The Debrief: Virginia leadership crisis, alleged Russian agent in her own words | ABC News

The Debrief: Virginia leadership crisis, alleged Russian agent in her own words | ABC News
Pepperoni good morning welcome to the debrief I’m Devin Dwyer great, to have you with us happening right now. Us back forces are making a final push to kick Isis out of Syria. We’Re live from the region, Plus battles, Virginia governor, Ralph, Northam speaking out in a new interview, we have what he’s saying and say it ain’t, so we could be possibly for days now from another government shutdown, all that and more coming up after these headlines, the Democratic Field for president, is he NOAA conditions Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar launched her bid for the presidency of the United States. I don’t have a political machine. I don’t come from money, but what I do have is this. I have grit Senator Klobuchar on Good Morning. America told ABC George Stephanopoulos. Why she’s running? What do you bring to the race that no one else is offering it only your brain snow? Can I bring a background of growing up in the Heartland? I bring some grits to the race that comes from being the granddaughter of an iron ore Miner and the daughter of a teacher and a newspaper, men and someone that has risen to the challenges. Every time I get a also in Boston, Senator Elizabeth Warren made her run for the White House official emit a backlash of her claim of Native American ancestry. We need to take power in Washington, away from the wealthy and back in the hands of the people where it belongs. Dramatic crash in NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, triggered about to see in Daytona right there Victory Johnson’s number 48 bunks, the leader on a wet track in the crash eventually took out nearly everyone else in the exhibition race. Fortunately, no-one was hurt what President Trump says. This is the week that the curtain will finally fall on Isis in Syria and the extremist group. What you’ve been kicked out of a rock now has a finely title. Foot country us back are launching a final battle right now to eliminate the extremist, and our James Longman is coming to us live now from the region he’s in erbil Iraq, James, it’s great to see it. Have it have you with us to kick off the show today give us the latest what’s happening with that operation hot, to root out Isis along the Euphrates river, and we think something about five to six hundred Isis Fighters could be in that. I hesitate to give you numbers that is really difficult to know exactly fighting for you at the remains of the Great caliphate fighting against. As you say, those kodish. Fight the US LED Coalition with a strike and with artillery fire. So it is a long flight to get down to this place. If you, if you look at that, is the Euphrates, river and whines down into Syria there’s a ton of those Villages. Down the riverbank and one by one. Those Villages have been folding, but one by one the civilians have been fleeing, and that is also a big part of this fight. 3 people need Philip softer., The Kurdish, particularly a very, very sensitive to Isis Fighter 2 and now I’m melting back into the population. So those people having to be processed, it is not a clear picture at all who the combatant, who is a civilian and, of course, the civilian casualties Mount as there’s a strikes, and his artillery strikes continued. So with thinking that the clock is ticking to a complete elimination of Isis held territory and not formal sent, but getting rid of Isis good from this part of the world, that is not a victory that anyone can say is going to happen this week. That territory has been retaken but they’re not going away. Help us understand that, even though the territory may be taking back, they can still pose a terror threat and its strength in three ways. First is territoriality, but then it’s in the capacity to launch attacks and how strong those two ways that like this is still a very powerful threat. They’Ve been able to launch attacks inside fully liberated areas of both in Syria. We Stevenson US troops, casualties 2, considered to be part of Isis. For the US state department itself says: 20,000. Men would pull themselves this very much. That’S right! That is going away. It’S at the possibility is a US troop withdrawal, Syria and they leave those individuals, decide to regroup and mount and incest. I’M not is what this country is worried about. Several thousand still there we’ve been hearing a lot here in Washington about President Trump’s plan to pull them all out. What role are they playing in this final operation to kick us out of Syria? What we think something in the reason of two – maybe three thousand soldiers troops are here in Syria and they don’t playing Frontline robot very much in the thick of it times of training troops. They been offering their advice and Consulting faces, end up providing a support, but they are close to the action quite close to the front line and just before, just over the weekend, that was a nice attack or I’m not base 10 Isis fighters. On my way to that to that face, so they all stealing the thick of it, so that may will happen. Northam is giving his first on-camera interview since the Scandal