The Debrief: Democrat debate part 2, Trump at G-20 in Japan, Stonewall riots’ 50th anniversary

The Debrief: Democrat debate part 2, Trump at G-20 in Japan, Stonewall riots’ 50th anniversary
The Debrief: Democrat debate part 2, Trump at G-20 in Japan, Stonewall riots’ 50th anniversary
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News live on Kimberly, Brooks thanks so much for joining us fireworks on the debate stage. Everything you need to know about night to of the democratic Mitchell debates. + things are heating up, quite literally and France at the Women’s World Cup, and we’re, of course, talking about Pride weekend so excited the first hear your headlines. Senior officials from Marana Jefferies left in the 2015 nuclear deal Pete today in Vienna run, is on the verge of violating the agreement by stockpiling too much uranium in the context of a camp maximum economic pressure. But we we are not looking for any conflict in the region. Iran is, Iran seems to be spoiling for a fight. Horsham Clinic, runs out later today, and appeal has been filed, trying to keep it opened this emergency landing that ended in disaster. Two people were killed when this Russian passenger jet crash in Siberia bursting into flames. Official say an engine problem, is to blame funny. I parted his talent to create iconic designs like the iPhone Apple announcing after 20 years with the company. I’Ve is leaving to form an independent design company, but Apple says he’ll still work with the company on exclusive projects. The red sox-yankees are preparing to kick off the first major league Theory than London expect. A lot of home runs this weekend, they’re playing at London Stadium, where it’s only 385 feet to the edge of I feel we have been looking for sites to to to develop this game throughout Europe, and this one really met everyone’s expectations. This weekend foods for musical kinds of things about the money we start with the showdown in Miami Night, 2 of the first democratic debate in Florida and plenty of fireworks, especially but Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. So take a look believe you are a racist with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground personal and very it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States, senators, who built their reputation and career on the segregation Of in this country was not only that, but you also worked with them to oppose busing, and there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class public school and she was bussed to school every day and that little girl was me. That is not true is that in terms of busing the busing I never, you would have been able to go to school the same exact way because it was a local decision made by your city, council, America. I was part of the second class to integrate Berkeley. California, Public Schools, almost two decades after Brown, V Board of Education and the Civil Rights Act. That’S why we need to pack the equality act, that’s why we need to pass the era. Yes, he didn’t moment there and Lana Zak joins us from Miami with more Lana. The breakout moment, obviously I’m still come from yes, yeah, that’s the right. There were several breakout moments and in particular that one stood out. It’S talking about weed and speaking with people who are there in the debate. They said that overwhelmingly they thought that Kamala Harris walked away with it cuz. You know it’s interesting when you think about Joe Biden and how he launched this campaign. He said he wanted Democratic voters to choose a person most likely to beat Donald Trump. He said that he thought it with him, but a lot of people today walking away from last night’s debate felt like it might just be Harris Tuality. He he wasn’t a standout player, and part of that was that there were two major differences from the last time that he was running for president won. The whole field has moved more to the left. He said he’s responsible for much of that, but it do. We didn’t have as much of a disagreement with the people out on the stage and then the other thing is that really was a different for him. Is that now he wasn’t an outside or fighting against the institution? He was one of the people who is pulling the Hyatt campaign, Bernie Sanders less of that that sparkly new thing that people saw in the in the last campaign and actually mayor Pete buttigieg at against him Walking Blues in fixing the problems inherent with with paying for College in America he didn’t agree with college for all. He felt like millionaires kids chip in a little bit of money to help pay for their own education. You seem to have much of the audience’s support yeah. It’S definitely going to be a tough race. Were there any other moments that caught your attention mayor, Pete’s moments with Senator Sanders? He also with some of the problems in his in his hometown, shot and killed by the police department. Police officer was not wearing body cameras. He owned that that mistake. He says that there’s nothing that he could do that would bring the that man back to his mother. We haven’t seen a lot of that from politicians that level of accountability. In the other thing, too, there is certainly still down for that moment that we just played, but she also really had warrants were pause, a box from the audience when she talked about a food fight that a lot of the said a lot of the people up On the stage were arguing with one guys guys: America doesn’t want a food fight, they want us to help them put food on the table and with that she really just won a lot of people over Kimberly. Yes, very big, nighttime Lana Zak in Miami. Thank you patch, for the update and guys were going to stay in Florida are more candidates visiting that migrant Detention Facility in Homestead campaign report of Beatrice Peterson joins us. There live of Beatrix. Do we know which candidates are going there today? I can release 10 + he’s talking to the voters there on the ground. What are you thinking you’re watching it one candidate that was not in Homestead. I was Vice President Joe Biden and his supposed to be plans I’ll. Let’S bring an Avery Harper who covers the Biden campaign Avery, I didn’t is on the defensive, trying to clean up debate performance now in room last night after the debate. All of course we’re at the exchange with Senator Kamala Harris. The relationships in is Congressman and also recounted her experience as one of the members of one of the first integrated classes in public schools in Berkeley, California, a result of the vice president. They say they expected me: the tax those Sarah gets and if they prepared for them – and they urge the vice president not to engage in back and forth with these candidates who were on the stage last night, they also involve