The Debrief: CHP officer killed in Calif., shootout, Trump’s new immigration rules, Epstein latest

The Debrief: CHP officer killed in Calif., shootout, Trump’s new immigration rules, Epstein latest
The Debrief: CHP officer killed in Calif., shootout, Trump’s new immigration rules, Epstein latest
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News live on Kimberly, Brooks thanks so much for joy. What should have been a routine traffic? Stop in California left one officer dead, so we’ll have the latest there plus were talking about who will be held accountable. Now that Jeffrey Epstein has died by Suicide and we have updates on those Hong Kong protest. The first carrier headlines – 90 % effective in fighting the disease patients biggest banks Bank of America now predicts there is a one-in-three chance of a recession before the 2020 election, largely because of the trade war with China. The downfall nearly 400 points when they, thanks in part to trade tensions and they’re growing concern about government spending. The US budget deficit is up 27 %. This fiscal year Administration has announced major changes to The Endangered Species Act, which will weaken protections for threatened Wildlife. The new rule set to take effect next month would make it easier to remove species from the endangered list and make it harder to consider the effects of climate, John plants and animals, and oil and gas drilling legal challenges are expected. Townsend filters to Residents who have water flowing through old lead pipes, despite the filters to show some home still have dangerous levels of lead. City officials have rejected comparisons to Flint Michigan, insisting the LED issues in Newark are less widespread. We just need all the lines replaced. We don’t need them replace 8 years from now. We need them replace, as of yesterday. Facetime should be done about this. This been going on for a while and it may cutting it up, and nobody didn’t do nothing about it. We begin with that terrifying scene. On a California highway during traffic, stop a driver, opening fire, killing a police officer and injuring two others before he was taken down. I want to bring in our chief National correspondent, Matt Gutman with the details Mac. Can you just give us an idea of what happen? Okay, it started with what seemed to be a routine traffic. Stop a CHP officer pulling over a white pickup truck a GMC truck. He started to impound the truck doing the paperwork sitting his own vehicle and, as the other man, a suspect now known, as Aaron Luther went back to his own vehicle to try to retrieve some personal effects. He also took out a long gun and began firing right on that officers. Carne. You can see images that pockmark windshield, how many bullets Pierce write in a driver, side area that officer, despite being mortally wounded, was able to radio win for backup officers started swarming to the Aryan. It happened about several hundred yards down the road. You can still see the police presence behind me. Officers swarming in guns, drawn SWAT teams moving in as well, but those first initial officers who came to support the slain officer. Some of them were also hit those officers being shot, one of them still in critical condition. This morning, finally, a SWAT teams and other officers able to neutralize that suspect they killed them. He died on scene and overnight. You know this very sad from the CHP morning. Their slain colleagues. They’re still going through the crime scene right now. They are saying it’s going to take quite some time to go through it because it is so large. It happened right in the thick of rush-hour traffic. Dozens of bullets fired still count for every one of them and it at least one motorist vehicle caught in the crossfire, apparently at least one or two people inside that vehicle hurt by either flying glass or bullet shrapnel. So this is a very significant Crunch and it’s going to take them time to actually sit through all of the evidence here, Kimberly very terrifying, seeing that you’re at I just want to know. Do we know anything about the officer who died? I guess there was no such thing as a routine traffic stop, but he didn’t have any reason to suspect that this particular man was armed, but he did know – and it probably came up on his computer – that this man was that he had served the decade on An attempted murder conviction also about a decade ago, the Man’s father said he cleaned up his life, and so this is one of the things that police are going to investigate. How did it fell and who should not have access to a weapon can obtain this long life of the team, at least from the video we’ve seen to have been kitted out with some additions unclear what its capacity was? We’Re told that those two other officers who were shot are going to survive, but the funeral for officer Moyes, probably to be in the next couple of days Kimberly. Thank you for the update and we turn to Washington war with China. Remember how the president said his administration would slap tariffs on 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese Goods at the end of this month. Well