The Debrief: Capsized cargo ship, Trump and the Taliban, Dorian recovery | ABC News

The Debrief: Capsized cargo ship, Trump and the Taliban, Dorian recovery | ABC News
The Debrief: Capsized cargo ship, Trump and the Taliban, Dorian recovery | ABC News
Welcome to the debrief here at ABC News live on Aaron katersky in New York. We have a bit of breaking news to share with you in the Urgent search for survivors off the coast of Georgia, where a giant cargo ship is capsized. We also want to tell you about a big week in politics: ABC News next democratic debate and Week 1 of the NFL there’s already drama. It involves one of the game’s best receivers after these headlines or rare virus spread by mosquitoes a 50 year old Michigan woman died from the virus called Eastern equine Encephalitis or triple Eve and August. One person died from the virus in Massachusetts and a five-year-old girls among the seven people in the state with AAA savings. Dr. Jen Ashton explains why Health officials are on alert symptoms, fever, headache, vomiting, a mortality rates. There is no treatment. There is no cure that care is supportive and that’s why this is getting so much attention. The virus has been found in mosquitoes across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. The best protection as mosquito, repellent protective clothing and avoiding standing water. The volunteer rescue crews are scouring the mountains on Hawaii’s Big Island, intensifying their search for missing hiker twenty-seven-year-old Kyle Britton was last seen on a steep Trail. 10 days ago his father said he’s an experienced hiker, but this was his first solo hike. I wasn’t prepared to stay overnight, find him as expected, opened in first place at the weekend box office setting 123.4 million years ago. We want to be getting off the coast of Georgia, where a 50 foot cargo ship has capsized and we’re learning now from the Coast. Guard there may yet be Signs of Life from four crew members who were going to be missing. Abc’S Kaylee Hartung is right there off the coast, where the this cargo ship is capsized after it caught fire off the shores. Here in the Saint Simons sound, and we are learning this breaking news, just as you are the u.s. Coast Guard announcing at Salvage Crews, who have been working on the whole, the back side of this boat as we’re looking at it, they have made contact with some Of the crew members crack inside there for crew members missing, it’s unclear how many of them are still alive, but the incredible news here, just breaking that contact has been made their condition unknown the conditions inside the ship. What remains of it still unknown, but the Coast Guard saying distraction is being planned. The Coast Guard was telling us just this morning that they believed those crew members to be trapped inside because they have saturated the water in the sound and they didn’t find anyone else. They rescued 20 other crew members of the ship, with the help of helicopters and boat rescue crews and Incredibly traumatic video coming from the Coast Guard. Some of those rescues happening overnight as crew members were airlifted out. But now this news coming that that contact has been made with some at some of these four crewmembers inside the ship. We will be standing by right here to see what happens next. We saw some action this morning is at US Coast. Guard helicopter actually landed very briefly on. What’S now the top side of that ship, it’s on its port side in the a Coast Guard helicopter landed on the top side of the ship, and we could see two men get out of that helicopter. You could see them walking along again, what’s now the top side of the ship, but this good news coming that they have made contact with crewmembers trapped inside then we’ll hope for the best.. How did it happen in the first place, since you mentioned stunning, to see this giant ship on its side? What kind of traffic that comes through this port? Most often we are told it was around 2 a.m. on Sunday morning that that this ship it started listing and then it capsized. Turning on its side, what exactly transpired in those moments is unclear at this, I’m at the capsized also burst into flames. The investigation is ongoing into what caused that fire still so many questions surrounding how this massive ship, it’s the size of two football fields, more than 650 ft long, how it could pop have turned on its side but again as they said, that investigation is ongoing the Coast Guard appears to have made contact so we’ll hope for the best and and better news ahead. Kaylee Thang want to turn next to the White House ABC’s Karen Travers is there because the White House announced and then abruptly cancelled talks with with a Taliban. Karen change to take place at Camp David yesterday with senior Taliban leaders, but he also said in that series of tweets that he was not going to be having the meeting abruptly canceling it. This was very surprising too many people here in Washington that this was the next step. It was going to take after months of conversation, intense negotiations between