The Debrief: Bracing for Dorian, 2020 debate deadline, St. Louis shooting | ABC News

The Debrief: Bracing for Dorian, 2020 debate deadline, St. Louis shooting | ABC News
The Debrief: Bracing for Dorian, 2020 debate deadline, St. Louis shooting | ABC News
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News, live on Kimberly, Brooks thanks. So much for joining us, we’re on the ground and Puerto Rico, as the island braces for another storm and we’re checking in on the 20 raise the deadline to qualify for ABC News debate in September is today, and are you feeling on edge Galaxy’s Edge? Well, a second themed Star Wars, themed land is open in Orlando, but first carrier headlines. Some British lawmakers are crying foul over prime minister, Boris Johnson, asking the queen to suspend Parliament. They say it cuts the amount of time, but they have to try and stop a No Deal brexit, which right now is set to happen. At the end of October, the queen has agreed to prime minister, Boris Johnson’s. Request will be suspended from September 9th to October 14th. The UK is scheduled to leave the EU October 31st. Some new video showing a terrifying rhino attack in this videos. Incredible take a look at this, the zookeeper’s actually inside that Safari vehicle he’s lucky to be alive. After this massive animal charged her car its horn, looking it over three times, this incident happening at a safari park in Germany on Sunday, amazingly, the woman that was inside that car made it out was just a few bruises, the zoo. We just got a statement this morning says the animal has never showed signs of aggression where’s the vehicle before and it will be sent to a different tune out. Women are still playing catch-up with men when it comes to cash. In Hollywood movies, Kenmore Forbes says the top 10 women from the combined 69 % more than last year, at 315 million. That’S still about half of what the top 10 men pulled in. We begin in Puerto Rico, still recovering from the devastation of hurricane Maria and family. Still, making repairs to their homes and rebuilding and now having to prepare for Dorian as it had straight for the island and Victor Oquendo, is on the sound and San Juan with the latest. On Victor good to see you can you tell us what’s happening there right now find those last minutes flight to take a look right across the street that Walgreens it has shut down. It is closed. It is now boarded up nobody able to go there to buy any supplies. However, we’re standing right here on this CVS right here and now there is inside out last minute food water. You see right there. This woman here she’s got two cases of water and inside that bag ICICI out there as well. So that’s what’s happening right here on the Streets of San Juan, of course. The major concerns everyone here is the always vulnerable power grid on the island and the 26000 homes that still have blue tarps in place of roofs, those people we are going to go inside some of those homes and see what they look like now. Sandstorm of any magnitude here walking out of here with those big jugs and cases of water, just said again again and again, you probably get tired of dealing with storms like these. There still all the damage that hurricane Maria Left Behind the other side of it. We have folks were just saying: we’ve been through Maria. It can’t be any worse than that. There’S no doubt that Dorian is not going to talk the same punch that Maria did obviously, but does it feel like they’re, worried about this one’s going to be as devastating quotes? Definitely that said now that the storm has shifted its path a little bit. Their major concerns for the eastern half of the other more before it was going to go in the other way. Now it’s shifted feeling that we’re just the outfit. If you don’t a few hours away, according to our weather team, Puerto Rico is going to be hit. The hardest between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. and now you got the vibe everyone’s getting their last minute trips in order the ground in San Juan. Thank you for the update and while the storm is heading towards Puerto Rico, other parts of the Caribbean are issuing warnings and watches as well. The Dominican Republic is expected to feel the effects of Dorian where we find our Alex Perez brown sand Punta Cana Alex. Can you give me a sense of what’s Happening where you are right now? I would describe it as a very measured sense of relief here in the Dominican Republic. They’Re not going to be storm. What’S going to be hit directly by this storm by the outer bands of this, a lot of these people were going to head out of here are leaving passengers and those who are now being forced to change their flights getting in and out of the Caribbean. Absolutely and there’s also some cruise lines that are re-routing some of the ships, a lot of those cruise ships that they have here, taking those ships more through a Western Caribbean route, trying to avoid any potential impact from the store. The name of the game here is that people really just want to be careful. I want to take any chances, they wanted to be ready. We know what a strong hurricane and good