The Debrief: Arrest in connection to LA shooting spree, election security, 16 marines arrested

The Debrief: Arrest in connection to LA shooting spree, election security, 16 marines arrested
The Debrief: Arrest in connection to LA shooting spree, election security, 16 marines arrested
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News live on Kimberly, Brooks thanks. So much for joining us. We have updates on that terrifying shootings spraying Los Angeles plus election interference is back on the radar and a real threat to the 2020 raise Plus. Have you ever run cross-country from New York to LA yeah me? Neither, but one twenty-two-year-old started today, but first carrier headlines. North Korea is now talking about its Testa to new short-range missiles. This week, country calls it quote a solemn warning to South Korea or plans to hold military drills. Are you at the missiles the North Cascade could potentially hit any Target in the south? Is incredible, given these images that train was traveling from Wisconsin to Fort Worth Texas, a cause of the derailment is still being investigated for saving two young children accidentally locked their keys inside the vehicle, with their two and three-year-old daughters inside for the temperature in the vehicle Quickly, Rising an officer broke the window to rescue the girls now they’ve been reunited, and we begin in Los Angeles police arresting a suspect in at least three different shootings and four people were killed. Victims included members of the suspects own family, a man in one, a gas station and another person at a bus, though Clayton Sandell is on the ground in LA with the latest Clayton 2A tactical alert yesterday trying to find this suspect in a deadly crime spree before He killed again, I want to tell you what happened. The timeline here was about 2 a.m. on Thursday. The police say they got a call at an apartment, Canoga Park. That is a short distance from here. They say when they arrive, the suspect Jerry, Zaragoza, had shot his father killed his father and his brother also shot his mother. She was wounded but survived less than an hour later. They say he’s showed up here in North Hollywood at a gas station where he shot and killed a woman that he knew and shot and wounded. Another man police say he was not done that a couple of hours later he tried to Rob at point a man at a bank who was using an ATM. He got away from there, but that triggered by that point, a massive tactical alert here in the San Fernando Valley. That means officers were pulled from all sorts of different assignment to try and find this suspect and then around the lunchtime hour there was another shooting. This time on a city, bus and police say that there, a ghost unprovoked without warning and killed, someone on that bus and fled the scene. Officers flooded the area. It was a massive search and they say they took him into custody soon, after that, he was found with a handgun in matching the gun that was similar to the gun that was used in the previous shooting different crime scene for different victims, killed two others wounded And now, of course, police are trying to figure out a motive in all of this zaragoza’s mother did survive and police say that they are talking trying to figure out. You know any clues that might give them a sense of why he may have done the FDA website. They have a number post as an information leaflet which really spell out the cons of e-cigarettes. You know hundreds of thousands of chemicals in them which are carcinogenic. So you know it’s not something to be taken lightly, really needs to address this issue head-on. Absolutely. Thank you. Thank you all right. So now we’re talkin about the kids, but I want you to think about what you were doing when you were around 22 years old. Probably thinking about college or hanging with your friends will yesterday I sat down with Sam venture he’s from France. He was raised in Indonesia and he’s extremely passionate about climate change in the oceans and he’s about to set out on a crazy 5-month adventure across the country and, let’s just say one day, he might literally run the world. Take a look. We grew up in Bali in Indonesia and for the past 10 years, my older brother and sister we’ve talked about the ocean and Miri witness the effects of climate change every single day, and so this run for us is, is just a great way talking about it And bring the ocean to the people who don’t necessarily live by the ocean so from Coast-to-Coast equates to 114 Marathon. How are you preparing for this? It’S actually surreal that I leave tomorrow. After seven months of training and Tanning, one of my good friends Josh, my brother will be on board – is all coming driving the RV but running by myself and obviously crowd around you just like epic footage that what you expect. So how long is this you expect this entire journey to take, and I’m just asking about your mother cuz. I’M sure she might have a little bit of worry there’s something that could potentially go wrong if you’re just running from state to state to state ocean-to-ocean 20 miles a day, you’re doing a marathon a day to do it. But the first person to run on shoes made out of plastic tell me about that. The shoes are party Adidas, shoes and parlay, collects plastic from shorelines around the world and then makes these shoes out of the plastic in Saudi running in and then will you need more than one pair of usually between eight to ten on my goodness wow? What’S the goal like what will have happened by the end and we need getting people to understand the effects of plastic pollution so, whether that’s on my way I’ll be posting educational, secondary schools, universities as many locations as I can to reach as many people as well As create a video series that will be posting on our social taco make a change World video aspect, there’s the educational platform, and then we also working with party to get as many cities on my route to sign their pledge to get their cities, plastic, free and Hopefully, how does it feel to be such an underachiever for such an underachiever has been? Do you have this 5-month Epic Journey you’re going to fly back to Indonesia and then what’s next? What’S next, with my brother and sister, we started make a change World, which is environmental media organization and continue working with. I’M continue raising awareness about this cause. They were so passionate about and is. My brother is actually going on his project to Bamboo bike across Indonesia. Unbelievable, just I guess, find the next projects and persevere in and hopefully create change. He’S amazing and he’s literally running right now he’s the best and guys were going to continue with the good news. I’M listening about The Lion King again because it’s been out for a week now, so have you seen it? Okay, if you haven’t here, is a little thing that will reignite the fire ahead of the premiere. I sat down with JD McCrary Behati right Joseph, the kids that played young Simba and young Nala. Their talent is on 100 to take a look at this. In addition to the movie coming out, come out and you guys are on the album. Did you know you’re going to be on there? We are on the album and actually has, and it was it was really great. Yes, you can definitely. You can definitely say that, absolutely nothing to say they are amazing, so you definitely have to go, see the movie and guys before we go. I was up early this morning in Central Park for the Good Morning America concert series and today’s performers, Lady Antebellum country, music. Never sounded so good and they have one song that I’ve had on repeat for dial now and we did a little warm-up together. So listen up in Central Park in New York City for the Good Morning America concert series and this morning where, with Lady Antebellum, perfect weather every time we have someone on the show, I always ask what the song that you would love to wake up to that You’Re performing out of the four that you’re performing today, I already know because guys this morning I got ready to do what good for awhile say that self to say that to yourself all weekend, it’s going to be a good one. I’M continue to take care of yourself and, if you’re around, you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. and then check out world news, Prime at 8 p.m. and if you want to stay updated on all of these heads mine’s, you can go to Abcnews.Com or download the app on Kimberly Brooks have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.
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