top us officials and leaders and members of the Taliban. Now the president said that it was because of a suicide bombing that took place last week in Kabul at a check, a dozen people were killed, including a US service member, an errand, that’s a 16th American that was killed in combat in Afghanistan this year. President said it was because of that, but this meeting is often we heard that message from Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo Stephanopoulos of the president, said enough. After that suicide attack, it’s notable, though the administration in the past has said that American Service members being killed in Afghanistan, peace negotiations, the order of operations how this all came to be. He likes the made-for-tv events, as we’ve seen with his meetings with Kim Jong on wanted to bring Taliban leaders to Camp David just outside of Washington to have this big announcement about an agreement, and there were questions about what leadership should be included. Ultimately, they were invited to, and then, though Saturday, the president said, all of it is off, appeared to catch some lawmakers, especially the timing, since we’re just a few days away from the 18th anniversary 9/11. The reaction from members of both parties was Swift and it was fierce green Taliban leaders to Camp David of all places just days before the 9/11 anniversary. One tweet, I think that is standing out is from Liz Cheney, senior Republican in the house and the daughter of the former vice president, and when was Cheney, said that Camp David is where what is leaders met to plan or response after 9/11. She says no. Member of the Taliban should ever set foot there senior officials and about a dozen Mayors from both parties and police Chiefs. As of right now, it’s not clear the president will be attending this meeting himself. It was requested by the US Conference of Mayors Aaron, who has been pushing for some movement on back act legislation in the wake of the shootings in Texas and Ohio. Last month, the president for weeks have been saying there are already strict background checks on the books and in terms of legislation to Congress and when they get back lawmakers put together with striking to see the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week, saying they’re not going To move forward and anything in the Senate until they know exactly you go first, no, you go first, let’s see what you do. First, before anything gets going, there does seem to be growing support for some kind of gun legislation can, after a Spate of of mass shootings over the summer, Terry, any sign of movement that, if he does advocate for gun control and that he is likely to lose Support among his base, but the American public are clearly tremendously supportive. Remarkably supportive of federal gun can that’s the only way to put a take a look at our poll. Recently, 89 % of Americans support background checks for gun purchase. 89 % of Americans agree. That is Monday, that is an overwhelming statement of support that will likely nowhere on Capital, because the lack of leadership here also 56 % of Americans said that they support some kind of assault. The devil is in the details. Weapon is a very difficult thing: I’ve because it must have. It is cosmetic at the end of the day, but the concern is real. More than six in 10 Americans, they are personally concerned about the possibility that they could be involved in these mass shootings in their own community. That shows the plague of this Carnage has struck deep in the heart of man. They want. That looks like it’s going to happen doesn’t certainly up. This is certainly going to come up, though, in the next democratic debate, which ABC News hosts on Thursday evening and the ABC news-washington post poll you mention Terry shows the state of play in Democratic politics. A whole lot of movement over the last couple of weeks. out in front of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren somewhat behind Elizabeth Warren rise and she’s it at 17 % Biden, though at 27 %, and then you have the second tier of but more than 6 and 10, second-tier there’s a senator Kamala Harris mayor, Pete buttigieg of South Bend, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke play for right now. These are early days. I was going to say more than six in 10 Democrats, say they’re willing to consider someone other than the choice they’re telling. While I think sometimes the political media is ready to call this the front-runner American people are taking their time and Andrew Yang little rise. It shows that it is all to play for here I mean I’m not saying you’re going to get a a president Yang, although still a wide open till the very strong lead for advice before Vice President Joe Biden. We have to look forward to what will be a pretty exciting debate on Thursday in Houston, on ABC News for President Trump in the former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, always the former Republican governor and a member of Congress from South Carolina’s, you say is christened Trump. Taking off