to see you. Thank you so much for the updates and guys to get the latest on the storm track on. We have Rob Marciano Rob September is when most of them happen and we’ve got a couple to speak of. At least some storms to speak of Dorian is the first one hitting Martin Eclipse video yesterday with four inches of rainfall flash flooding there and that bus, obviously stuck in it got out in time, is an idea of what this thing can do about that tropical storm. Beryl talk more about that affect the first Dorian, which has hurricane watches, tropical storm warnings for the US Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico 28 today will be approaching Eastern Puerto Rico with borderline category 1. Hurricane winds and in a lot of rainfall is well that’s a good news. This is nothing like Maria was two years ago, although still dealing with that in Puerto Rico, so they have to contend with at least the rainfall there, and then it gets that bypasses most of the Turks and Caicos and the and the Bahamas gets in the southwestern Atlantic drinking as a category 1 to over the weekend and then look at this to bring it somewhere, the u.s. coastline figure Sunday Monday, maybe Tuesday, because of the Carolinas, knows our computer models they’re all over the place comes day, 4 and 5. So a lot of uncertainty as to whether things going to go. Do you all need to track it close to you, but you live in the Southeast us the remnants of it may get up inserted into Nova Scotia and the Canadian maritimes waves and some rip currents along the beaches as we head into the holiday weekend, and it’s Going to meet up with this front, that’s going to squeeze some thunder and lightning, and some rain out of the atmosphere later on today and tonight, and I have a greater flow. Aaron Hill has a flash flood watches that have been posted to Heavy Rain they’re out west, a lot of heat wildfires an issue there they’re battling word into Hi-Time, Wildfire season, 2 and Red Flag Warning for posting for number of the West Western Portland Oregon 98°. Yesterday, a story on the coast 91° that they record that has stood for over a hundred years will have similar heat today, especially in Inland Valley, temperatures up and over 100 degrees in California. So what are you do? For a dog I mean you want to cool off, so it maybe Michigan just what they do when you have a a pool, paw tee hurricanes. Oh Rob! I love it, love it love, it love it all right guys and we moved to Washington where President Trump also has Puerto Rico. On his mind in a tweet this morning he wrote quotes. We are tracking closely tropic storm Dorian, as it heads as usual to Puerto Rico. Fema and all others are ready and we’ll do a great job when they do. Let them know it and give them a big. Thank you not like last time that includes from the incompetent mayor of San Juan. I want to bring in care Travers at the White House to discuss this Karen. It seems the president’s priorities shifted in the same tweet. First, he’s talking about FEMA, then he’s attacking the mayor y exchanges between the president and the mayor of San Juan and remember. They were certainly added at each other’s throats after Hurricane Maria 2 years ago can can start getting to the island. Then it authorizes DHS and FEMA to handle and manage any federal response efforts there. But the president very quickly after that is shifting into a defensive mode. Yuma deserves gratitude and appreciation for the work they’re doing and the work that they will be doing. But she says they didn’t get the last time around. It’S all came after the mayor of San Juan last night on CNN was already criticizing the president for how he has spoken about Puerto Rico and how ongoing recovery efforts down there have been. She says that the government has been giving things that they need, but it’s the president who she blames for the fact that it’s been slow and been as smooth as it could be. What does the FEMA help actually mean when the Trump Administration is diverting funds from disaster relief to border and buy more beds for these Detention Center? It was first reported yesterday. Abc News confirm that the Administration has been telling lawmakers that they’re going to shift about 270 $ 1000000 from the homeland security budget and ship that money down to the US Southern border. That would be moving and detaining undocumented immigrants and building new courtrooms to start processing. Claims down there about $ 155 of that money will come from FEMA, no surprise Kimberly. The reaction from Democrats was anger. This is unacceptable right now, as hurricane season is really getting underway. You can’t take money that should be going to saints that are going to need it after storms and Puerto Rico and shifted down there. The administration know is defending this, he’s saying that the FEMA will have what they need to take care of things in areas that are impacted by storms and speaking of the borders very interesting, because the President says he wants this border wall by election day, ready for The president campaign promise in 2016 and now certainly he realizes the clock is ticking and he wants to get