The Debrief: Dangerous weather, attempted mass shooters thwarted, Hong Kong protests | ABC News

The Debrief: Dangerous weather, attempted mass shooters thwarted, Hong Kong protests | ABC News
The Debrief: Dangerous weather, attempted mass shooters thwarted, Hong Kong protests | ABC News
Hello, everyone and welcome to the bank, so much for joining us, severe weather storms will continue to sweep across the country. Plus we have new updates from the judge in the Eric Garner trial in 2014, plus the US Women’s Soccer Team is taking their equal-pay sites to court. The first hear your headline negotiating with the Taliban is helping to speed up peace talks after a deadly attack. At a wedding in Kabul, suicide bombers celebration, it was packed with families in a killed. More than 60 people help stop Isis from regrouping in Afghanistan. After their group was pushed out of Iraq and Syria. He is still seeking to reduce us troop levels but says he doesn’t want to ask Aniston to become a quote laboratory for Terror. I want that to be a laboratory, Houston square miles, but has now been completely melted. Countries, prime minister, blaming climate change and the Coast Guard are not giving up hope that too, how much are fishermen missing off the coast of Cape Canaveral Florida will be found. Both men are firefighters and Justin Walker from Virginia and bring the cleaning from Jacksonville and they were expected back on Friday, no Kuni wife says delivered how to survive Steve. Won’T he served in the Navy. I understand that I understand it is like a needle in a haystack, but needs to men are probably the most resourceful man. President Trump has his Miss concerns of a recession, despite the big drops at the stock market last week. So take a listen all right. I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House on Karen. As we know, a strong economy is what the president is using in his re-election campaign, but is the economy doing as well? As he says it is Kimberly. The unemployment numbers wage growth they’ll talk about that and say these are all really good signs for the economy and the president himself likes to point to the stock market, big gains. Since he took office, big gains on some DayZ. How does the overall gross, but no critics will say that you also have to acknowledge, then the drop you can’t just look at the stock market and say well, look how great it is without also saying that it’s going to go down and that’s my most economic Analyst with they don’t just look at the stock or a sign of economic strength. As you said, this is the centerpiece of the president’s re-election message. His campaign would like him to only talk about the stock market, not any other controversies, not create any self-inflicted wounds. The president last week in New Hampshire said that is essentially his message is going to be. You have to vote for me. You have to really like me, or else your 401 case will go down the tubes and the whole economy with it. So, look for the president to highlight the positive here, despite lines from investors and economic analysts, that there could be some rough spots on the horizon. What’S going on with the ongoing trade war with China cuz, obviously, that affects the economy, pretty strongly investors in order to all the uncertainty on Wall Street. Do that that he’s willing to stick this out in order to make the right deal? Can really the president said that China is very eager to make a deal right now because he says our economy is doing poorly? This is something we’ve heard from the administration for the last year when, with pushback about the president’s trade tactics since the Terrace, and all of that tit for Tat’s, the president and his team say that the US economy is strong enough right now to handle any rough Patches flip that this trade War could bring about the one that’s going to take a much stronger hitch now you’re starting to see that’s This Global slowdown and growth in the concerns about a potential recession over the next year or two large part driven by the trade War, I must ask you about Greenland. Is this? Is this a priority or not, there’s no for sale, sign on that island officials in Greenland and Denmark for sale, the White House? Thank you for the update and guys we moved to some domestic terrorist threats, a man in Ohio, a white nationalist arrested for making threats toward a local Jewish Community Center and a man in Daytona Florida. Arrests 4 series of text messages where he threatened to commit a mass shooting Alex Perez in Chicago with more details Alex it was helping them to stop these two potential mass shootings. Of course, everyone on high alert since what happened in El Paso and in the first post on social media on Instagram that help them track him down Authority, say that suspect, allegedly intended to shoot and kill people at a Jewish Community Center Ohio authorities of raided his Home they say they found semi-automatic rifles and even bulletproof armor ready to go for this potential attack, but luckily investigators said they were able to get to him. This attack was carried out in the second incident happening in Florida. Daytona Beach arrest in 25 year old is Tristan. Wicks authorities say he was actually sending text messages to his girlfriend, say she allegedly wanted to carry out the biggest mass shooting ever now. His girlfriend, according to investigators, sent those text messages to police and they were able to track down that suspect and put him custody because of that vigilance, because they were able to get to these suspects early on. Thankfully, they were able to prevent another shooting right now. The FBI Federal officials are very concerned about copycat criminals work, something could be happening. They say you can never be in a situation like this before anything happened to Kimberly scary situation for sure and guys will move overseas to Hong Kong to that River of umbrellas. In the streets on Sunday you can see it. There is hundreds of the pro-democracy protesters marched in The Heavy Rain a regular weekend activity now, but this time, peaceful and Ian panels on the ground in Hong Kong, with the latest in Define the torrential rain fresh from China and the police band marching on the street Young and Ulrich and pool umbrellas it of loneliness symbol of protest. Here, that’s a cool to the city’s entire population, even more remarkable than that it was entirely peaceful. No repeat