The Cowboys couldn’t risk losing to the Giants without Zeke – Marcus Spears | Get Up

The Cowboys couldn’t risk losing to the Giants without Zeke – Marcus Spears | Get Up
The Cowboys couldn’t risk losing to the Giants without Zeke – Marcus Spears | Get Up
Ezekiel is done what your reaction is. Wonderful, the first of all there’s value back in the running back Mark, and I think everybody understands that as we continue to have this conversation, people have to remember: Le’Veon Bell was playing in the affranchis, and tiger was up for the physique to get a deal done At this. In time – and we had – we talked about it at nauseam – Greenie and get my teeth. He did not have to get a contract right now. The Dallas Cowboys did not have to pay him, and I that alone makes this more significant than any other running. Back contract, our conversation that they value this position, especially when it’s built around what Zeke is as a running back and how this team has been structure Collins, get a new contract as well. Don’T think that that wasn’t in mind that we’ll have arguably the best or one of the best running backs in the NFL running behind the offensive line that we want to keep intact. The deal is wonderful. Physique is wonderful for the Cowboys and it’s wonderful for what they want to do as a football team get caught up in the money and the guarantees. But here is the structure of this football team, literally the peace that they needed to come back together in order for them to be a good football team on the field and at the end of the day. That’S what everybody’s concern with him – and everyone knows that shaking your head. A lot this morning obviously said about him. Being a linchpin to their team is important, is not just the offense it’s the defense. That team has had the fewest drives as a defense. 2016. That’S in part because, along with Marcus at I don’t know why, but I get so happy whenever anybody gets paid talking and saying all type of stuff for us to talk about. The thing is not that I do like he’s a fun guy to be around, but I know when is when is mouth open that sometimes Lies come out the fact that they just reset the running back market with the player, who had two years left on his Contract and the ability to franchise him not once but twice after that. What does that mean? What Collective action, an individual action, something that we never seen? Nfl individual acting like this and getting this much saquon Barkley when he might have to go in there and tell the Giants he wants a new deal. This is a new president. Now a three-year rookie would had two years left on his contract. Will the other owners be upset about this Cowboys this year are Super Bowl contenders with Zeke Elliott? Let’S compare that with the charger situation. Melvin Gordon try the same here and the same plate he lost. So I think this is much more aberrational. I think. Makes a really good point. Last year, Dallas Cowboys were a top-five team and time of possession which made their defense a lot better. So I think Z has value that’s more than just the right back position, so I think the other owners will look at this, as this is a very unique situation against the Giants. Every game precious in the NFL this week and see how he feels Darrelle Revis is the other two words and the Giants and the Redskins are the first two games: division games or the quality of the quantity, a place that can be the quality. So maybe it’s kind of theirs there’s a difference between being a cornerback, because you can decide before the snap. If we’re going to have him run a deep go or we’re going to run the ball, we’re going to have a passport single Place, New York Giants and divisional opponents. What his game is very important because you deal with numbers and players make it, but there ain’t. No way in hell, zgla going to be a big part of this, this game playing and what they want to do is tell him more than that. I’M Jason Garrett have time and in the conversation that we just previously asked about the Cowboys bills, Super Bowl contenders. They ain’t waiting, they ain’t. We get this deal done. I know it’s for today’s. There right about this deal got done in this. In time, so he can be available to play against the New York Giants. Cuz. The worst thing possible they could have happened is that they lost to the New York Giants. Football point is this: he may not be ready to take that full load. Tony Powers been there taking every meeting every rep every all the preseason game. So my point: is it maybe 10-15 snaps in the fourth quarter, where he’s out there just passed, protecting what’s 8 + 1 drive to bring a lot of pressure. Washer Kellen, Moore Jason Garrett, rather have Zeke Elliott out there as a pass-protector than 25. On a Monday you can see the legs were slow and he only got a handful of carries at Cleveland at GameStop, watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports, highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Marcus Spears says Ezekiel Elliott’s 6-year, $90M extension with the Cowboys puts value back in the running back market and adds that Elliott will be in Dallas’ Week 1 gameplan vs. the New York Giants. Domonique Foxworth says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has told a lot of lies this offseason before making Zeke the highest paid RB in the NFL.
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