the Caribbean with hurricane Dorian. Is it barrels towards the Florida coast at this hour will get a live report coming up from the government hurricane hunters in the air above the storm, but first ABC News debate in Houston. The stage is now set to how much is the Democratic National Committee has officially certified the 10 candidates to qualify for the debate, and ABC News is determined based on pulling averages where those candidates will stand on stage, and here it is for the first time take A look right now: candidates in Houston September, 12th, front and center. Of course, Joe Biden former vice president, the polling leader he’ll, be flanked by Elizabeth Warren. Senator Massachusetts. Senator Bernie Sanders go to church Cory, Booker New Jersey, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota on the right wing of the stage Kamala Harris of California Andrew Yang, the businessman Beto O’Rourke former Congressman the Texas and Julio on Castro, will be there as well recline, her political director. Let’S hear Rick, this is a very exciting safe to look at the first time. All these frontrunners will be on stage together. What’S that exactly the first, I will see such a diverse ideological mix on the stage or remember the Detroit debate, how we saw that first night was very much a heavy on the Progressive candidates, Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders here we see them all together. Also, the racial versity of this field, in Detroit debate we saw one night – was entirely white candidate. So it’s really going to be a mix here. Put a lot of the debates that the Democrats have been having from afar into the middle of the discussion, because it forces the issue when the candidates are there together and then having them there. For the first time is something that will be able to feature, and I think this order reflects the realities of it, which is a bit of a change reality. You can see Andrew Yang, who started out in the wings moving a little bit closer, but maybe the opposite for we’re going to be tuning in as well as they get back to school, plug back into the politics and a campaign as it heats up. We should ABC News live at 7 p.m. Eastern. The debate itself runs from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. you can watch it on all ABC stations, also on ABC, all ABC News, apps Roku, Hulu, Facebook watch Apple TV. You can get us all. Those places Rick Klein in the team will be leaving the coverage as well excited to be able to Showcase that, in the end of time, where a lot of Voters are saying there ready to hone in on the choices that they’re likely to face when they vote. Panopoulos, correspondent, Linsey Davis, will be there World News Tonight. Anchor David, Muir and Univision Jorge Ramos will all be at the questioning table format. Are the question will be different opening statements about not closing statement? One of the piece of feedback we got from some of the campaign’s? Was they wanted more of an opportunity? 15 seconds may not sound like it will be fascinating to watch Adrian Watson, what the Democratic National Committee, Canada still you know that the field has been cut down a little bit, we’re all on one stage for the first time, which it’s really exciting, that you have Some major major players in our party who will all be facing each other, a tenant still so many candidates, we’ve had 24 presidential candidates here so far, that’s the biggest field by Farr ever before, and if you think of Republicans and you don’t even they were dealing With like 16 candidates in 2016, is there an appointed just for the good of the voters and it’s good to have the field Narrows so that you know? Candidates have to show progress and we want to be able to make good choices in our primary and to do that. We, if he them up against each other. As you see the party trying to move things along here at remind everybody that all 10 candidates who will be on that stage, more stringent qualification threshold – and it was 130,000 unique donors to an individual campaign data to be certified today to the DNC and also had To hit 2 % at least four polls between June 28th and 28 this week again, those were also certified. Today. Adrienne is some criticism from some of the candidates who didn’t make the stage. I think we have a list of some of those folks want to get your reaction to that Steve, Bullock, governor of Montana, Marianne Williamson, among others. Half the field obviously are the are these standards? Fair there’s been some criticism that perhaps it’s too tough too early, who didn’t have objections to them at the time and on the qualifying pole as it would be used chances 21 qualifying pools and they only had to hit 2 % in in four of them. So you know that is not a high threshold to hit across those 21 pools, they’re, all averaging less than 1 %, but we do need for the debates is to reflect race. Actually is he. This is really really respected. Polls excetera – and you know what your listed confident in, but it’s also a listed, are Media Partners feel confident in you know. We’Ve used this list for the first two debates, and here we own this. Do diligence play thanks so much for coming in a Tremor. All very excited about the date September 12th. The debate is circled. The stage is set thanks for coming in. I appreciate it can post reporting this afternoon that a frequently told Story by the vice president on the campaign Trail about an emotional experience. He had awarded a medal of valor to a service member in Afghanistan turns out not to be true. When is the story that the vice president has told many times a potentially damaging? This is a man who is a Storyteller he’s a political stories. Very talented at weaving is narrative together. Affirmatively was true said it’s his word dividing word that this is a true story when it back a lot of those details did not match up the way that he saw suffering and some of his friends who were lost in battle. So the broader point that he was trying to make – maybe and essentially true one, but there is a fact here – is that the actually telling a story on the campaign for president is it was absolutely accurate. I said nothing just made there. At least he sees saying that he did a war that metal, but we just ate likely to come up for happy September 12th in Houston. You can watch it right here on ABC News, live with full political team coverage. Hope you tune in on that other major story. Breaking news in the Caribbean is Hurricane Dory and is gaining strength quickly at the towards the Florida coast expected to hit the United States this weekend is a category 4 storm and we’re joined live now from the skies. Above Dorian by Richard Henning is a research meteorologist and a flight director of The National. I cannot miss Furyk Administration, either hurricane Hunters team, Richard thanks so much for calling in what are you seeing at this hour, hurricane Florence and again, what