of the violence. Racine recently play Super Tech crimes before mostly stayed in that station. Also, the Chinese who released her brother almond this video over the weekend, never left that position, despite threats from Beijing, using as it’s now or never team, still a large scale project and he didn’t really achieve what they said to try and Achieve. And so what I’m hearing that repeatedly? It’S going to stop until their demands are met, the demands of scented on Justice, freedom and the now that gives a real tired and it will be hard to do a trade deal outside of big companies like the Bank of America right next to the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Barracks leaving Financial Center business as usual the global economy Kim. We appreciate the update some more updates in the Eric Garner case. Remember Eric Garner died in a chokehold years ago at the hands of a white officer, Daniel pantaleo Eric’s last words I can’t breathe. Now the New York Times has obtained the 46-page opinion of one of the judges in that trial in 2014. So I want to bring an errand kotarski up with more. This is pretty interesting, because the interesting thing is this judge was part of this officer being acquitted, but she also said he was untruthful and that he should be fired. Fascinating, read Kimberly in it finds that the departmental judge, a Deputy Commissioner in the police department. He was guilty of using a band Chokehold, but not guilty of strangulation. In other words, pantaleo used to maneuver to take Eric Garner down in the arrest for selling loose cigarettes on Staten Island was prohibited by the department did not necessarily do so with intent to kill him. Ultimately, the department of Judge found, though, that that show called led to an asthma attack that did lead to his death, and so she concluded that he needed to be dismissed from the Department, a decision ultimately up to the police. Commissioner, because, as of now again, no criminal charges, no federal charges against this officer Untold of the significance of the it has National implications. He understands that, but at the same time he doesn’t want to just be a substitute because the Staten Island district attorney declined to bring criminal charges and attorney-general bar declined to bring federal civil charges as the Garner family had hoped. The police commissioner really tried to strike a balance at heart. The Police Commissioner James O’Neill Alyssa, is a street cop has been 4 for all of his career, he’s, not a political guy, but the politics become inevitable, especially since the mayor of the city on a national debate stage promised that there would be just as for the Garner family, you know this officer was acquitted of strangulation, but why did it even get to the point where he was on the ground and couldn’t breathe? Because this never should have happened? He was arrested, selling loose cigarettes on the street and ultimately there was an open pack of cigarettes found. The trial judge said that Eric Garner did not cooperate with police for at least 5 minutes during that arrest and at some point, as Daniel taleo is trying to take him to the ground, he’s using a illegal maneuver to try to wrestle him down. But they bump back against a shot a shop window and at that point that’s when his arm comes across Eric Garner’s net Heddon. Those few seconds is when the trial judge said Daniel pantaleo made the Fateful move that was prohibited and he should have known better and it was Reckless. His daughter has passed away. His stepfather has passed away so again, just before we go who’s, the ultimate decision-maker in what happens with pencil and spoke to Police Commissioner James O’Neill, who has to decide whether pantaleo should be outright dismissed, whether he can stay on the he’s been for the last five Years effectively on desk Duty – and so is he going to be with the department or not either way someone’s going to be upset the police officers, Union or Garner’s family and the activist led by Al Sharpton that Avril around that family for the Last 5 Years. It is a wrenching decision for the city accident 9 people injured at a swim club after a tree came crashing down after it was struck by lightning. So Gio Benitez is right there on the scene with the latest. U 5 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon at this popular Swim Club. This lightning just struck causing havoc and serious injuries. Take a look at this Pennsylvania, lightning strike Industries, sending two adults and seven children injured. There were three serious injuries and arrests were minor. The back injury and two head injuries for Sunday coming after a weekend of wild weather across the country north of Pittsburgh D patrons taking cover after a microburst tour through this outdoor Brewery, trees and power lines swinging violently firefighters working clock this one worst, I’ve ever seen. We’Re just glad there’s no casualties, the storms, leaving thousands without power in Kansas, old, lightning tax storm in Overland Park, derailing, doesn’t of cars on this train and Walton in South Carolina. This man nearly struck by lightning speaking out this morning about his clothes call boom tree. After tree, captured on camera, toppling over one person seriously hurt from heavy rains, causing a 50-car pile-up. Alright go thank you, and yes, that was one of many damaging stores. Storms over the weekend and with this hot in human, are there’s more to come. So Ginger Zee have the latest Ginger, I said, include serious heat anywhere from the plains to the Northeast and then, of course, severe storm. So I’d encourage you to get a warning system on your phone, if not a radar, probably both best, because these storms are something you can’t clear outside you’ve got an event. This is what can happen and it does take Sunshine. First people often say: oh, it was so sunny out and then this happened well, if that’s how you get the heat to make a storm. So just putting that out there that this type of thing the tree coming down can happen in a 60 mile per hour. Wind that we’re going to see that again, we always show you these areas of severe concern and the trees coming to homes. They go on to people at least 11 people injured, on Sunday alone, just from trees falling into tents, and things don’t want you to watch. So today it’s going to be plenty hot and humid to kickoff storms anywhere from Philadelphia to New York, City