broke just over a week ago that racist photo in his yearbook. Governor Northam says he is not resigning, in fact, he says, he’s best position to help Virginia heel, he’s also explaining how he learning more about the state’s history of slavery and with its going out to take a little bit of a look at that interview with CBS News: here’s the part that has most people talking this morning. I need right now, and I really think that I’m in a position where, where I can take Virginia to the next level and just 90 miles from here in 1619, the first indentured servants from Africa landed on Old Point Comfort. What we call now Fort Monroe and while slavery has ended, schools have been desegregated, we have ended the Crow laws easier access to voting. It is abundantly clear that we still have a lot of work to do and Zachary Keyes joins us live now from Richmond. So the sense of reaction there at the Capitol to the governor’s interview, still have a lot of work. To do I mean the idea up against and has I would assume some folks around him kind of guiding him and trying to help him through this process to slavery, as it is incredible pointed, doesn’t quite grasp the weight of necessarily what’s going on. He right to put out a statement by historian this year, so the defending himself, a Gayle King, correcting them over the weekend for Virginia residents, a majority of African American voters. There think he should stay as racial reconciliation tour he’s talking about how we he’s reading books like Alex Haley’s Roots police, really getting a better understanding of the plight in the experience of black people, not only in the state of Virginia but around the country. This pull that you mention. I think it really touches on the complexity of this issue. Dimension, folks are split, 47 % say should stay 47 % say he’s to go. But when you look at the the black community that the black voters here there’s actually a spy kits more about 58 %, I had an opportunity to talk to a woman leave these issues out. For me, she said for her middle-aged black woman who identifies as a lesbian. She says: hey, it’s really important for me that North him staged first of all part of the experience in this country as a relates to black people is about educate and forgiving white people. That is an experience that is an exercise that most people in this community can relate to, but she said by pushing him out. We don’t actually address the issues. It doesn’t actually get to the underlying issues of systemic racism, racism Society. Until hopefully, if he’s there, we can address these issues and we can kind of hold his hand to the fire to see some of these changes happen, which ism is Ronnie. Lieutenant governor, Justin, Fairfax Hawaii, understand just gave an interview as well. He faces to sexual assault. Allegations now give us the latest done on the talk about impeachment for lieutenant governor Fairfax, maybe supposed to start today. But there’s been some sort of effort to delay that, on Friday, at a press conference and essentially said Fairfax does not resign by Monday that he will introduce these proceedings to move forward with an impeachment would have happened just over my left, shoulder here in the house With the interesting thing here – and this was the headline all weekend – this is something that we went with him. Many others did to. We never heard from anybody else. We never heard anybody double down and co-sign on those calls for impeachment. We have heard from the who’s to certainly in the Democratic party and Republican party for Fairfax to resign. It wasn’t entirely different thing and now today we’re hearing from that delegate again, he put out a note this morning. That said, essentially he drafted some language. He shared it with his colleagues and came to the consensus that there needs to be more conversations As We Lay how to move forward with an impeachment, as you mentioned the scandals around here and how we got here right. It was about this black face and in about a number of different people in leadership connected to my face, and I think that kind of the elephant in the room is that the idea that a young black man could be pushed out without due process again, he Is up against serious serious charges that should not be minimized in anyway, the racial stuff, more moral issues, but the idea of the Optics of this guy getting pushed out before full investigation. I think rub some people certainly around here the wrong way. It’S going to be another tumultuous week in Virginia there. The whole way Zachary great to chat with you is always thanks so much. To the nation’s capital. Now here and the countdown to yet another possible government shutdown funding runs out just four days from now in over the weekend bipartisan taksim to take a turn for the worst Karen Travers is at the White House, she’s been tracking the discussions on border security that we’re Supposed to bring this, although it seemed like we were closing in on a deal over border barriers, and now this morning were talking about detention beds. What’S going on call to these negotiations, Devin there’s a lot of optimism at the end of last week that the bipartisan negotiators were close to an agreement that they thought the