as much done as possible before election day. So he can say to his supporters. Promise made promise kept White House do that, though officials say that he has suggested that people have break or bend laws that sees private land skirt environmental laws and that he has told officials on his team that he would pardon them if they did end up breaking Any laws – senior White House official told us this morning that the president was joking when he said that, but also said, this is still very much a very big priority for the updates. We appreciate it going to the 2020 race, where the Democratic presidential candidates are getting ready for their third face off in the debates hosted by ABC in September. So tonight at midnight is the deadline to qualify to be on that stage, and I want to bring in Amber hovik nrdc Bureau John good, to see you. You know. The number of candidates is obviously determined determined that there’s going to be one night of the base or two nights of the base. But can you just remind us how these candidates, what they need to qualify yeah? I can relate to 2 %, so bored and four poles that are deemed qualifying by Democratic National Committee, Tom steyer, who still needs one pole before midnight. If he wants to make it onto debate state paying for their campaigns moving forward, they won’t have the exposure. I’Ve seen other candidates in in recent weeks, dropout kind of one of those Democratic field down from the more than 2,000 candidates that we started, looking really close to making it Hawaii congresswoman, Tulsi gabbard hasn’t met the door threshold and but she needs to qualify. Three more polls to Paula fisa when it’s only ten of them, the field, smaller, gotten steadily, Rising the Bulls. This will be the first time that they would actually face off on a debate stay. So I think that’s going to be a crucial matchup to watch again. You have Senator Kamala Harris before on the debate stage. I think they learn to keep an eye on. Thank you. So much and guys again of the third Democratic primary debate will be hosted by ABC News in partnership with Univision on September. Maybe September 13th we’ll have to see after tonight and you’ll be able to watch it all here on ABC News live so and of those qualifying candidates. Beto O’Rourke has been particularly outspoken about gun violence, especially after the mass shooting in El Paso. In this week he was speaking about violence playing other American cities in a tweet, he reminded people that nearly 40,000 human beings lose their lives to gun violence every year. A number that is so incomprehensibly large that we lose sight of these our individual lives, and so when we talk about cities that have unbelievable rates of gun violence, you often think of Chicago but there’s another City, St Louis Missouri, with 134 homicides in this year alone. In a Spate of children getting fatally shot in his recent weekend, so I want to bring in James Clarke the VP of community outreach for better Family Life on James very happy that you’re with us today. You know since April. At least 12 kids have lost their lives, their lives to gun violence, and it’s it’s hard to process what that even means. How do you, how do you you know it is it? Is it really saddening, but it’s just an indication that we’re not focusing on this issue here in the st. Louis metropolitan area on this trajectory now for at least the last 15 years – and it’s been something that has been very predictable at better family life. We have a very unique brand of Outreach where we we focus on what we call the npl, the neighborhood, the front porch and the living room, and with that lens we have been accurately able to foresee a in violence. And what we’re seeing now play out is is something that that the we’ve seen coming for some time now most disturbing about this is he know some of the kids that have died recently. One was as young as two years old going all the way up to 16, but the violence is happening on their front porch or at a restaurant after church is happening right. They should be so. What is your organization specifically doing the try to help tackle this problem in the neighborhood be able to scale up our brand of Outreach? We we think that neighborhood engagement that are being in the neighborhood delivering resources directly into the neighborhood, not as a flashing as a method and as a mode of operation. So we we, we have Outreach workers right now. I have 21 Outreach workers trained, uniform, disciplined individual. Better in the neighborhood and in the neighborhoods that we’re engaged in crime is down, so we are working with the city leaders and our corporate leaders now and saying we need to scale up. We we have watched this thing and we have been accurate. Then we also have the st. Louis metropolitan area gun violence, the escalation centers, where we solicit third-party people, individuals who information about a conflict that may have had a episode of gun violence or is on a trajectory towards gun violence and the third party people come in. We work with a third party people, we get information and we have mediators that go to the homes