and Boston. That’S from about 4 to 7 p.m. when you have to really be on the lookout, but watch for the storm. That’S going to pollute move through tomorrow afternoon through the day really Anaya Northern Illinois down into St Louis Paducah, all the way back to North Platte, that’s for Tuesday afternoon and evening right, damaging wind. A primary threat could easily see that also lightning. It doesn’t take severe to make lightning at just had take the thunderstorm Oklahoma City showing cloud-to-cloud, which can often mean amateur storm, but I see some cloud-to-ground behind at 2, so you can’t ever just say: oh the storm is dying out of. You also have heat on the order of feeling like today, Springfield Missouri, 103 Tuscaloosa 100, and it’s not just there. This Ridge allows for that heat to make its way to New York City, where don’t feel close to a hundred Boston, 95. Philadelphia Reagan could approach a record high today, cuz a lot of folks are going to end up in the 90 actual air temperatures to the last thing we want to do is be outside these puppies from West Virginia share the sentiment of so many they are not Coming out right, Kimberly will head back to you. Thank you, Ginger puppy. That’S all! We need right now, thanks for showing us that and guys remember that terrifying fiery plane crash last week with NASCAR driver Dale, Earnhardt jr., nothing short of a miracle. You see it there. He and his wife and child and the two pilots all escaped without serious injuries, but an investigation continues to understand what went wrong so Steve osunsami has the latest their Steve. We are at up acility, where they have moved Dale, Earnhardt Junior’s, plane that slid off the Runway last week, as he was heading to erase in Tennessee. He and his family were inside this plane, but I want you to take a look at what’s left of it. The fire was so intense, it melted the windows you see here. There is a fence that is wrapped around the body of this plane, in the reason why this fence is here invisible fence that the plane crashed through. This is the fence at the airport. They had to rebuild the fence to keep the airport secure. We’Re told now that the road that this plane crashed onto is going to have to be rebuilt because of the large fire that they See For Miles damage the road. When we were there, you could smell the gas that had leaked the fuel from this plane that it leaked into a little stream that was next to the road. But what did it take a good look and see these are the inside of that and they were. There was a family Dale, Earnhardt Junior and his family, his wife, two pilots. If baby daughter were all inside this, as it was Catching Fire and they managed to get out, you see them in video that that we’ve obtained from our affiliate in Charlotte WSOC, you see them exit the plane looks like one of the pilots. First pulled the baby out, then the family comes out to make it to safety. And amazingly, the only person who had to be hospitalized was the legendary driver with cuts and scrapes. No one. There were no other serious injuries whatsoever in this accident, which is an incredible blessing. It was certainly an angel watching over this play again. Dale Earnhardt Junior, the the former NASCAR driver, is now working as an analyst and he was heading to Bristol for the big race over the weekend. He ended up deciding not to work weekend, as he has family recovered from this again. We’Re now going to hopefully get some answers as to why this plane slid off the Runway. Investigators tell us so far: they believe that the plane bounce Italy twice during Landing. They have surveillance, video that they’ve looked at. That shows that, but it bounced at least twice during Landing in during one of those bounces, came down really hard on the right landing gear and that’s when it slid off the Runway. They expect to have April in Mary report within a week of unbelievable ride, completely unbelievable to see it safe. This year’s FIFA World Cup, but one side continues and that’s for equal pay. For example, the prize money for the Women’s World Cup is 30 million dollars across all 2014 and the prize money for the men’s World Cup in 18400 million, but that was just with FIFA. This week last week of the women had a mediation between the team and the US soccer Federation that didn’t go so well in the Champions walked out. So where is this site now? Espn Julie, foudy, Julie, good, to see you I’m so pissed. This case is heading to Courtright. We don’t have any formal mediation plan. Right now is process has played out entirely on the mediation side that we could stand for. I’M going to court is obviously the path they will take. How long’s this fight is actually been going on? It’S been going on for a very long time. Why is it so tough to reach an agreement? Why is it such a difficult to women with pool of money, meaning wanted it that way, US soccer nine million dollars are in FIFA bonuses, because people will argue makes so much more money. We can’t pay you the eagle, The Mitten get to the players. No doubt a big Spore story, but before we go, we have to talk about where you actually are right now, I’m so, can you give us an idea of what you’re standing in front of Little League World Series Williamsport Pennsylvania to try and become Little League World Series champions you have Aiden it’s one of the best things I cover, so I Need A Little League World Series best life on ESPN’s Julie, foudy. Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate it and guys, if you didn’t know if you haven’t seen that there was one player from the Little League series, I’m from Venezuela who already has everyone talking so check out this kids batting stance. You have to take a look at this because it’s absolutely hilarious all the way down he’s basically sitting. That’S hurting my knees just looking at it and as expected, when the pitch was thrown, he fell down, but the team, his team and went on to win. So you have to check out his dance afterward, because this is hilarious. Do we have that clip of him dancing after the team won? We don’t have the clip of him dancing after the team. One you’ll have to look it up, but it was hilarious room at 3:30 p.m. you can check out world news, Prime at 8 p.m. and, if you want to stay updated on all of these headlines, you can go to or download the app on Kimberly, Brooks And I’ll see you tomorrow,
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