and new announcement says that it will be delayed, so I want to bring in Rachel Scott who’s in Bedminster New, the Rachel good to see you. Can you just tell us about this delay in what product that will affect and saying you’re supposed to be 10 % tariff, and it was only slapped on 300 billion dollars of Chinese Imports on September 1st being delayed, but it was supposed to trade. A higher price tag on things like cell phones, laptop computers, video games monitors. Of course, many people across the country are worried about these terrorists, a farmers especially the president just tweeted moments ago, saying, as usual, China said that they’re going to be buying big from our American farmers. They have not done what they said. Maybe this will be different, but American farmers are certainly feeling the pinch a pinch of this as early in his ongoing escalating War. Here and again, it seems to be no resolve Kimberly, yeah, so we’re talkin about Terrace, but on your radio calls on this morning. Lots of people talking about immigration – yes, that’s correct, try and get to see what people are thinking across across the country. In a question that I got about this new ruling that the Trump Administration moved moving ahead with, is that is this any different right? We already know that green card holders when they apply, is there going to be a public burden to the United States. They have to prove that that’s what the federal government called a public charge. It’S important to note here that this new ruling that the Trump Administration is pushing Medicaid and snap, these things were not disqualifying factors before under previous administrations, like the Obama or Bush Administration, and so this is why immigration Advocates are saying that this is going to affect Low-Income communities are you her Ken cuccinelli, defend the saying that America Prides itself on having people who are self-sufficient, but other people were pointing towards other American ideals of you. Don’T give us your tired, give us your poor. That’S on the Statue of Liberty. Today, Ken cuccinelli, in an interview with NPR, would be better suited if it said give us your tired, give us your poor who could stand on their own two feet and not be a public charge. So this is it to go into effect. The immigration group that are coming out and saying they plan to take the administration to court on this Kimberly Rachel Scott right there in Bedminster, New Jersey, thank you, and we want to talk about on this new public charge rule again. It’S a rule that would drastically curb Lee immigration by limiting who was allowed to enter and stay in the US on the person’s face on the person’s need for public benefit. So, as Rachel mentioned yesterday in a press briefing, the city that US citizenship, I’m sorry, citizenship and Chief Ken cuccinelli – was asked about the Statue of Liberty plaque. Let’S take a listen to what he had to say. Give us your tired, your poor, still operative in the United States, to those words come down. I’M certainly not prepared to take any down off the Statue of Liberty, a long history of being one of the most animations in the world on a lot of bases, whether you being asylee, whether you be coming here, to join your family or immigrating yourself. This rule will cover for USCIS, almost 400,000 people a year, all right, so you heard that there and I want to bring in Juliet jalad and she’s a senior policy analyst with the migration policy Institute Julia thanks for being with us today, as we mentioned before, I’m Critics say that this rule will Target low-income he’s and communities of color the communities that would need help yeah, it seems like one of the biggest impacts of this policy would actually be to affect future immigration flows. So at the migration policy Institute, we crunched the numbers of who this might affect and if immigrants who recently got their green cards immigrants from many parts of the world but have trouble getting through this new public charge test, especially immigrants from Mexico and Central America, or Is it might be easier for immigrants from Europe or Canada or other parts of the world yeah? So you know there’s already a lot of immigrant communities in this country that are living in fear because of illegal immigration policies from this Administration. Why is this rule happening right now? Do you think this Administration has been really pushing for changes to our legal immigration policy to move toward a so-called merit-based system that lesson those with the best English skills and the highest educational attainment? And this is really a backdoor way of trying to achieve legislative, even without having to rely on Congressional debate or conversations with a broader American public through this rule that can really change his able to come into the country going to move forward to to potentially fight This rule we already know that Advocates are planning to sue the administration over this Rule, and they allege that this has a racial bias, we’ll have to see how those it’s go for a ride, all right, Julia jalad, right there with the