The Debrief: Trump heads to Dayton and El Paso, domestic terror threat, red flag gun law | ABC News

The Debrief: Trump heads to Dayton and El Paso, domestic terror threat, red flag gun law | ABC News
The Debrief: Trump heads to Dayton and El Paso, domestic terror threat, red flag gun law | ABC News
Hello, everyone and welcome to the debrief on ABC News live on Kimberly, Brooks thanks so much for joining us All Eyez on President Trump today, as he visits El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio in the wake of 2 mass shootings + a shift in the conversation we’re Seeing how the 2020 candidates are responding to all of this and out of Darkness, there’s always lied so we’re showing how the El Paso Community is standing strong, but first-year your headlines on Wall Street stocks fell sharply of the Dow plunging more than 500 points before recovering A bit at some point cuz, I just said we have to take her and China, the woman who was a teenage sex trafficking victim when she was convicted of killing a man was released from prison. She was 16 years old at the time in the case of garnered a lot celebrity attention. Cyntoia Brown was released from prison overnight after spending more than a decade Behind Bars who was granted clemency after Kim Kardashian and Rihanna help to fight back against her life sentence. For attorney say she was a victim of sex, feared for her life when she shot and killed a man in 2004 military exercises missile launch in less than two weeks, pfas also known as forever chemicals or chemical compounds, help the Bulls hold hot, wet and greasy food. But the EPA says the same compounds: do not break down in the human body, Illinois, freeway, sorry, but a little emotional that happened yesterday morning when two tractor-trailers crash, nobody seriously hurt emotionally hurt, but it probably infected emojis got super-sized at 1 home in California and the Neighbors, that’s so happy happy with your neighbor’s. Kid was using her home for short-term rentals until neighbors reported her and she was fine for thousand bucks. A President visiting he after a tragedy normally receives a warm welcome, a sign of solidarity in the midst of all of this pain, but mixed feelings today, in both El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio with all eyes on President Trump as he visits these two cities he’s Actually ended in Dayton, Ohio now you know to City still grappling in the aftermath of the mass shootings that have left 31 people dead. So the president spoke about his rhetoric as he left the White House and let’s take a listen to that. No, I don’t think my letter attached at all. I think my rhetoric is a very it brings people together. Our country is doing incredibly well alright, so the biggest question here is can of President Trump help in the healing when he has created some of the divisions. I want to bring in Jordan Phelps at the White House to discuss this Jordan. You know the president has landed in Dayton already. What has the conversation been about? His visit Kimberly? The White House insists that the president wants to go there to unify, to grieving and sharing the sorrow and the anger of these communities, but Kimberly we’ve seen all this criticism. Listen to Fan criticizing the president, as he likes to say, he’s also getting a lot of criticism from members of this community, and we know who the president is expected to be received by protest in both of these communities ground today, right in and then specifically in El Paso, you know there that many people feel like the president’s own rhetoric. I’M created the climate for the shooting that took place there on the Hispanic community, taking any personal responsibility for that. As you heard him they’re Kimberly the president, so Jordan was there any concern from the White House about the President Trump’s visit as we’ve noted. Many don’t want him to be there, so it has been difficult for the White House to plan this trip and, as they have been doing, the advance work, making sure that the president doesn’t come face-to-face too often with these protests in Jordan, you mentioned the Tweet about Beto O’Rourke: what was the the reason? What why would the president tweet and mock Beto before going to El Paso talking about hispanic, nickname, yeah there’s the truth are the president’s saying: Beto is a phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage and he goes on to say that or work should be quiet in recent Days and she has said that the present thanks the members of his community or killed because of his racist rhetoric, and he will not be quiet very 10 times on the Jordan South right there at the White House. Thank you so much and guys were going to move to Dayton Ohio where we’re seeing lines protesters this morning and also the the Trump blimp flying I’m in the city, where the investigation continues into the gunman that took nine lives. So I want to go to Eva pilgrim on the ground in Dayton, Ohio with the latest Eva. We knew the gunman of this mass shooting here in Dayton, came here to the Oregon district oldest sister earlier in the night and at some point the two got separated now for the first time we are seeing those moment before the gunman opened fire on this bar. This morning, police are investigating this surveillance. Video from Dayton, Ohio in the video CNN says you see. Twenty-Four-Year-Old Connor bet his sister and a friend more than two hours before the massacre wearing shorts and a t-shirt if you’re stopping by the entrance and speaking to the before exiting killed the sister. He was reportedly with just moments earlier: police and the alleged Shooters hometown of Bellbrook Ohio reading a statement on behalf of his family, but spring. They offer their most heartfelt prayers and condolences to all the victims, their families and friends of a mass shooting on their very first date, all right that was evil Pilgrim right there in Dayton, Ohio and the president second stop later today is in El Paso, Texas. Obviously, emotions tense, as this was a direct hate-filled attack on the Mexican and Mexican-American community, and last night we heard from Beto O’Rourke on the president’s visit. So take a listen right now got to this point. We know now that the key is coming, and I expect El Paso do nothing short of ensuring that his visit is a safe one, that we are respectful towards him, but that we never forgets his role in and what happens on on Saturday. It’S really difficult to express the amount of grief. Is communities gone through the last couple days behind me? Isn’T Memorial and it’s been growing daily? It’S right by the Walmart, we’re 22 people were shot and killed, and people