The dark side of K-Pop clubs – BBC News

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The dark side of K-Pop clubs – BBC News
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The dark side of K-Pop clubs – BBC News
The dark side of K-Pop clubs – BBC News
So is a city where Modern, Skyscrapers and high-tech Subway meet Buddhist temples and old traditions, rapid and 10 and when the night falls, music, dancing and poofs work, entertainment provide a means to unwind the South Korean pop music, widely known as Kpop, has become a global phenomenon. Invest in years and inside South Korea, it is the basis for a mess, entertainment industry, including Souls famous clubs, but underneath this flicted picture lies a much darker side. That’S not a real name, narrowly escaped being raped after visiting what a sole claps. She recalls how the club employees known as the MDS would stands for merchandisers at first offered her free drinks and food. The club and he’s bought me some drinks, every five minutes to see if I’m partying, if I’m taking a break, they would say something like we gave you drinks to play, not to sit and rest go party. You feel like you’re being treated as an escort. I was drinking, but not an amount that could knock me out. Then. Suddenly I lost consciousness. How many stories like Kim’s have emerged in recent months? The Scandal all started with this men, a member of the band. They call the kings of K-pop Bigbang. The singer was charged in February with illegal activities, including organizing prostitution and drug use, in the he co-owns. The burning Sun has acknowledged some of the charges, but the Scandal didn’t end there. Within months, other K-pop stars were charged. The entire industry was rocked by the allegations. The BBC has been following the disturbing claims coming out of Soul claps for months we have gained access to one and have witnesses that have seen instances of abuse happening there, drug undercover as a driver for famous classing Gangnam Souls, Entertainment District, while riding a but industry. In some incidents, 1G was asked to take women to VIP clients waiting inside and later her the VIPs boosting about having sex with them. He says giving GHB widely known as the club drug or the date rape drug without their knowledge, was adding drugs to a woman’s drink to rape. Her I had really saying things like it was a home run. It was a Grand Slam in the clubs is drugs or GHB and ecstasy. They also found a reminder to show only females bodies and faces. The first purpose is to share these videos with all those, and the second is so that they blackmail the women and keep their mouth shut or clearly. Part of the scene in this clubs Kim tells us that when she woke up that night, whatever she had in that drink has left her helpless. Sometimes, when I started to wake up, I was outside back being carried away. There were three guys around me: one of them was a club MD. I was so scared. I try to set myself free & Shout it help me help me. I don’t know these guys. The guys told me to stay still and help me tight. They grab me so hard that it was marked in my skin. The use of violence in these cups is not uncommon. In Gangnam is similar to escort culture, female. Club, but it’s a big escort service, not a real name, also used to work in the entertainment industry. She’S now a counselor for the Cubs victim, the one small and underground clubs have seen a transformation after 2005, many of the class in Gangnam District, expanded and changed interior to include rooms tailored for which client they started creating space where people stare down at people dancing From second floor from the number of woman she’s helping, she believes that the scandal of the burning Sun Club has only scratched the surface. There must be thousands of victims out their victims to say they woke up and they found themselves in a motel. There have been many rape cases like these King still doesn’t remember all the details of how she escaped even more views on that night. When the man that took her arrived at a motel, she started to ask for help. The receptionist threaten demand that he called the police later when I sobered up, I was back home, but the police told my mom that they simply took a drunk girl home. It’S me more, your house is Kim was saved, but she still haunted by that night. The police didn’t look into a case and sometimes came fears. No justice will be served. I’M scared of people and hiding away from the world I didn’t feel like the police was on my side and I thought what, if it’s backfired on me, I’m still scared of the revenge. The investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct in cups continues. Some suspect that clubs are powerful structures too powerful to be held accountable, but the scan has already shipped to South Korean society, and it will take a long time for these clubs to lose their badly tarnished image.
South Korea’s pop industry has emerged as a global phenomenon in recent years, but it was hit at home in recent months.

A string of charges, from sexual assaults on women to drug distribution, has triggered police investigations around some of the most popular-pop stars. Seoul’s flashy clubs are at the heart of the controversy as main locations for illegal activities.

The BBC has been following the scandal that hit the multi-billion dollar industry, and gained rare access to stories of abuse in South Korean clubs.

Warning: This video contains flashing images.

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