The counties that can swing elections

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The counties that can swing elections
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The counties that can swing elections
So what is a pivot County in? What did it mean to your 2018 midterm elections? Quite a lot. Actually, John avlon has a reality. Check twin counties are the 206 pivot counties that voted for Obama twice and Donald Trump, as well as Ohio and Pennsylvania that mean for 2020 for Democrats, Ohio and Iowa. Let’S do a deep, cleaner doubts, State Line GOP in the last midterm elections. 2014 Democrats actually gained ground in many of these County, meaning their share of the vote. Increased so well, for example, Ohio, Stark County 502, 74000 to 59013 percentage points over 4 years earlier Democrats, Trumbull County, Ohio, across-the-board. This year’s midterm elections saw the best turn out in decades, so much the Democratic governor Tom, Wolf Pennsylvania, then Donald Trump before well. If he’s Governor’s races are any indication. Democrats are still fighting an uphill battle to reclaim the pivot County. The President Obama wanted from swelling in 16, but they’re making gains and shifting in places like the Upper Midwest will be among the most crucial Battlegrounds going forward, speak to the deeper dividing our country Democrats running for the house and buy a smaller March, 16th and December For evenly divided 4949, the Democrat Spring House districts in the suburbs, one more thing: their seats, this Tuesday, Carlos curbelo me a love like Kaufman, Barbara Comstock from his policies me and love gave me no love and she lost too bad. Sorry about that man. I really feel that one anyway, each of these members of Congress and they didn’t much better their District before Trump, was on the ballot in 2014, with relative ease 2016, the margins were mostly tighter with Trump on the ticket and the 2018 midterm. They lost their seats with DVD, but there’s evidence that their problem was not enough.
CNN’s John Avlon explains “pivot counties” and how they influenced the 2018 midterm elections.

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