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the rights to whom it should I did not go to sleep with me and one woman from that cycle in which of the culture of marriage that’s money marriage now in love marriage the children belongs to the parents or the family of the girl in money marriage the child belongs to the man who bought the girl the man can sell his own child doesn’t divide the proceed with anybody house oldest man in the Cocoa Village he has a wife and his really talk with us his wife is also willing to talk late tree with me send no sleep with me because I don’t know yet hevi sure if asthma is no was he married gotta come give you some good rest areas I know how to do everything treated like that unit rented so you are like giving the leftover because you are absolute property into child labor two other men and then we’ll even come back home with pregnancy the man is glad because that is money so this is my new cell hi two granddaughters because she needed to fix the family did you ever wear dying and then she needed some money so she had to give all these children for money so that you could get stuff and happiness happiness is doing coke in the kitchen the privileged about the 1400 so she’ll know how they going to school what I meant starting to build since 2009 in Nigeria is against the law to sting you if you don’t have any money while in fact the more money if you have the the big because you are happening is no longer happening this in this sense in 90s early 90s I’ve actually been receiving calls I’ve been harassed because of this is like oh you’re coming from nowhere to come from New Edition what about this one’s what about this girls who have right like everyday child anyway in the world but why would they be sleep deprived right
Through a tradition called “money marriage”, some young girls are being used as currency in a type of modern slavery among southern Nigeria’s Becheve community.
Children are sold to men as old as 90 to settle debts or as a form of payment.
Video producers: Franklin Adegbie, Stephanie Hegarty and Mayeni Jones

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