president, the White House and sign on to that would put aside money for border security. Now a question: what do you call it a wall or fencing or physical barrier, but they were really optimistic that they were getting closed now the talk seem to be stalled because there’s this new element, that’s a part of the conversation Democrats are pushing for a limit On the number of detention beds, trying to focus the administration or force them to focus on who it is that is being arrested on documented immigrants, who is being detained, trying at the focus to be on criminals and limit the number of options that the government would Happen that officials would have so. This is perhaps a big hurdle. We’Re going to wait and see how this plays out over the course of today and tomorrow, but I think it is notable. We were expecting some potential announcement today. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at clock is ticking the deadline of the end of the day Friday, and course. Another shutdown is very possible Texas, interesting things there. El Paso is not exactly the best case for why we would need a border wall right City that he said had very high rates of violent crime in the president said that crime dropped after a wall. Physical barrier was built there. Well. This, of course, is very right for a fact-checking me drill down in the government numbers. This is driven by the local newspaper down there. The El Paso Times found it actually started to drop before the wall was built. So you can’t say it’s because of the wall that El Paso is now a safer City last week and said Union. I think we will certainly see him emphasizing that again tonight at his rally in El Paso and the former congressman from that City, El Paso, Beto O’Rourke, is also going to be in the headlines. We know he’s holding some rallies, who will certainly be fascinating. Finally, just got to listen to tax season. I don’t know about you. I have not yet started my taxes, but many people are out over the weekend said that they have started to analyze. The early Returns come in this year are a lot lower than expected. With that presidential tax cut the president signed at the end of 2017, he has certainly talked about the significance of this and how this is going to help Americans and now we’re finding that are tax refunds at first week of filing or down 8 % compared to The average from last year there also millions of Americans Evan who are finding out that they owe the government money. This is being chalked up to a change in the deductions work under this new tax bill, but this is certainly something that I think you’ll see. Democrats jump.on, because the president likes to point to this as a sign that he is doing very good things for the average American, especially when it comes to the economy season ahead. Karen Travers a busy week ahead at the White House. Thanks so much., Headed out to Colorado. Now we’re Denver public school teachers today and wants their first strike in 25 years. They’Re joining the wave teacher protests across the country. We saw them in Los Angeles, Kansas, Virginia teachers, demanding higher pay, more funding for schools or Micah Smith, with ABC affiliate kmgh in Denver is out. What are these teachers asking for today? Well, Devin at teachers want better pay here in Denver, they’ve been negotiating with Denver public schools for the past fifteen months. In from the beginning, they said 28.5 million dollars toward teacher salary during their last negotiation session with Denver public schools. The school district offer 25 million, but teachers here said too little too late and they decided to strike today and I, as I understand their pay $ 43,000 average they’re in Denver well below $ 8,000 national average for public school teachers. From this moment in the in the public school protest out there in Denver free that teachers deserve better pay, but where they disagree is how that should be implemented. And what exactly that looks like, I think, want a both sides of the argument start to get a little wiggle room at the negotiation table will start to see more action toward ending the strike. A great to see you, Michael Smith, ABC affiliate kmgh in Denver out there on the Denver teacher protest today for coming 25 years, thanks to her or meanwhile down in Venezuela’s standoff that we have been following with President Nicolas Maduro and battled again faced by opposition leader. Whydo humanitarian crisis in developing over the weekend as well are Cody. Weddle has been tracking the story from the start. Easing Caracas joins us, live Cody great to see you give us the latest on this shoe Victorian Aid situation. Us forces had prepared to bring in food and supplies across the Colombian border, but then we saw those pretty incredible pictures the Maduro regime blocking the only highway from Colombia into Duelo with those shipping containers. What’S the word on the street there about that 8 faulty are used to make corn cakes here that people eat so commonly here. So people here on the streets are seeing that and seeing that online I am we Saint Nicolas Maduro over the weekends. He was onstage TV and he has to give an explanation or why he’s not allowing this Aid into the country for