President Obama, saying that vice president, shoulder With Obama for 8 years and that his record on civil rights withstand the test of time now, Biden is still campaigning he’s out in Chicago today to make his way out west to California and Washington State fundraising throughout the weekend in Miami Avery Harper ABC News live All right, thank you. Adrian we’re. Moving overseas up. President Trump is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 in Japan. Osaka with the highlights Karen hi Kimberly. President Trump had a request for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he delivered it with a smile. It was not a storm warning, came from a question asked by an American reporter, William Tell to not interfere in the 2020 election. Here’S what the president had to say. As you can see there, it was a very chaotic scene, reporter shouting questions. The cameras are clicking. What the president does say is, of course I will. He will tell Russian President Vladimir Putin that and then he turns and says, don’t meddle in our election, but you can see he said it with a smile. Putin also smiled and did not respond with any comment. Earlier the two presidents focused on the relationship they have talking about diplomatic Outreach and where they can work together. President even referred to him as ladimir, the White House says that, after that, brief photo-op behind-the-scenes that you presidents talked about Ron’s. Venezuela and Ukraine. Issues over the US and Russia are on opposite sides, Kimberly all right care, and thank you so much and guys. We move on to the Women’s World Cup the u.s. is set to take on France today in Paris and Adrienne bankert. Is there a drian? I want you to tell us about the game if you can and the heat I really wouldn’t like to stand the heat. If I had a choice, would be air-conditioned right now play vs. France, whoever wins will go on to the semifinals in Lyon, and the finals will also be played in Leon is well at, which is about a two-hour train ride here from Paris and Megan Rapinoe co-captain Has been very vocal ahead of the game, saying if the does win it all that she will not be visiting the White House and President Trump has obviously responded to this on Twitter, a little Valley between the two of them. The president kind of ending his comments, saying the USA is doing great and for a wrap, a note to a verb rather to not disrespect the flag of Rapinoe apologize later for using vulgarity and her remarks, but does stand behind them saying that she is encouraging. Other soccer players not to visit the White House if Team USA is able to pull a win here, the Women’s World Cup Kimberly Our Guest here right now for a second, I want to bring an Meteorologist Melissa Griffin and we have dr. Vanessa Cutler from our ABC News medical unit Melissa: first, let’s just give everyone the forecast in France, Paris, because it is extremely hot yeah and I hope, Adrian staying cool, because many all-time temperature records have been broken all across Europe countries this week and today, France they’re at the worst of their Heat wave, so just this afternoon in France, a hundred 18 degrees all time this afternoon. The good news is that kickoff is around 9 p.m. so it didn’t using. But just last night, several French cities, even you’re, going to miss the most dangerous extreme part of the heat wave during the afternoon, still be in the mid-80s for the kick-off, so wow, okay, so we’re laughing a little bit. But this could be a very serious situation. So doctor Cutler, what are the risks of such extreme heat of the risks are very real. Related illnesses are preventable, really is hydration and by the time you feel thirsty it’s already too late, you’re already dehydrated. So I want to emphasize that hydration hydration hydration is key. Drink the water? Yes, yes, yes, we know, we have lots and lots of tourists hang out and Paris going to the game having fun, but sunburn is going to cause dehydration. So, if you’re out all day in the sun put on one of these, we hope she staying hydrated and paying attention. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it and we hope the women’s team is drinking their water as well. Definitely all right guys have you ever wondered what the original Mission Control look like when Engineers help put a man on the moon, will NASA has completely restored the room and the details are amazing, so David Kerley has more David, Apollo, 11 landing on the moon. As being marked by a remarkable restoration, the astronauts called out Houston where engineers in Flight directors sweat it out the details of that first landing on the moon and 50 years later has returned to quickly restored mission control. Is it the same as it did different? What do you think of the people that lived here and worked here? The room talks to him? The consoles are rebuild the projection screens, showing the map of the moon and the details, the pipes, the cigarettes ashtrays, not just 1960s props. These were the actual products. The mission control Engineers used able to find this on eBay new in a box, so this is the rocket coffee pot and even the creamer and the the cups that were up here. The effort was to make it feel or make it look just the way it was as if all the controllers just got up and went on break Armstrong took manual control of the lunar lander. His fuel is running low, the call out from Houston. What do you want them to take away? Just you know the what the what the flight controllers were able to accomplish the land, the the spacecraft on the surface. This room is beautiful because there’s no shades of grey black or white it’s go or no-go the frame of mine that was established and the people in this room the standard of Excellence. This Plum Ralph toughness, we’re going to bring them back on. That was we live by that metric, every crew ever launched. We got home Chenal. The 50th Anniversary visitors will now get an up-close look at that excellence and accomplishment born within these four walls. On David Curley put out at some point and guys today marks the 50th anniversary of the riots at Stonewall. In those riots came after a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in underground gay bar, the incident was a catalyst for the modern lgbtq Rights Movement. Today, it’s still a bar, but it’s also a landmark and a beacon of light, respect and equality. And recently we know that’s presidential candidate, Joe Biden was there and Taylor Swift, it a surprise concerts. So there’s still plenty of things happening there today and that 50th anniversary is what makes this Pride Celebration. So special and I’ll be co-hosting our coverage on Sunday with go. Who joins me right now with Stonewall? What does it mean to you? This happened in 69 