migration policy Institute. Thank you for being with us today and guys are going to turn to the Jeffrey Epstein case. We’Ve been keeping you updated lots of questions and and investigate round the registered sex offenders death by Suicide. So I want to bring an errand kotarski again who broke the story of his death and he’s been keeping us updated on all of the details. You know Erin and now authorities are saying they’re going to start looking his inner circle and there’s expected to raid his apartment on the US Virgin Islands is home, saying that any conspirators co-conspirators would face criminal charges and so now they’re looking for evidence of others who May have been in that inner circle and who may have participated in extant alleged sex trafficking allegations surfaced 14 years ago, so for the feds to go in now. Thinking they’re, going to find something useful in that regard seems maybe like a bit of a long shot, but we’re told they’re confident based on what they found in other at locations, his house here in New York and his estate in Palm Beach Florida. That may be something incriminating still lingers Department of Justice, Inspector General and so far they’ve turned up a number of what the Attorney General called the irregularities and and and really were learning of a security breakdown. Jeffrey Epstein should have been checked every 30 minutes. He was not that protocol was not followed because of a chronic condition of understaffing at the jail, maybe because the guards were too tired. We’Ve learned that at least two of them who are on duty of the morning of Epstein being found in the Shell. I’Ve been there V overtime shift, and we’ve also heard that in the cellblock not necessarily trained on his cell and there’s a real question with it is any surveillance video that would catch in the act. The question for everyone is like to know: how does this impact his trial, Federal prosecutors can find another defendant or two or three conspiracy, and so that implies that there were others who enabled his lurid ways at allegedly, and so now the Hunt is on for for Evidence that can connect all of those people. Suspicion has fallen on July, Maxwell British socialite, who has been accused of being Epstein’s, Madam, that the pressure has to be on her now. But there are others and Epstein’s Inner Circle who victims have said facilitated his his abusive of women and girls over the year, yes and you’re going to keep us updated on everything that happens. Yes, I appreciated Erin and of course the untimely death will no doubt affect the alleged victim. So I want to continue this conversation with Professor Marci Hamilton, I’m she’s, the founder, CEO and academic director of child You know dr. Marcy, Professor Marston, you see a lot of abuse trials, were victims get to actually face their abuser and in this case that’s not go. It happened. So you know what will be the impact of these girls, I’m not being able to have proper closure. Necessarily add file criminal charges against you feel like they think that will be sufficient all right, Professor Marci Hamilton with child Thank you for being with us today. We appreciate that and guys we’ve been keeping you updated on the protest in Hong Kong. I’M thousand a pro-democracy demonstrators, essentially shutting down the world’s busiest airport yesterday and today, more than a hundred fly through main canceled and things are getting a bit violent. All for the fight to maintain Hong Kong’s by autonomy and reject bill that would extradite criminals back to mainland China. So I want to bring in Carson Yoo-hoos right there in Hong Kong with the latest on Carson. Can you just give us an idea of what’s happening right now, door with baggage carts? We don’t know where it’s going to go today. Yeah, it looks pretty chaotic, I mean it looks like people are rushing and people getting toppled over. Are you? Where are you at the airport hear the entrance where I can see the police running outside protesters are shining a laser laser pointer, every single bridge.? I see now terminal what exactly happened for it to escalate into what it is right. Now the airport Esau passengers appealing to the protesters, has the police showed up 45-minutes yeah, it looks pretty chaotic. I don’t know if you’ve been able to check in and see like how the government is responding to this. I know before they said that these protests are quote approaching terrorism, Extreme Measures, so the protesters I mean with the with a paramilitary there, these forces these officers like at the entrances, is anyone able to get in or get out or people just stuck inside? There’S a lot of airport security airport. And there’s still some story chipaway out yeah. So if you’re in the airport, then you’re going to be in there for a while we’re still outside and then outside of the outside of the airport. Aside from the officers there are there a lot of other people that have gathered around. Is there a lot of media? In addition to you like, what’s happening going on for 10 weeks 10 weeks of unrest and then inside of this Airport terminal, it’s been 4 days of