The Cockroach Karate Kick | ScienceTake

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The Cockroach Karate Kick | ScienceTake
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The Cockroach Karate Kick | ScienceTake
For many people, the Cockroach seems indestructible, but one insect in particular has a unique, even ghoulish, ability to break down its defenses, the emerald wasp. It doesn’t just kill the Cockroach, didn’t slaves, it first, the WASP inject the roads with mind-controlling Venom that subdues the Roach. The Wasp then leads it to its nest, like a dog on a leash there that lays an egg on the Cockroach that egg turns into a larva to the zombie roach eats it alive from the inside out. What can a poor cockroach do? Not much is known about the roaches defences, but it does have one surprisingly effective, move Kenneth Catania, a biologist at Vanderbilt University investigated the initial wasp roach confrontation. He set up a series of high-speed cameras and then put the two insects together. Here’S what happened! There’S a flurry of ax they wrestle for control. Suddenly the Cockroach unleashes a kind of karate kick straight at the Wasps head. Let’S watch it again. The Cockroach turns away from the WASP raises its body and Strikes those spikes they’re like barbed wire on a bat. Sometimes the roach just shakes off the WASP without a kick. That’S what it’s trying to do here when the roaches fought back about two-thirds of them escaped roaches the turn themselves that got stung almost every time. If your cockroach clearly got to go for the kick. Just? Don’T miss
Cockroaches deploy a stunning, and largely unstudied, karate-style kick to prevent wasp attacks. To find out more, scientists set up high-speed cameras and then set the two insects loose.

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