The ‘dangers’ of CETA

The ‘dangers’ of CETA
The ‘dangers’ of CETA
To the program she is the executive director of food watch, a food industry Watchdog group thanks so much for being with us. Thank you said in the past agreement wouldn’t protect the rights of French consumer. What are your organizations main concerns about the deal? What is Passion prison the same dentist, and this is because do Street it actually are really looking at undermining the problem. Is they do cover? Actually the rules for churros and other words for protecting the environment? So Canada is known for having already attacked European decisions based on precautionary principle in the past, when we’ve been 20 years ago, the impulse of almond Dave and is Canada is currently as well to contest the decisions, for example, if you want to ban glyphosate based on This data agreement to attacks you and nothing in the agreement is returned to say please, Canada sites, for example. You will not attack us, so it is a Pandora box and necklace, mostly 90 % implemented for 2 years. Has there been signs of any of these things happening yet that you’re, that you’re, afraid of who is an pesticides Antoine first meeting of this comedy Canada put on the agenda glyphosate and they put the question to actually forbid devices at in Europe. We know that Canada, the decisions for limiting pesticides limiting GMOs, because this is actually there are some benefits for Farmers with this deal as far as removing certain barriers and costs for for their goods being against this, or there must be some see that says it’s beneficial For them, it’s the first song that I see all the foremost unions, which is the bigger against City, valid credible benefit, will be so much. Actually, the government finally made an audit very recently and the results is quite small, so the question is investools with a special Tribunal for them call Mike Rawlings behind at his party controls Parliament. So if it does Pat, what do you think farmers and environmental groups are going to try to do to avoid the flu 1st again? Maybe they will realize that it’s better to be cautious, and so we have to make a point from this new generation. Trade agreements have to be taken into account. It has to stop the policy to trade policy for Europe. This policy has to be revised to respect the rights of the people and the protection of the planet, which are the private, is Green from food.
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