The city turning streets into gardens – BBC News

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The city turning streets into gardens – BBC News
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The city turning streets into gardens – BBC News
I think Bobby needs this. We don’t have so much Green Space. I did just there, I’m sorry, I don’t have an opportunity to be outside and to bring a colors to this week. I’M like to make aromatic like rosemary sage, Thyme and things to cook or to have a cocktail. Tyrese would be Faith with no and low heat waves and Greening the city like the very solution to try to limit its impact. The green pyramid scheme is aimed at getting people involved in the world process of green included. It should also improve the quality of relationship between charge of that territory. There feel responsible for rent in very positive. You know, because if the institution is in charge of everything in the end really works out, where was Barron, even the garden is looking off to the plants on the side they want to, not because they worked with us to come from a dormant tree into a Garden and it changes being quite exhilarating play. We know that there is a strong need for from our citizens for Greening the city. So we respond to that and why all the citizens work on their permit. We create new public gardens, it’s nice, even for the people. It’S nice to see your flowers. Thank you.
Paris has very little green space, so residents are planting gardens on pavements and small areas of public land to make the city greener.

A film by Richard Kenny for BBC World Hacks.

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