The details of the California bar gunman

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The details of the California bar gunman
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The details of the California bar gunman
Investigators quickly identified the gunman today and David long of former Marine who appears we’re taking his own life after taking so many others here to take me to chief justice court. But if your Thomas tonight twenty-eight-year-old along a former Marine machine gunner who saw combat in Afghanistan, these images posted to his mother’s Facebook page show him in uniform. Other images posted to Facebook show him in happier times smiling with, but tonight evidence of a troubled man and that critical question or warning signs missed neighbors describing fits of anger at the home. He lived in with his mother today confirming they responded to a disturbance at that home in April. Just seven months ago. He was a little irrational felt he might be suffering from PTSD, say: mental health specialist cleared him after the incident and because he was not involuntarily committed, he was not prohibited from buying Firearms authorities. Today saying he legally purchase that Glock 45 caliber pistol allegedly use in the NPR Thomas with his life tonight as well, and as you reported their Pierre, the gun was purchased legally, but it’s already said he allegedly use an extended magazine and that’s illegal here in California. That’S why David long, allegedly use an extended magazine in his illegal in California allow him to fire more than 10 bullets at a time and now we’re learning that the gun was purchased legally in 2016 hi everyone, George Stephanopoulos, ABC News, YouTube channel, show, highlights and watch Live event, coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
28-year-old Ian David Long, had a legally purchased .45 caliber handgun and was found dead inside the Borderline Bar & Grill after the overnight shooting, authorities said.

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