The cost of South Africa’s gold rush – BBC News

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The cost of South Africa’s gold rush – BBC News
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we would consider Johannesburg to be one of the best idea for cities in the world jumping styling storage facilities and down into the ground work mining my systems many of them abundance and odorless Loom of the city about a teaspoonful of gold you have to extract a ton of waist and that waste includes epoxy coated Metals lot arsenic lead from uranium and others and then they can contaminate not under the water but also the are the people reminders I worried to the community that is affected by the mind the mind and that is court date for our people I wasn’t being a large-scale medical studies on the impact of the maunder but we met for children with cerebral palsy and the community that’s significant a lot of feeling as sick because of this finding a lot of people into the Mind comes to you can you take the stuff to the toilet to go to the school and you have the better to take the change the diapers feed her and sometimes even though she’s going to paint somewhere you you just have to figure it out yourself with what it’s wrong with the baby when its crying right next to where tiny and the other families are living in the are the results of her do metals include in lead and uranium so how radioactive is this place up to 12.2 for now we are completely in the Red Sun 5 times more than the legal limit for exposure per year for someone working in the nuclear facility in the UK what we are doing now is it’s dangerous for us last week I’m here maybe once a week you know if I ingest a single grain of dust and it decides to impact on my DNA code so I can get bone cancer or I can get colon cancer and sound from a distant bright TV is that you can come get from delayed from the Allstate from the uranium from the cadmium from the copper and someone that is in there what is the request of this community here when they do become ill as a result of this this particular gum the many communities around Johannesburg living close to more than 200 mine dance and here into the shaft informal settlement people have build their homes right next to radioactive waste has been declared a radiation area in June a parliamentary committee Earth that the people will eat here should be relocate as quickly as possible that you can see this shaky spilled adjacent to the material inspect on the material Which is higher Fox City convenience that people that live here must be screened in other words they must we leave Suits in order to live yet oh they’re my only visit their houses. did I do activity you can feel that something inside your body can even sometimes sometimes you even calls and when you cough you know that meant that’s right is coming inside inside your stomach Sara Lance….. That’s how it affect us this is my baby Lewis she’s only 2 months old all I wish for you is to come out of this place and go somewhere save a safe environment where my baby can stay please maybe if they can alligators and go somewhere Have A House Divided live a healthy life a study conducted in Rivoli another nearby Township fun clear evidence of the danger of living close to a reminder and if blood and the same applied to soil the closest People’s Gardens or houses with Amanda the higher levels of lead in the soil Rufus and the mining companies and we want to know what they think about this problem anything that they responsible did you see the answers that you’re talking about instances where is the communities that what the industry’s taking responsibility what you’re talking about animal is it is estimated that tens of thousands of people around Johannesburg lid on or close to my dabs great concern to the government rehabilitation in the legacies of Miley had many France the huge problem that we have to deal with we got over 6,000 owners mines so to deal with they Mitchell course at the time when did interrelation devaluation of Dan was about 300 billion so we don’t have enough resources to do everything if it’s unacceptable for mining companies to move on leaving typing house in the ground at the polluted rivers and an enriched and disruptive community inducement to come and compensate is my peoples Timothy to see my people help all I want is to see My People Protected from the game and all I want is to see the government or the minus the question
Johannesburg in South Africa has one of the world’s largest gold deposits. After decades of mining, large swathes of the population are thought to be exposed to toxic and radioactive mine waste.
The BBC’s Sophie Ribstein went to meet people living close to the dumps to find out what effect it is having on their health.
Filmed and edited by Christian Parkinson.
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