of the adversaries that he’s at a barbershop that meet the adversaries in the element and work to deescalate the conflict this year. So so far we be estimated 65 times no 80-85 conflicts and if those conflicts were not be escalated, they would have led to more shootings, which would have led to more Aviation so here in St Louis different from any other major metropolitan area with a urban core. The human capital in the urban core has been selected for decades, where the federal government look at the urban core under the Obama at Administration and designated the urban core as food deserts, because you couldn’t find fresh produce, the urban core must be looked at now as Resource deserts actually find better family life. You guys have a side. How did people reach out to you? You can call 314-381-8200 or you can visit our website. Www., Family Life. Org, James Clarke, VP of community outreach for better family life, I’m doing very important work in your community. Thank you for being with us today. We appreciate it yes and we turn to another Global crisis. The Amazon rainforest still is with fires raging and now another concern those fires from the lungs of the earth, as it’s called it’s causing problems in the lungs of the Brazilian people. Respiratory issues from lingering smoke from over 80,000 fires this year, so Matt, is on the ground in Campo Grande Brazil with more mess in this area, see how is here and the rainy season is still a couple of months away. That’S the only thing things that has been so frustrating to people who care about the Amazon in the Punta now and all these incredibly important natural preserved in this country and in Bolivia and Peru and Ecuador, is the bickering between President bolsonaro, Brazil and European leaders have Bolsonaro lashing out at Europe after pledged 22 million dollars to help in the firefight saying that he didn’t like the way that the money was being offered accusing French president Emmanuel macron. The money was offered and his people would be better served in parts of Europe. That has been going back and forth as a climate scientist are really concerned that the continuance of these fires is going to put parts of Brazil past. The Tipping Point that somebody’s here in forest for millennium Millennium will permanently change longer. It will be hotter and drier. Consequently, it’ll literally change the weather patterns in parts of Brazil. That is a massive concern for folks here and something else to worry about. We were in this area called kurumba right along the Bolivian Brazilian border. We saw these massive heart to tell if it was one massive fire or hundreds of fire setting up plumes of smoke, thousands of feet in the air and scientists that we were flying over this area with estimated that we were alone looking about a million burned Acres Right along that Bolivian Brazilian border, only imagine the amount of smoke put out. Brasil, clinics and hospitals are reporting double or more than double the amount of respiratory problems for children because of all of this smoke, and that is something that Brazil is also going to have to contend with. Also I’ll Brazil has said its deploy: 44000 troops. We haven’t seen a single one. The vast majority of firefighters who are out here trying to protect Villages or really essential places or places they can get to those are all volunteer. Most of the time, just working with Matt’s will look like floor mats in the end of long poles and these spray, or those like bug, sprayers to try to dampen the fire. That’S pretty much the sum total of firefighting capacity that we’ve seen the ground in 4 days, Kimberly still so unbelievable to see those images all right guys and before we go, we’ve told you before. That August is black business month and we’ve been highlighting amazing people of color to renew workers who have these creative companies across all industry. So today we’re joined by Cheryl Dorsey she’s, the founder of the plug Daily Tech newsletter, investigating Trends and covering Founders, innovators, investors colors. It’S essentially into the colors, essentially the source of black Tech news that you would only need it’s it’s all you need. So I’m looking for your name again, Sherrell. Why did you feel need-to-know start the space create this newsletter? I was. I was looking over at this morning. What do you think are some common misconceptions about black people in the tech space economy, as well as that we’re not creating hydrotech companies. That conversation, which also includes the story of the emerging emerging economies in these existing economies, are capital and resources and jobs are being created. Alright Sherrell Dorsey and just tell us really quick for we go where people can find your newsletter, and you guys you know to continue to take care of yourselves and if you’re around you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. then you can check Out worldnews Prime at 8 p.m. and if you want to stay updated on all of these headlines, you can go to or down. I’M Kimberly, Brooks and I’ll see you tomorrow.
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