The Disruptors: Robo Shops – BBC News

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The Disruptors: Robo Shops – BBC News
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this is Oxford Street in the heart of London one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world right now we’re in the middle of a retail Revolution especially with the girls online shopping but traditional stores like these are fighting back there looking at a whole range of cutting-edge ideas to attract Shoppers back into their stores how about mobile drive right to your front door or even virtual shop assistance could this new wave of destructive ideas redefine how we shop in the future one country try not to host of new shopping experiences it’s China using digital technology they want to revolutionize the retail experience especially using the many diff methods of payment these online convenience stores were launched in the summer of twenty A-Team demonstrate how the system works customers use a mobile app to get into the store when they shopped they pay at the self-service checkout using a mobile like Ali pay or WeChat one of the biggest retail Giants and China is Alibaba recently the introduces smart pop-up shop the tow Cafe is an experiment using volumetric record I’m mobile apps after scanning a QR code at the entrance to the store customers are tracked but cameras using facial recognition technology an automated visual sensors this old customer need to queue for the cashier I’m pay for goods automatically when I’m leaving the store on this is all possible through a smartphone app this idea has all been taken a stage further by a Swedish startup called wheelies they’ve come up with Moby Mart at $24 a month shop think there will be a big graduation for retail this tradition Novotel were be replaced and stop at store within Ferb the play a big role in the mouth the test the idea of the Swedish team joined forces with a Chinese University of Technology from heafy Moby Mark mobile shops. List and eventually they could be even driverless Presley you need to be just a membership at so after you can download our app then you can use the app to scan a QR code to get into the mobile there’s the bucket on the packaging and Justin then you will have that in your shopping cart and just click pay Chicago the remote control boats in the future they might follow us its roots or even drive to where there was customer to Mom they fishing Topshop in process and they bring a lot of convenience for the people androidlost need relaxing before a driverless shop is a low dose on the streets more and more people are using the internet to shop it’s convenient it’s cheap and it’s easy you can browse through different stores in just a few seconds the click of a mice that heralded the first online sale was way back in August 1994 that’s when a sting CD was sold in Philadelphia for just $12 48 + the a year later to companies were launched that would transform the internet Marketplace Amazon and eBay these days more than one in five people around the world shops online worldwide sales are no believed to have reached a staggering 2 trillion dollars the British are the biggest online Spencer’s closely followed by then the USA But despite all that people still love shorts and a recent survey 85% of consumers said they prefer to buy inside a store retailers are taking advantage of that’s using online tools to maximize the shopping experience and they’re teaming up with the internet Giant’s to compete for more and more it won’t be long before you’ll shop by simply ordering your technology to do it all for you Motorsport happens online into the traditional shopping experience they use digital technology to increase what they call the wind factor for customers one of them is a French cosmetic change Sephora which doors and several continents Sephora’s been going for almost 50 years but it’s been quick to change to the fast-moving digital landscape our business reporter Lucy hooker visit to the store to find out how they’re using technology to engage the customers inside the store Sephora have the number of digital tools sister customers interest this grain in front of me is about to take some video of my face and then using the Virtual Office app I’ll be able to try on some different colors of lipsticks and different eyeshadow because they the virtual artist that makes use of augmented reality different shades of make-up virtually they don’t have to actually put it on but these apps and it’s available in Old stores there’s also a smartphone version as well shop assistant can use this tool too much customers skin tone custom is coming store and play around using the digital technology that make up product to Handle by them moving a digital world Sephora also runs and Innovation lab and is joining forces with the number of Technology startups less there we lost the beauty bar which is like a community pool Sephora beauty chat where customers can get advice from but we are very active on the social media Innovation from lava despite the growth of digital platforms Sephora still believes customers want to shop in physical stores I’m an online online shopping bring this elements of the retail experience should never ignore the price one of the biggest is not theirs in today’s market nothing to do with smartphones or digital technology it’s the most basic toxic in the book just sell it cheaper welcome to the world of the big discount if they offer a basic No-Frills service a changing range of non-food items and it’s always the item you never expected to find but it’s so cheap have to buy it anyway the German Supermarket giant little recently launched his campaign the car visor place and highly competitive American Market in the summer of 2017 it’s open more than 29 you stores in the USA it plans to open another 200 stores across the east coast of America by 20 1800 will be hiring around 5,000 stuff little have already expanded strongly in Europe where it has about 10,000 stores that disrupt the u.s. grocery sector and make similar progress there especially with its low-priced No Frills business model actually responded competitively they’ve had to lower their own prices we’ve seen that from Walmart with seen it from Kroger and really everybody else within the market the however is the sheer number of stores right now really isn’t going to take that much market share little model is quite different from traditional us retailers first laid it sells a much more limited product range on the Run 90% of its products our own brand little leather goods very differently to us stores it’s really basic groceries are often still in their shipping crates or boxes will come tomorrow Brandon operator meaning they’ll have their own product within the destruction does go beyond just pricing in the US most traditional Grocers have somewhere between 25 to 30% of their product mix is private branded so it’s a big difference compared to what you would although little has accepted to the US market there stores are typically smaller than most Americans supermarkets but their Us stores are still bigger than the European iflix did the entire store to make sure that it resonated in terms of architecture with customers with natural light. So we made a lot of adaptation to the market in terms of product in terms of layout the US market Aldi’s been there for 10 years but Tesco failed to gain a foothold with their Fresh & Easy Brown Schultz the US grocery Market is worth a great deal of money and more and more business slice of the action supermarket and grocery store sales down that well over 587 billion US dollars for groceries Americans have high expect patients convenience and value customer service number one because I’m here all the time it’s the overall experience so this is very aesthetically pleasing prices prices are great and know the quality of food that’s what I’m looking for likely to follow some of the other business models with looked up here and get rid of stuff entirely customers always need someone to ask where is it tomato ketchup
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