The Displaced – BBC News

The Displaced – BBC News
The Displaced – BBC News
I’M actually ABC News displacement across the globe is hotter than it’s ever been in more than history in 2018, more than 35., that’s one every 2 seconds which is taking the displaced population to a million people. So what conflict continues to be one of the main boxes? Two-Thirds of refugees come from Justice: five countries, Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Somalia. In the past year, the number of Venezuelan refugees increased by over a million and, of course, 3 climate change, rising sea levels, increase in the extreme weather patterns and changing temperature. World Bank estimates that the 140 million people could be internally displaced by 2050 because of it, and so in the past few months I visited some of the communities affected fence with flat to the small island of Trinidad, the South Sudanese, who have made a home in Uganda and the people living in Vietnam, Mekong Delta, if you are on the front lines of climate change, each country has its own contacts for what have been uprooted, all the stories of millions of people who are trying to find a new home soon in these compelling Stories for the displace
More people are on the move, and forced to leave their homes, than ever before. In fact, the world is seeing the highest rate of human displacement in modern history.

So how did we get to this point?

The BBC’s Ashley John-Baptiste has spent the past few months visiting some of the communities most affected. And across the next few weeks, we’ll be telling those stories.

The first episode of The Displaced, will be published Monday 16th September

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