The Debrief: 12 killed in California bar shooting Sessions out as attorney general | ABC News

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The Debrief: 12 killed in California bar shooting Sessions out as attorney general | ABC News
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The Debrief: 12 killed in California bar shooting Sessions out as attorney general | ABC News
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News live. Thank you. So much for joining us on Kimberly Brooks. I really hate that we have to start the show off today talking about some tragic news out of Thousand Oaks fornia, it’s hard to wrap your mind around, but there has been another yes, another mass shooting, I’m inside a bar that was packed with college students. So we know that 12 people were killed and officials say the gunman is dead. So right now we’re going to go straight to, who is at the scene, will if you can just tell us what happened and what’s the latest country western bar last night, just after 11 at the borderline, it is a place in a lot of college students. Come last night was college night, so they allow people under 21 to go in till was packed with teenagers with the gun, then, who now identified, as in David long 28 years old, went inside? He had a 45 caliber Glock with an extended magazine, so in California legally, you can have 10 Rounds Plus One in the Chamber indiscriminately into the crowd. Chaos ensued. Also, there’s a lot of smoke. Witnesses believe that he said off. At least one smoke bomb create more people just started. Scattering some people pick up chairs. They broke Windows. They raced through those windows trying to get to safety. I’M standing across from a golf course.. We heard from one homeowner who lives on that Golf Course or next to the golf course who said that he was on patio about 11:30 last night when he saw 8 or 9 teenagers running across the golf course covered in blood and just screaming, for people to Call nine-one-one when it was all said and done, the gunman was killed as well. It’S unclear if he took his own. My party was shot by responding officers, but 12 people killed, including a sergeant who was in this area on patrol. He was on the phone with his wife. He told his wife that he loved her he ran inside and he ultimately shot and killed. His name is Sergeant Ron, Heelys, he’s being called a hero, a cop’s cop who is a 29 year veteran of the Ventura County. Sheriff’S department and the sheriff here, who’s actually retiring tomorrow, got quite a when talking about Sergeant. He wasn’t the sacrifice that he made trying to go in and he said without a doubt, Sergeant. Heelys help save lives, Kimberly thing that we’re learning so far about the investigation that starting formation about the gunman in David log 28 years old. We learn that he is actually a Marine Corps better in earlier this year. He doesn’t live that far from where we are right now in Thousand Oaks. Earlier this year, evidently, law enforcement responded to his house for a disturbance, call and because he’s a better and they fear that he was suffering potentially from PTSD. They thought that he was okay. Back in April – and they did not take him into custody for that up because of that incident – they’re not looking into whether PTSD would play any part in a motive here. At this point, they do not know what the they don’t know. What took long into that country bar behind me and cause them to start shooting their they’re scouring his social media right now. We also know that he drove and that it’s his mom’s car parking lot right behind me. There waiting for a search warrant to be able to go into that car, and we also know that they are at his house right now, waiting to go into that house to figure out exactly what led long to this see Kimberly. Thank you so much. I know. You’Re going to stay on the scene and have more updates later right now we’re going to go to Steve Gomez. He is a former FBI, special agent-in-charge and he’s in the La Vera on the phone Steve. How are you circumstances? Yes, I’m! So speaking to you, I just want to know in terms of the investigation. How are you know the officials looking to determine with the motive is had any contact with that bar in the past, maybe at the people that attend that bar, I believe it’s a country, music bar the college students go there to look to see if you had Any issues with any college students he’s 29 Marine, so other may not be any connections, but that don’t look into that will try to figure out if anybody any witnesses that were there recognized him. So they’ll be doing a lot of interviews. There then they’re going to go to that his residence, his family members as friends that is associate neighbors co-workers, try to figure out yo it was he talking about committing violent. Was he talking about an issue with somebody they’re going to try to get into his head to figure out what was going on leave talk to him going into that bar these sorts of things are happening with such regularity. Now you know such frequency. We just had Pittsburgh, we had the yoga studio shooting this is no doubt an epidemic. What do you make regularity of all of these shootings? My thoughts on this and I’ve been watching this and examining these types of issues active Shooters and I hate crime. The recently dealing with a problem in our society with their issues with his mental health issues, but they are having a problem, friction with a co-worker. Whatever it is family member they can’t cope. They do not know how to adjust, for whatever reason why