we’re doing out here in the environment around Tori and first of all, Florida is not as dry as what it Encounter down in the Caribbean, that was a major factor in Dorian struggling for supper, moist environments in the atmosphere, very, very warm water David at work collecting that contradicts what the Hurricane Center is staying. This is looking like it’s going to be a a very, very significant storm for the Florida coast. Would you say Richard at this stage? It looks you just a category 1, but how dangerous do you think it could be intensifying? It’S not going to happen to say where the computer models and the National Hurricane Center forecasters are looking for that category for intensity over the weekend Friday night Saturday and Sunday thing is really really going to wrap up. Unfortunately, as it’s making that left hand turn eastern coast of Florida, and is it your view, Richard speaking to some of the sceptics, perhaps that are out there in Florida, there’s no chance. This veers away from the US Coast nature can be unpredictable science of computer modeling hurricane over the last few years. All of the computer models are unanimously thing, that’s left hand. Turn is going to happen, so I would say anyone from Daytona Beach to the Fort Lauderdale. I am very, very close attention right now. If you live in places like Vero Beach Melbourne, I get out because potentially a catastrophic storm in terms of both wind and serge, potentially catastrophic storm, sobering words from Richard Henning chief. It’S done its impacts their in Florida and as people are continuing to get ready, we will keep you posted right here on ABC News. Next to the long-awaited government Watchdog report about former FBI director, James Comey call me you’ll, remember was fired by President Trump in 2017. It’S been a central part of the Russia investigation in part because of a series of memos, he wrote documenting his interactions with President Trump and concerns he had about. President Trump’s Behavior justice department has been investing whether those mammals were appropriate, whether they were handled properly and in accordance with law and Inspector General has released its report about how come he handled himself. Pretty blistering report in terms of the procedures of the justice department in the FBI or the Inspector General found that the FBI, former FBI director violated FBI policy, buy retaining these memos also by sharing a portion of the memos with members of the press. But it didn’t recommend in terms of the justice department, did not decide to prosecute him and part because he did not share any classifieds Nation with the press. It would seem in a way. To vindicate the president’s decision released in from the president’s decision to maybe fire call me. The president has repeatedly said that he engaged in misconduct eh it in that corner right fail. At the beginning, you had a FBI director who was known for being very public in terms of his demeanor on certain critical issues. I eat a Hillary Clinton investigation and you had a president who likes to put pressure on different parts of his administration and, at the end of the day he was so concerned about actions and request by the president request for loyalty I requested quotes. You know take it easy on off land in terms of that investigation that he began to secretly write these private memos, which he said he tried to exclude any classified information from her. Now, if you recall correctly, animals are mentioned in the report as a part of the obstruction of justice portion of the investigation, so he claims that he was taking extraordinary steps because he had a president. He did not trust. On the other hand, he clearly, according to the inspector-general FBI policy documents with members of the press, so violent is deciding not to prosecute James Comey, but certainly also a Vindication for him. In the face of a charge, the president has repeatedly levelled against Comey on the campaign Trail on Twitter. Take a look at president. This is from 27, the president accused the former FBI director of breaking the law in this tweet Siri says James Comey leaked classified information. All caps to the media that is so illegal, but today. Just or two people, the Inspector General. After a month-long investigation concluded, there was in fact no classified information, leaked Nola with breaking according to the Justice Department’s point of view at this. At this moment, that said, the Inspector General did take issue with the fact that Comey in order to get what he wanted, which was a special counsel, investigation, use the media or sightings of media as a tool to do that and they’re saying that he other mechanism To get that. obligations of confidentiality, video to the United States government to the American people goes on to say that President Trump obviously will continue to be critical of his former FBI. Director. answer to final chapter in this at least public dispute between these two men, as we had in the campaign now that mother is done, inspector-general is done two things. I think these two men do not like each other, so I anticipate they will comment on each other from time to time, but in terms of the official action by the Department of Justice looking at James Comey, in terms of how you handled the Clinton investigation, how You download these memos. We believe that is now over all right. So a major Milestone today with that Inspector General report, much more from UPS on World News Tonight, with David Muir in here on world news, Prime at 8:30 p.m. on ABC News live.. Thank you. So much of course much more are on ABC is well, teen is out with a new book and beginning to publicly discuss now his reasons for leaving in an interview with the Atlantic. We are still trying to get our Pentagon reporter Louis Martinez online. In the meantime, let me bring you some of the highlights from that interview with the Atlantic James Mattis, saying that she is going to break his silence on his explanation for leaving the administration Clooney, giving his publisher to his resignation letter to President Trump. Apparently it got quite contentious. James Mattis says he told President Trump on his way out the door he mad and says you’re going to be told the present you’re going to have to get another secretary. If you want someone to lose to Isis, I won’t be that guy cuz. I want to say it to explain his current right posture. If you leave it Administration, you owe some silence. Will you leave it Administration over clear policy differences? You need to give people who are still there as much opportunity as possible to defend the country. I may not like Mandarin Chief one freaking bit, but our system puts the commander and chief in there, so James Mattis, showing some respect, but tiptoeing closer to being openly and publicly critical of his former boss and, of course, both men
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