protest. In your opinion, I mean: do you think a compromise is coming anytime soon. It look like it remind us why the protesters have been demonstrating for so long. A cheap, adapting and this airport didn’t just seeing the pictures here at the airport, but Carson and yesterday on things getting out of here, but things have also been pretty chaotic. All across the city for Frontline protest. Food around police station police have been using more aggressive tactics and it’s unbelievable democracy. Demonstrators shutting down Hong Kong’s airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. A hundred flights remain cancelled, people not getting in or out and heavy heavy police presence so Carson. I want to say: do you for joining us today and, of course, you’re going to keep us updated on how it develops? Thank you and guys that we move on you’ve, heard the disturbing stories of sexual assault in sports like gymnastics and swimming, but a new documentary on delves into allegations of sexual abuse inside figure skating, particularly the story of a former competitive figure skater, who is just Filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexual, buy the one celebrated Olympic coach, Richard Callahan, so I was able to sit down with two of The Producers to discuss the film I’m Pete, Madden and ABC’s chief of investigative projects, Cindy Galley, so take a look. People reached out to us former figure skaters with their own stories about their their time in the sport, and one of them was a was a young man named Adam Schmidt, who trained under Richard Callahan in the early 2000s. Adam says around told us that he was also abused by Richard Callahan in the years after the u.s. figure skating Federation dismissed Craig’s allegations against them Apple lawsuit against u.s. figure skating, Richard Callahan in the rink, where the alleged Muse to place I’m back then, but as He then told Pete last year he felt like he was just kind of shouting Into The Wind that even going on national TV and end in talking about his his allegations of abuse, he just didn’t feel like he was. He was being hurt swell so just before. We continue the conversation. I want people to see a clip of the documentary, so you guys can come. Take a look here. I feel, like I told the world just figures can just went back to what it always did working on producing metals. How did this happen? Why, twenty years ago did everyone know and do nothing, because if they would have done something, then I never would be sitting here, and this never would have happened to me. So I watch the documentary and one powerful moment for me was when you guys take Adam back, do the skating rink and he sort of remembering the pain that he felt and he says it’s deeply disturbing. It’S unsettling. So I just want to know what that was. Like to be there with him the last over the last couple of weeks and months – and I think it’s you know what I do and I think it’s clear that that what he says happened that he’s been haunted for a number of years by his time with, With Richard house doing not only Richard Callahan but also u.s. figure skating as well as that rank that you saw in the documentary saying again, you know this, and this is 20 years ago and you guys knew and yet no one said anything. He alleges you know how do you, how you said something I wouldn’t be sitting here today telling you about my my my grief. So what has been the response from all of these organizations about these allegations? Craig’S initial complaint against Richard Callahan, appropriately and in accordance with their bylaws at the time, but they’ve acknowledged that after Craig’s report that they made wholesale changes to the way that they handle sexual misconduct, allegations they’d instituted a zero-tolerance policy on a mandatory mandatory reporting policy. They listed the names of offending the coaches and individuals on their website us Center for safesport. Has I also taking over sort of exclusive jurisdiction of these allegations within the US Olympic movement? So a lot has changed. I denied Craig allegations back in 1999 when he first made them and threw his attorney now with Adams allegations. He has said that these are 100 % false. There is absolutely no truth to him to to them, and then the rate we’re Adam says that he was coached and by Callaghan and where a lot of the abuse he says happened, they said that you know Callahan was actually never an employee. He had just rented time at the me I stare, and they say that had a note about any of these allegations either back when Craig had made them or when Adam had made them that they would have put a stop to it, that they would have investigated. It and you can watch that documentary on ABC dot-com, so guys continue to take care of yourselves and if you’re around you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. and then check out world news, Prime at 8 p.m. and again, if you want to Stay updated on all of these stories and headlines. You can go to or download the app Kimberly, Brooks and I’ll see you tomorrow.
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