country that continues to suffer the effects of its worst ever humanitarian crisis? And he basically said Venezuela is not a beggar that Venezuela is not looking for a handout, but there wasn’t embarrassed chromatin that press conference for Maduro when the lights went out during the middle of the press conference. So embarrassing for him, because this country’s infrastructure here is in shambles, I, the electricity running water and blackouts here come so that manifest itself during Nicolas maduro’s address over the weekend. We continue to see these dueling narratives between Nicolas Maduro and for a military intervention here. On the other hand, we saw Wong whydo continuing continuing to push for the Armed Forces here to accept that humanitarian Aid, and today there is revealing reporting from Bloomberg, saying that Nicolas is considering a plan B at least internally. I am looking at other countries where he could go if it appeared that his government was on its way out here and all of this ahead of More protest scheduled year for tomorrow, yeah another major rally on the way, but have to ask you Cody: we’ve we’ve Been talking to you here in on ABC News, live for the past couple of weeks and as you’ve been describing the humanitarian crisis, I’m wondering how you’re holding up. How are you able to find a good meal? Are you what was the situation like for you? As a journalist on the ground there in those conditions $ 6 roughly a month, are they can go to the pharmacy, they can go to the supermarket and one little one little item pomposity, basically their whole month salary. So for me, I’m fine because I have connections. I know where I can find what I need.. I just can’t afford it. I really talk seeing down there, so we know you’ll be on the case. All the way great to have you with us again today. Cody will be in touch thanks. So much up to New York City now on a lighter note for the Westminster dog show is in its 143rd here, where the dogs are strutting on the down the convention hall there, where our Will Reeve has been tracking them with Chris and my friend Eli here. Getting ready for the big day, Big Show coming up Chris, what’s happening with you, I hear what are we doing? Yeah we’re getting close to show time getting close to Showtime Eli looks very relaxed, which group which field is is Eli competing in here. Red Hill gun show in the group if he wins that will be in the best in show all right. Well, Chris Eli best of luck. You stay groomed up, stay calm, it’s all going to get here. Sorry, it’s pretty chaotic, but there seems to be a method to the madness and I’m just going to take you along on a walk here and see what we find. There are dogs, every different kind of dog you’ve ever seen. 3200 plus dogs entered in this year’s competition to 140 third annual Westminster they’re all being groomed here this looks really quite enjoyable. That’S a basically a miniature version of Eli who we just saw down the way there. Hundreds of people here the Big Show at night is at Madison Square Garden. We are actually on the west side of Manhattan right on the Hudson River on pier 92 is just a bigger space.. The event has grown and grown over the years. There’S so many more people, and so many more dogs easier to fit them and, as you can see, we Jam them all in here we’re getting into the mini dogs over here this guy, I’m not allowed to touch them they’re, getting ready for their show. What’S this, you know, that’s a good looking dog, he looks very fluffy but I’ll. Let you get ready for your big day. That’S how we all aspire to be a little fan, blowing our hair, getting ready for our big performance out on the on the biggest stage of the mall for dogs, really a it’s a it’s a fun experience here. It’S a lot of 4 people from all over the country all over the world. They come they’re celebrating the very best of the best in their breeds. This is their life, their livelihood. It just keeps going and going all the way. At the other end, the dog will be here all day, giving you, whatever we can at the Westminster Kennel Club lots of fun lots of exciting dog stuff going on. If your dog lover, if you’re in Manhattan, try to get down here, got a heaven for a dog lover like me, and our thanks to will weave for that a fun assignment for him. Finally, today, because it’s winter and because who doesn’t love polar bears, we’ve got to tell you about a story Invasion. There, 50 polar bears in a town of state of emergency has been declared. It turns out it’s a byproduct of global warming. Scientists, the thinning sea ice in that area have forced many of the animals to move Inland threatening residence fences around the school’s to get those polar bears away. These are not the Russian polar bears were still checking on you images coming in, but of course it’s winter and polar bears are cute, so there you go be sure to drink it later this afternoon, for a political show me the briefing room 3:30 Eastern time here On ABC News, live and, of course, coming up later tonight, 8 p.m. World News Tonight with David Muir and please that’s always download ABC News. App is a great resource to have in your pocket. I’Ll see you back here tomorrow on the debris.
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