right until I was born in 85, and when you heard about Stonewall, it was sort of something like okay, well yeah. That happened in the past that happened in the past, but doing this special and meeting people who were part of it, who are their fighting back against these police raid, has made all the difference, because I’ve been able to truly understand what it was like and we’ll. Never know for sure, because obviously these people went through it finally are able to really understand what happened in this history and in this country and in the city, and I think, that’s very important, very, very special those guys. So we have a REV Kennedy. She is a trailblazer in the community because she was one of the people who was fighting back and, and I think we’re going to learn so much about who it was who stayed behind because it really was in so many cases fighting – and these are some of The some of the witnesses to Stonewall say they were the people who, at the time, had nothing to lose, and so we’re going to be learning a lot about them and these conversations even it’s 50 years later I mean what a milestone to be able to sit Here and talk about this, 75 % of the country now supports same-sex relationships, so it is a very, very different world in 1969, credible and there’s going to be a lot of education and there’s also going to be a lot of fun.. I mean, I think we have so many people lined up Sam Champion, going to be joining us as a character, and you know on his own, but he’s going to be joining us. We got to talk to him this morning on GMA and he’s going to be over at the New Amsterdam theater in Times Square talking to Broadway performers, like you know, we have Michael James Scott he’s going to be there. He said we’re going to have and it’s from the musical Rent is going to have all of these people from all different shows coming together. So I think we’ve got some really good stuff showing all different parts of this community, so work we’re representing the drag culture. We have someone from RuPaul’s Drag Race and who else – and so we’ve got a lot of folks coming in from from all over the place, because we also order looking at the trans Community we’re going to be looking at the lesbian Community. I mean we’re going to be looking at so many different people, because somebody, you know you’ve got these letters and it just sort of keeps getting longer, and sometimes people mock that that we have the lgbtq buy a plus. But it’s important to so many people to have that representation and we hope that in a really show that. and he came out during his valedictorian speech – and he decided to do that. I think because someone previously had committed suicide after coming out because of the backlash. Cuz he’s in the Mormon community be stories they span. All of these experiences are absolutely incredible if you know – and this is what we’re still hearing we’re hearing about these suicides. This is such a big issue, because still so many kids field, I guarantee you someone right now is watching this in secret. I wish I could be open and free about who I am and that’s why these conversations are so important. We hope everyone Tunes then, because I covered starts at 11 a.m. eastern and you can get it on You can get on Roku Hulu, just download the app just watch it. However, you can we’re going to be doing as much as we can. Everyone has a good time, it’s going to be an incredible celebration and, as we lineup for Pride weekend, what we’re doing is highlighting people who have been making a difference in the community and today I’m join by Chris Moser. I’M saying your last name correctly: yes, I’m so excited! You are a trans athletes who started competing before your transition. You were the first known out translate athlete to join a national team. So, were you ever worried about what your teammates are? People would say – oh absolutely, secret is so incredibly painful, and so I was really concerned about what other people would think before. I told them who I was and I had a better time, because I was more confident after I open with the world that I was trans. Absolutely so what’s it like competing for you now does it? How do you feel when you’re out there doing what you love, I feel so proud, because I, even though there are places in our country hold both of those things at the same time and just to show other people that is possible absolutely so you have a Website, that’s called trans I want to know what the purpose and intention behind this website is when I was coming out in 2010 for me, because I didn’t see other athletes doing what I wanted to do. I didn’t see it and I didn’t see the policies, organizations High School organizations to know what is a good policy. What is bad policy and put them all out there and try to use that to leverage change within, or did you find that a lot of people are reaching out to you for help with this every day really everyday high school state organizations get policies more recreational Leagues and leap policies be created to so it’s it’s definitely. The topic in sports anniversary means to you personally was amazing to be honoured as one of the community Heroes this year, so I’ll be right up in the front. If you see me, say: hey co-op in Indi visible as the person that I am to, let other people see me and know that they are possible, that you can have a happy, successful, awesome life and be yourself and do what you want to do. And you know to be up there with the creator of the trans pride flag and in the memory of Stonewall, 50th anniversary. For me, it’s just a matter of remembering what this is all about. It’S not so much about the parties and the floats and the glitter. It is about all of us it’s going to be a great time, but for me it’s really about the action. It’S about that energy that feeling of creating changing, and we are at a point now, where you know 50 years ago, black Trans women started this movement and we are now in a position where 6 black Trans women have been murdered in pride month alone, and things Haven’T really changed that much and I want that to be front-and-center of the focus of why I’m there, you know, took to fight for our community to use my platform, these truths and you will be front row at the parade and we hope everyone tunes into our Coverage again it’s on Sunday, starting at 11 a.m. eastern. You can catch it on all streaming platforms and So guys check that out. If you’re around stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. and then you can check out world news, Prime at 8 p.m. and if you want to stay updated on all of these headlines, you can go to or download the app on Kimberly. And I will see you Sunday and next week happy weekend:
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