after him on Twitter today, because of that marital infidelity in the way of Sanford’s career, which was very promising Kingdom, you into that sort of thing, it’s now seems pretty well established that we had sex with a pornstar 10 days after the birth of his His son Barron and paid money to cover it up Republicans don’t seem to mind that I don’t think did Mark Sanford or William well, the former Massachusetts governor or Joe Walsh, the former member of Congress, who are all out to challenge President Trump to worry about that Are they going to cancel their primaries? Democrats have done that. One Democrat incumbents incumbent president, don’t like challenges, is the bottom line, especially the ABC News debate. You can tune in to ABC News, live for full coverage starting Thursday 7 p.m. and we turn next to the ongoing recovery efforts in the Bahamas. The death toll is now 45 after Hurricane Dorian, and it is feared to be rising still ABC’s. Marcus Moore is back in Marsh Harbour, with the very latest now Marcus on forever the trees have been snapped, a homes are gone and there are Concrete and brick buildings that have been demolished on this island, giving you a sense of just how powerful this storm was, And take a look at our drone camera. You can see Dale of this catastrophe at and just see that they damaged stretches for Miles along this island. It took a direct hit with hurricane Dory and made landfall. It really. Aaron is almost as if every single building on this island sustained some bit of, and we know that the death toll is at dozens right now. Many of the victims were found them it’s. This trouble that you see here and the fear is that as time goes on, that there will almost certainly bmore a cruise at continue to conduct a search and rescue operations here. And but if there is a sense that a lot of this has moved to more of a recovery mode, although that is not yet official, there is still the whole thing are. There are people who are trapped in the rubble, waiting to be rescued and and cruise from across the globe are very much a part of that effort and trying to save life. But if you look around the area that have been impacted here, call Islands In N Grand Bahama, you get a sense of how so many lives have been impacted, either people that people have lost their homes, their jobs or they have a missing loved one and there’s Just a lot happening here and Peep I have been wanting to get off of his Island, and that’s something that we witnessed over the weekend in Earnest is that members of the Royal Bahamian Defense Force. They were right in the middle of this effort to evacuate the thousands of people who were is island with no food, no water and no shelter and the Defence Force helping to get them onto relief Boat Boat. That came in to drop off heavy equipment and resources. To to get the Highland back up and running those same boat, they were using to evacuate the thousands of of of survivors who many of them went to Nassau. But we also know that some people have headed to other Bahamian islands and an even will you ask so all of this happening over the weekend. But the recovery effort is really just beginning are and they have, if you can see here up such a long road ahead and in the midst of that recovery. The Grim and very sad news that, as there are so many who are unaccounted for, the health Minister telling us that it is possible for every single person in find the missing. It is possible that some victims were washed out into the sea and that they may never be found, and that gives you a sense of the the human toll of hurricane Dorian. Erin does hit deep in the United States. Proper hurricane dorina course hit hardest in North Carolina, we’re going to turn to ABC News senior meteorologist in Jersey, she’s in Raleigh, for the latest on the tropics that we’re other hurricanes, maybe forming Ginger and also wildfires in the West, hey Aaron. Thank you. Let’S go ahead and start with some of the headlines. This Monday, we are kicking off the week on the west coast, because the fire is more than 34,000 Acres burning in this walker fires, less than 5 % contained at somewhere between and reading. I’M thankful he’s very, very old, but the Gusty winds and dry conditions are not getting better there. A Red Flag Warning that really extend into Southern Nevada into Utah. Some of those wind gusts could reach 20 to 40 miles per hour. Alright Sundowner winds and we go a little bit further north, where the flow pressure system came through, bringing several reports of funnels, at least in Oregon this one that you can see their Hensley tornadic. But there are no confirmed reports, yet I’m sure they’ll be out doing surveys today. Low is sliding across the Northern Plains and will bring damaging win from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis. One other thing we have to talk about would be the heat still very hot Texas summer. Just won’t let go with that. High pressure system had a park that Ridge over the da some of the numbers today when it comes to heat index, going to be around 184 