it’s become worse. In the last few years, but they’re not having the ability to adjust to their situation instead of talking to people are talking it out and dealing with the situation. They just go into this passive-aggressive mode, where they they grab a gun or a knife or whatever, and they go in and they hurt people and and that’s their way of expressing a frustration seems like it’s like for a cop. To be honest is something this tragic. Can you describe to us what that’s like, for you know officers to respond to something like this put that uniform on that that bulletproof vest you’re asking yourself? Am I going to deal with the situation today where my life is going to be in danger, and I understand he had a child that risk and that that that sense of Yelp hope that you’re going to your going to have a good day and not have Something like this: it gets even worse when you have a family because you’re single but no wife, no children, it it it’s even worse and harder for those officers that have a family, because you don’t know what you’re going to encounter talking about. You beat that the deputy heard shots being fired, he went in there, he went towards the shots, went towards the fire to try to protect the citizens and the people that were in the bar and that’s probably what he because his actions he stopped. Other people from being harmed or killed at least if they are like my heart, goes out to him and his family. What’S a can of Whitworth who is also on the scene and she’s been there for hours? Can I? How are you doing? There’S some of them are still out here: they’ve been up all night long telling their absolutely horrifying stories about what happened, and I’m sure you you’ve mentioned. It is college night there that the bar was packed with hundreds of students there to celebrate 21st birthday is the place that some of them go two or three times a week. It was actually described to me as their safe place and I have to tell you it’s an 18 and up club, and so what we’re saying that’s been really scary. Is parents heading to the scene absolutely frantic they’re looking for their loved ones and it’s been terrifying? Currently, authorities are working to identify the victims right now, so many of them, though, that made it out made it out because of her worn by people that were inside the bar just patrons there. I spoke with a young man who said he saw someone throw Barstool through Windows, Peanut the same thing through and that’s how they got some 30 people out of there to see. We actually can listen to what he had to say. There is a bunch of us that we’re just looking for cover and we were. We are standing right next to a pool table, and so we got everyone behind the pool table and down, and then there are probably six or seven of us guys just dogpiling over the girls that were hid because low when it’s quiet and turn off telling people Turn off their cell phone so that we wouldn’t draw attention to ourselves until that first round of shots and it, and I knew that we had a gap because he was either going to reload change weapons. Whatever he was doing, we had to act. I was going to get people to lick, so I was getting up from where I was lying on top of people and looked over and saw someone had thrown a Barstool through one of the windows because of the closest exit was far down. That way that it was just trying to collect everyone and push them down out of sight and as far away as possible Kimberly was that once they got all those people to safety, they actually started heading back, because people were kind of scatter. They didn’t know what to do. Some people were calling their parents and he just sort of kind of funnel everybody out to safety and and just get them out to keep his son safe. I mean not the kind of things that people are thinking about right now. I actually, I think we have that sound as well. It can really it’s incredibly emotional. If we can listen to that, and some smoke came in here smoking and he fired the first shot. I knew it was live and it was real. The office where all the stuff is needed say anything at all. He just started shooting. Imagine can really what it’s like for these people, making these decisions In the Heat of there in the Heat of the Moment and their life really depends on it as a sheriff. Actually, just got choked up here a few minutes ago because he said they had six or seven Off Duty Officers. Actually, in that, when the shooting happened and that parents have come up to him and he he actually started crying when he said that the parents have come up to him and said your officers shielded my kids, they saved their life. It’S incredible. A lot of people were leaving, it was a pretty incredible moment. There were sheriff’s deputies, fire authorities and then victims, and then just people coming out here to support them and after that in this community is going to come back stronger than ever Kimberly. This is a community that two years ago was voted, one of the safest in this country, which proves it can happen anywhere at anytime, and it’s it’s becoming so regular. Now it’s really scary. I know when you ask people about them. Sorry for you being there. You know you’ve covered these sorts of things before. What’S the mood for you being there in the middle of this and and seeing these things open over and over again week by week, I think again is the operative word there and really again we’re out here again we’re doing this again. This is happened in our country again, who are sickened by that, and it was really sad. Is that so many people