that are coming to pay their respects day and night. There are 22 process there, and family members are here at all hours of the day, carefully tended to this Memorial. If it’s very heartbreaking to see the grease, that’s here in El Paso and I think a lot of people here are still in shock and strut comprehend what happens here just several days ago? Absolutely for sure I’m can you give us the latest in the investigation. So far in cases federal or he faces capital, murder charges and federal firearm charges against him, which could lead to at this time. And if you remember he did come here with his passes, only five miles from the border and according to authorities. He came here specifically to Target as many Mexicans as he could. He first walked into the Walmart soap. when you thought there were thousands of people inside that Walmart, most of them going back to school shopping and he came back later with a gun, a right Meghan to reason right there and I’ll Paso. Thank you for the update. Some yeah pretty traumatizing to see footage replay over and over, but no one can describe the intricate details and feelings and cities of a community better than someone who grew up there. Who lives and works there like Carlos Sanchez, which is our next guest, he’s a senior editor for with monthly and pin some words about the El Paso Community? In the wake of this attack, Carlos thanks for being with us, you wrote an article. It was called what the shooter and Trump don’t understand about my hometown of El Paso and you call Del Paso the new Ellis Island. What do you mean by that America and I’ll Paso these migrants with open arms, but most of them agreed that we need to treat one another with some decency in El Paso, and that is what may have been a motivator in this Gunman’s attack. Everything that you said you said no one is more responsible for spreading fear of migrants and President Trump, and you talked about the importance of the words that are used because the the gunman use the word Invasion, and we know that President Trump has he used. The word invasion several times in nam recent Facebook ads for his re-election campaign. What do you think about that word Maelstrom? That is about to be set I’ll Paso with President Trump’s visit? I would also further venture to Guess that none of us understand the motivation behind mass shootings, but I would say, Basswood passwords, understand, Prejudice and what they are seen in this Manifesto that is attached to the shooter as an outright Prejudice that directions to bypass Owens. Never really truly is a real harsh reality that process yeah, and I want to talk about that, because there is a real fear that the Latino communities are living with right now in terms of disorder, Invasion, someone driving 650 MI to attack the community and also everything. That’S going on with immigration, so can you just helped us understand what the communities are facing surrounding the debate of immigration? President Trump has made immigration political priorities and the problem is to win a debate. Immigration is to humanize the immigrants, and that is what I’ll pass ones are particularly sensitive to that notion of the human eye yeah and Carlos up before we go. You know it’s there’s, no doubt that El Paso, the city is changed forever, but in your article you did offer a little bit of Hope at the end of it an honest people, but there are people who are very proud of their history and proud of their City and they will stand up for themselves, and I think you will see that too, which President Trump’s visit, alright Carlos Sanchez senior editor at Texas monthly. Thank you so much for being with us today. We appreciate it. Yes, El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio, several mass shootings that have taken place in this country, the latest in a Spate of domestic terrorism against domestic terrorism, increasingly by white supremacist, is now as big a threat as terrorism abroad. So. Thomas is in our Ribeiro with the latest from the FBI, Pierre, the domestic Terror authorities, revealing the suspect allegedly planned at Target churches, religious groups, government and political parties. Us law enforcement officials now facing to Urgent threats, not only domestic Terror, but a new era of mass Killers. Inspired my previous massacres Kimberly we’re living in now, because people are now naming this. You know they say you can’t address a problem until you name it for what it is: domestic terrorism caused by white supremacists and some in most instances the country there are now more than 850 open domestic Terror cases that the FBI has been dealing with. And yet it’s treated differently under the law, then say: International terrorism involving Isis and Al Qaeda, and they need to have similar roots and causes with disaffected violent prone young men who are spending an awful lot of time online. Finding some kind of justification for their anger and a reason to act out part of the reason why I have lately seen a push to maybe treat domestic terrorism. The same way. We treat International terrorism to give the FBI a little more leeway, big difficult issue enough for the FBI to to open. They know. There are First Amendment concern, and so it may take a piece of legislation to to open up some Avenues, but that’s a slippery slope to until it’s something for the country to talk about are definitely on edge, not just the people in the communities where it happened And there was an incident in New York City last night in Times Square the crossroads of the world coming in letting out, and there are motorcycles group remote cyclist that rev their engines causing a backfire and instantly people in Times Square. Take that for gunshots, and you can see on your screen how people react and NN almost instantly people running for cover and and stampeding to get out of the way. And you can see the tables and chairs there. It in Times Square 42nd street and 7th Avenue toppling over and the fire department says that they treated nine free people. Are they transported several of them to the hospital, thankfully, for minor injuries, but it speaks to how jittery people are when they hear a noise. Now the instant pot is not. Oh, that’s a motorcycle backfire, maybe a gun. That is terrifying to see. I mean that’s very close to where we are now and just be idea of walking through the city and then people just erupt into panic. I was in Times Square last night. Actually, I saw the aftermath of all the counter-terrorism officers who are right there anyway, because that’s something else. The posture of police is to be closer to where crowds gather, so that, if something does happen like in