Montgomery 104 and making both of those and heat advisories, but still a little rock 102. The feels like Lake Charles 102, I know folks, really want to break that things are going to break down for and then. Finally, how about? I tell you about the traffic cuz. This is the best news of the day as we have our peak of hurricane season tomorrow. It looks like the next five to six days will be that tropical storm or hurricane free for land. For that that you see on the map there 20 to 30 %, really not looking great for development, and we love to hear that Erin from Raleigh North Carolina in the NFL it’s only week one. But yes, there is already drama. It involves. Perhaps the game’s best receiver, Antonio Brown, on a bring in from our sister Network ESPN the NFL front desk office inside of the former executive at the Miami Dolphins of the New York Jets, Mike Tannenbaum Antonio Brown, not on the Raiders. And why is he headed to the Patriots very unusual situation in terms of multiple meetings, multiple infractions with the Oakland Raiders, specifically with their general manager, Mike Mayock, allegedly had a screaming match during practice, they release them for impart conduct detrimental, which is very significant that voids 29 million $ 100,000 in guarantees between his 2019 20/20 salaries. He became a free agent very quickly at 4 on Saturday, which was the deadline in terms of all players on their team that poor, if there are veteran, have their salaries guaranteed for the season opportunistically swept in and signed to a one-year deal with. Antonio Brown only makes you stronger look at what they can do that with Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman Josh, Gordon Demaryius Thomas. They have an embarrassment of riches at the wide receiver position, but they were doing what most good corporations do. Good teams do, they were being opportunistic. They sign a player on a New Deal at a discounted amount of money and give him no draft choices. So there downsides protected and there’s a lot of upside here so for Coach Belichick and made a lot of sense and it’s a fresh start for Antonio Brown. It seems like he’s going to need it Raiders, but it it it all kind of look a little too convenient. If you view these posting video about a conversation with his former head coach at all, he that way to try to avoid about 30 million dollars and guarantees without knowing that he has a landing spot. But with that said, he only signed a one-year deal so he’s assuming a lot of the risk and to the Patriots, credit there’s a lot more at risk for the player in terms of what can cover in 2020 as a free agent. So not only does he have to play well in the 2019 season, but, more importantly, he has to behave well because the 31 other teams are going to be assessing that all season long, because we can’t make it there. He could be at the end of the road, so into Brown has a lot on the stake not only on the field but financially what his future could look like, and Patriots can keep them under control. I do because they’re going to go into this with their eyes wide open, literally the speeches you’re going to come here if today goes well. I see you tomorrow and let’s just that one good day on top of the next and there’s going to be a great opportunity for you and we lost a guy like Rob Gronkowski. Some of that production has to go to other players. It could go to you whatever happened the past, we don’t care about, but you have to be on time. I have to abide by our rules. If you do that, we can do a lot of great things together, and I wonder if you were in the front office if you’d make that same deal with Antonio Brown. I don’t know Top Choice, but Antonio Brown, Patriots from the Raiders are thanks to you want to stick with Sports World War II. Did you see the men’s US Open? Final Rafael Nadal won in a marathon a match that lasted 5 hours against Daniel in the dead. If it was heated in the tournament, a dog clinched, his 19th Grand Slam Championship leaving him one short of the all-time record, held by Rodger Federer and on Saturday night 19 year, old tennis, Phenom Bianca andreescu beat Serena Williams to win the women title at the US. Open its her first career Grand Slam, ABC’s Robin Roberts caught up with her on Good Morning, America take a listen. Then I’ve been dreaming of this moment. I mean it’s another story for the actually happened, so I’m just like truly blessed me and I’ve been picturing myself. Holding that trophy actually wrote myself a check of this tournament and it’s actually become a reality, is just crazy, having my name amongst all these amazing champions, amazing. So hopefully I can just keep it going. Maybe I’ll have a couple of my name in there stick around with us here at ABC News live of the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. eastern time, World News Tonight, Prime with David Muir, 8 p.m. eastern time, and for all the breaking news, just download the ABC News app on Aaron can’t rollerskate thanks for watching ABC News live
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