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the race to explore space the final frontier used to be a battle between which countries only they had the pockets deep enough to pay but all that is changing the Bible is between private firms in the last few years a new breed of space disruptors as emerge new technologies small commercial investment put space Within Reach from much smaller organizations evolution is taking place it All Began on October 4th 1957 the USS the world’s first satellite Sputnik 1 it’s the first step in what would become a race with the USA to put a man on the moon April 6th 1965 at 1 the first commercial communication satellite add North America space is no longer just the wealthy government’s 2017 lights on private commercial the business does even start to build a new generation space drove is to explore the moon today the space tree is reckoned to be worth more than 300 billion dollars and there are more players about 70 countries have a stake in space including us launch one of the newer small satellites the price could be a mere $295,000 one company pioneering new ways of exploring space is rocket lab Basin New Zealand cost of getting into space really and I was really real space needed changed rocket lab Innovative approach could seriously just dropped the SpaceX generally it’s in countries not companies going to spice and I got a spice at such an infrequent right and it’s such an igloo wouldn’t cost accessing frequency sites that we proposing to create is is neva eva is never being created before funny hopes to launch 50 Rockets a year almost won the week the company’s coming up with incredibly new and Innovative disruptive ideas how to use spiced that the lodge School Bus size satellites are being replaced with the small microwave sized satellite of a billion dollars a line last year of venture capital money that we need to buy startups so it’s really an exploding industry and I will require launched a full year long at one point 2 meters in diameter strong lightweight carbon composite material and can carry a payload of 225 kg printing to make the rocket engines so they can build one 24 hours usually takes months to make electric Turbo we print the entire rocket engine will the turbo X in the injectors so we really adopted the technology when people of printing and Prosthetics really kind of the use of Technology such high-end components which in the world electrons first test within May 2017 in January 2018 they succeeded is to get to get rid of his flight and stop Flying at commercial customers as quick as we can one company came to make the most of the electron is a satellite firm based in San Francisco called Planet labs each weighing just four kilograms just 300 miles above the Earth’s surface usually lights over the planet much higher around 22,000 miles up Micah know is the biggest space launch facility in the world from the from the planet Labs is another company doing a lot to distract the space industry they makes local satellites called dubs is about the size of a shoebox I didn’t sound like they carry a high-powered telescope and Camera the company is sending Delta flight into space launch of one of the Rockets we thought that we could do space a little bit differently a little bit and dial it’s not pictures company Comet Labs was founded in 2010 by X NASA scientists the first outside lights with long as you know but just three years later by 2015 now it can see image the entire world 200 satellites orbiting the Earth more than any other company as the Earth rotates that constantly taking images everyday that can build up an Ever more detailed snapshot of the whole surface of the climate changes to the environment in economic activity whether it’s tracking deforestation or simply counting the ship in and out of ports governments care about defense intelligence and what’s going on around that borders we have recently started opening up some new types of customers including Finance insurance and both the cost of the pictures that we taking down so it’s not just the the the government’s and the big companies that can buy but now the in 2017 plantlab put almost a hundred and forty satellites into space each day they put it off every point on the planet we from more images and information are available almost 50 years ago the original Space Race with the landing man on the moon exploring the moon again he’s one of the latest space challenges but this time the planets it goes that with the new generation of Luna roses in the 1970’s the lunar Rovers start exploring the surface private companies look again at the Moon I wonder if they can get their as well unique about houses that we had no background going into this Mission it’s good that we didn’t have a background because if we were from the industry we would never Undertaker challenge this big took part in a competition to get to the moon and send back the latest images of interest is another of the space disruptors the Google lunar xprize was $20 to the first privately funded team the landed a spacecraft on the moon sent the lunar rover across its surface I’m trying to make it high definition images and videos back to work they would dozens of entries was one of the most promising a private space exploration missions would be undertaken office magnitude Indian the price went on play but team in this is still working on it stay strong and hopes to attempt the moon landing in 2019 is going to deploy Rover onto the surface its function is to to Traverse the surface of a photograph fake videos of you know collect handling it and then send it back home Peace River has to be lightweight certain in this has built-in mic remodeled right now need six and a half kilograms is 3 cameras at top speed of 10 centimeters of second and separate moose Pirates four wheels it’s been designed specially to cope with moondust another lunar obstacles and being focused on evolving the Rover we figure out the best best combination or config Electronics of mechanics of communication that would make this the most efficient package has ever flown to any other planetary body so to say friendship again the whole thing in 220 stove there’s a wide range of skills and expertise from Young Engineers to form of government scientists the Star Wars theme you might need is a mother of invention there was a need for us to be able to build certain technology certain system certain assemblies because we just simply don’t have access to that technology to be Innovative in the way that they that we do since the target itself was disruptive where to find land something on the moon and to do it entirely out of India 10 / product what we do is is economically more viable the deadline of launching my mock 2018 was ultimately unrealistic the Google lunar X prize created hundreds of jobs of new space zones around the world and its raise 300 million dollars through private sponsorship 432 American entrepreneur Elon Musk successfully took off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Florida the huge 64 tons the equivalent of putting five London capacity to space old cherry red Tesla sports car complete with a spacesuit mannequin listen to David Bowie in the universe traveling at around 25,000 miles an hour admission before the Lord he had been a bit nervous rocket booster successfully landed back on Earth so they can be used again heavy-lift rocket like the Falcon will make it easier to put a large military and intelligence satellites bigger and more capable rockets and huge telescope into space
The space race of the Cold War pitted the world’s two superpowers against one another to explore what lies beyond Earth.
Now anyone with enough money and enterprise can get there. But this race isn’t between countries – it’s between companies.
Tim Bowler reports

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