The Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes rest on Dak and Zeke – Max Kellerman | First Take

The Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes rest on Dak and Zeke – Max Kellerman | First Take
The Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes rest on Dak and Zeke – Max Kellerman | First Take
What the success or lack thereof for the Dallas Cowboys defense really is what we think they are offense. You look at like when you have Jaylon Smith & Vander esch, because they got two young studs in the Cowboys. What’S the number one reason you can talk about, the bad batch never want to make my point for me: more showed something Week: 1, not just Dak Prescott in these guys issue with the Cowboys, as they were one Centric team, who also wouldn’t go on fourth-and-one and Pivotal position really win Patriots Amari Cooper healthy for the first time in a while Lincoln play defense will listen office. Absolutely you got to be able to score points in the office and Dak Prescott showed out what I want to say. I want to go Defense number one. Defense travels on when you get to let lot of the year. You know office tends to slow down a little bit and that’s where defense usually comes up and it may increase big moments for teams. Understand possession with keeps that defense fresh. Didn’T it wasn’t that way week, one because obviously Zeke was coming back. You know from Cabo, you don’t want to wear them out and all those type of things, but I think with all the pieces at the Dallas Cowboys have on office, they have they got. The quarterback has been there awhile. last year to me, I think, that’s when you start really being a Super Bowl team. We all know about the running game. We all know about Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott, they’ve, been on that side of the football, a shootout criticism of Jason Gavin. Don’T think about him, you accurately, so I might add, bring him up you’re, not wrong in that, but I’m telling you both of y’all think about him. What you thinking about him, or the fact that add a run-oriented office, LEDs, Ezekiel Elliott, with gay who’s, going to be a bit more pass-happy a bit more risque. Look in the throat find out what year Super Bowl play both sides of the ball off they’re, going to be able if they can pull it off with the play calling do. We think that Dak Prescott can put up those her performances that he put them against the Giants week and weekend. I appreciate your point. My response is championship game. Thank you. So much for watching on YouTube.
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether the Cowboys’ offense or defense is more crucial to Dallas’ success this season.
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