The Carr Fire in California has doubled in size, forcing mandatory evacuations

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The Carr Fire in California has doubled in size, forcing mandatory evacuations
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we’re going to start here though with breaking news overnight take a look at this map we now have 61 uncontained large fires in 15 Western States it’s an emergency and the worst of the five so-called car fire in Northern California is now grown and claiming more lives there are reports of three more people have been killed a great grandmother and two children and more than a dozen people are reported missing the effort to contain the fires taking a toll these exhausted firefighters taking a break on the lawn of a house there trying to protect overall this is an extremely dangerous situation especially with the heat showing no signs of relenting with him this morning to you hi good morning by the efforts that contained is Blaze and they haven’t really gone too far still only 5% contained 83,000 Acres Burnt now with this fire you can see behind me boy this is what’s left of three homes here 3 the 500 structures over 500 structures that have been level to the ground so not only are firefighters unable to contain this but as you mentioned the story taking a sad turn yesterday with three bodies of civilians that were found in this neighborhood in now new fires burning across the state this morning more wildfires rohrig across California forcing more mandatory evacuations south of Redding another Blaze igniting in Napa County it’s a racing time as residents are forced to flee their homes I’ve never seen it like this before it gets here we go again the governor of California and the president declaring a state of emergency authorities warning residents in Reading to quote get out with your life that you cannot where the fires going next the Unstoppable car fire torching over 80,000 acres taking down over 530 structures and put it almost 5,000 more at risk high temperatures in tent wind and heavy spoke vortices throughout the fire zone and that smoke so heavy it can be seen from space this is the southern flank of the fire their homes just down this road that cruise that wrong set fires around it in the hope that when the winds pick up in about an hour to two fire and establish some containment firefighters trying to extend that containment Zone seen here scrambling to set a backfire before it devours in nearby home we’re seeing that help from Mother Nature is allowing firefighters get up against the line we put fire out more than 3,000 firefighters working throughout the night the fire claiming five lives including a great grandmother and two children and at least a dozen more people are missing over 38,000 residents have evacuated fire still raging in Southern California more than 1,300 firefighters continue to battle the Cranston fire in Riverside County the smoke hangs so thick in the are obviously is difficult read that actually has been dimming some of the sunshine so that is low temperatures and not quite as hot and not allow the wind to blow towards town so that’s been saving at least part of reading but the fire is expanding no doubt about that pads are the advisories and the heat warnings and the Reds he’s going to be building take a look at this into the Northwest will get back into it for a Washington and Oregon with a Red Flag Warning and excessive heat watch their Portland and Seattle going to get well into the 90s maybe touch 100° and of course Inland parts of California are going to need to be hot not just today but right to the beginning a part of this week with low levels of humidity Marci Gonzalez is also in the fires out with more and how are residents managed to survive and some cases save their homes good morning Marcy ammonia another example here of the utter destruction this washer and dryer some of the only recognizable things left at this house and yet right next door that home is untouched this morning we’re hearing Health at home owner kept the fire from and how others here are helping their neighbors unbelievable just feet from his home former firefighter Matt Smith immediately grabs a garden hose refusing to give Into The Inferno Lions brand he’s one man battle raging 4 hours saving his house and others nearby Trevor on top of a car some of her first since her paws badly burnt he carries her to the fire engine later reuniting her with her owner hatchback is I think the biggest constellation that we can provide but what they’re providing goes even further at the end of an exhausting 60 hour shift these three firefighters decide to go shopping stocking there truck with toys finding ways to ease some of the pain this man buying dozens of pillows and blankets for evacuees and at Mercy Medical Center dr. Ed zawada coming right to work just after learning his home is among the hundreds destroyed well it’s not so much that we still have our health and other people here don’t coming in to treat patients including some were injured in this fire guy’s selfless here going out to help others while they themselves are also thank you YouTube channel you like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The governor has declared a state of emergency.


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