the end Lima District in Dayton, they can respond within seconds, though sometimes seconds is, is all it takes. So now we are going to move on. You know it’s very difficult and perhaps impossible to discuss the regularity of the mass shootings without discussing gun legislation, but, despite all of the people killed, Congress so far has been unable to get any Don from primarily because the Senate is in recessed and is not coming Back at this time, so I want to bring in maryalice parks and Rick Klein and RDC Bureau maryalice. Let’S discuss how these two horrific tragedy is our really changing the conversation. So I want to listen to some sound first from Cory. Booker, it was sold by those who spoke the same words. The El Paso murderer did warning up an invasion. It was sold by those who spoke of an infestation, disgusting cities, rats and rodents, majority-minority communities. It was sold by those who draw equivalence between neo-nazis and those soul from the highest office in our land we received in tweets and rhetoric. Hateful words answer me: if it’s interesting, because gun violence wasn’t even mentioned in the first debate in Detroit and now everyone is talking about, it has been incredibly unifying moment for Democrats and activate. We saw them go head-to-head over Health Care policy. Now that remembering that universally, they agree and things like Universal background checks and end a high-capacity magazines are red flag laws, weapons, ban of policy, but also politics. This is really a moment of the party is coming together, all of them picking up a new criticism of President Trump really letting these acts of violence At His Feet. You hear their sound Cory, Booker speaking in Charleston at the side of another, a white supremacist act saying that he really believes that the president’s actions and the president’s racist rhetoric is partly to blame for the uptake and white supremacy. What is that? Legislation that may go through Congress about an individual’s mental stability and whether they might be planning some kind of violent act to petition taken at the state level or are considering them? So the idea would be the federal government would step in and give States more of a reason to allow someone to go in there and if they have a concern about a particular individual, they think they might commit a violent act. Have a judge rule that, even though they’re not convicted of any crime, that they should not firearms? In about 50 % of cases involving a mass shooter, there were some red flags there weren’t, but they make the argument that anything done to laughing gun. Violence is worth trying and Rick, so that was the red flag law, but there are also two other bills that the house already passed and haven’t made it to the senate floor. Do you think that Senate will come back from their recess to deal with these and get to work as Pelosi and Schumer asking them to do solutions that they can start to work on this out, but they’re taking their leaves mainly for the president and right now There is no there’s no sign of moving on either of these pieces of legislation, as you mention, there are two big ones. One would require background checks for Private Sales. This would close the so-called gun-show loophole. Where Finn individual wants to sell a gun, either online or in-person at a gun show or on Craigslist, something like that, they couldn’t, they don’t have to go through a background check that would close the so-called Charleston loophole I’ll check with him three days longer than that And the person can buy the gun past the house where they send that to 10 days to take care of a situation like we saw in Charleston where that individual actually was flagged by the background check system. But it was and therefore they went longer than 3 days and he was able to buy the gun anyway, more time, but more than 20 % of gun sales in this country or die without any background check it off. Some of the candidates reactions again in some of the things that they’ve been saying about the tweet from Joaquin Castro who’s there and campaign manager for candidate who Leon Castro. Can you tell us about the controversy with these tweets that happened recently and I think on on behalf of Congressman Castro, some individuals have given money to Trump campaign. Call them out put down their names with their employers and said you were funding hatred. If you continue to give me any money to President Trump available information Fallout there, but the idea of a congressman calling out some of his own constituents for political donations, are you at Republican, saying that this is an attempt at doxxing them and getting them to be Harassed and maybe even inciting violence against them – and I think it is an acknowledgement of Houten – have risen right now that there such concern about this about this tactic before we go as well. Trump said that this is a moment where destructive politics should be put aside. He took to Twitter and basically mocked the former congressman from El Paso is obviously running to be president running for the Democratic nomination. The two of them have been sparring online by democrats are saying that they think the president is incapable of being the consoler-in-chief DC Bureau. Thank you both for joining us today. I appreciate it and guys will move on these two tragedies and the other ones that we didn’t name are painful and gut-wrenching, but somehow out of all of the darkness always Springs Eternal and in El Paso, it’s coming from a little 11 year-old boy named Ruben Martinez, Who drove by the Walmart on the day of the shooting and saw the First Responders and asked his mother? What was going on? She explain it. He had anxiety about it, but he also wanted to help and he had a number of ideas, including one that completely went viral, and you see it here. It says hashtag, El Paso challenge. So what’s the challenge? It’S 22 Good Deeds: 22 random of kindness for the 22 people killed. Originally it was 20, but when the death toll rates raised, he changed the number 222, so Ruben said seeing the kindness is helping him move forward and said. The most thing is for people to be kind all day, everyday, all night, every night. So so that’s very beautiful and again we send all of our love to these communities on this is a challenging time. So we want everyone. Can you to take care of yourselves and if you’re around, you can stick around for the briefing room at 3:30 p.m. and then you can check out world news, Prime at 8 p.m. and if you want to stay updated on all of these headlines, you can go To or download the app Brooks I’ll see you later
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