I spoke with this is a country bar, so a lot of them were actually in Las Vegas. They were at that Jason Aldean concert when that Massacre happen, so they have something like this now twice in their lifetime, and that is just twice too much absolutely Cana. Thank you. So much for your reporting and being there for and of course, I’m you’ll you’ll be on the same much longer as well. So thank you so much for joining us. So now I want to, of course, move to more information. That’S happening today. Other news that is breaking, if you haven’t heard Eternal attorney general Jeff sessions is also making headlines because he was fired recently. So I want to go to Jack. A & R DC Bureau Jack, how you doing this morning, literally 24 hours after the midterm elections, and he was replaced by his chief of Chief of Staff. After Jeff sessions, chief of staff was promoted within the justice department and well regarded within the justice department and need to be acting attorney, general now and so intensive purposes. He has the authority and it has oversight over the Mueller probe. Yes, so what are the? What are the Democrats saying about this move in? What can they actually do now? You know since they’ve, taken back over the house, the appointment of Matt Whittaker is acting attorney general in this role, because before he became before he came back to the apartment, he would publicly very critical of the Mueller probe and same things about it. Have questions about whether he’s able to be objective about that? Any decision that he might have to make about the probe since he’s already been critical of it from the probe and whether he should really go through the kind of Ethics investigation, Whitaker, soap Or democrats are concerned about that, but, as they take over the house, they’ll Have subpoena Authority and they’ll be able to call him up for his decision, and so you know maybe the check on what he ultimately does and decisions that he makes regarding the Mower Pro certainly be very interesting Jack. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it yeah so now we’re going to go to Karen Travers, so it was not unexpected that the president was going to push Jeff sessions out of the justice department at some point. There have certainly been Rumblings about this for weeks months. Even a year-and-a-half Jeff sessions has been on the road since 2017, when you made that decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe. That became the source of the president’s frustration when it came to his attorney general remember. It was just in September when the president didn’t interview, and he said we don’t have an attorney general, the next, the White House. He was asked to clarify and said he’s angry with Jeff sessions on things and you’d like him to do more, but did confirm that he wasn’t back still on his job was interesting yesterday, including Jeff sessions at Justice, and the president said he wanted to answer that Question at a better time at that point, in the late morning early afternoon, the President’s chief of staff, John Kelly, had already reached out to Jeff sessions and told him the president wanted him to offer his resignation. Like many things here in Washington, it was a letter of resignation, but it was at the request of the president, which of course, Kimberly is a firing. Yes, it’s a firing. Do we have any idea on who the full-time replacement, who the considerations are, who it might be something that they’ll be moving forward quickly on names that that have been tossed around down here in Washington, senator Lindsey, Graham who has said he would like to stay in The Senate he’s comfortable up there and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is, of course, the name that will get a lot of attention, given his work as a federal prosecutor and his ties to the president very close Ally advisor confidante of the president’s. But now is move forward. President announces his pick to take over full-time at the justice department. There would have to be a confirmation at 8 that would take place up on Capitol Hill and, of course, the midterm results this week see how they would do this in the next couple of weeks during this lame duck session. But if they wait till January they have a bigger majority at that point as if there isn’t enough crazy news. I do want to make sure I ask you about Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who was hospitalized. What do we know about that? The Supreme Court said today that 85 year old Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized overnight at George Washington Hospital. Just a few blocks away here at the White House up for fracturing free ribs on her left side. She fell at her office at the court. Last night and actually went home after that, but she was experiencing. Some discomfort went to the hospital to get it checked out and Kimberly after tests show that she had broken fractured 3 ribs kept her overnight for observation in treatment. So I, the reaction from the White House today, kellyanne Conway senior counselor to the president, said that everybody here was praying for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Absolutely we are thank you so much Karen. We appreciate you joining us, guys, that’s it! For now. We appreciate you joining us on ABC News live here on the debrief, of course, for more updates about this mass shooting and everything else. You can go to or check us out on the app and until then, I’m Kimberly Brooks see you soon.
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