The endangered starry sky – 360 Video

you are standing beneath one of Nature’s most extraordinary light shows Zion National Park Southern Utah attracts visitors from all over the world in search clear Dark Skies perfect conditions for stargazing but the glow of the Milky Way as seen from this vantage point is major feeding these so-called light pollution from neighboring metropolitan areas or drowning out the Stars the bright lights of Las Vegas are one culprit the city consumes an astonishing T2000 gigawatt-hours of power annually in a situated a hundred fifty miles from Zion the Luxor Resort Casino features the strongest beam of light in the world and the city’s glow can travel hundreds of miles especially in humid and Dusty weather conditions it is getting more and more difficult to escape Urban Glo a 2016 study found that 80% of Americans and 60% of Europeans are unable see the Milky Way from where they live that is why Zion National Park and some neighboring communities are taking steps to preserve their Darkness like getting classified as a dark sky place the International dark-sky Association this means reducing outdoor fixtures and using subtle Amber tinted lights in favor of bright fluorescent cyanosed to join the rags other official dark sky parks in 2018 unlike other forms of environmental pollution this is one that can be reversed instantaneously simply by flipping a switch I’m Bill where and this is CNN’s the Wunderlist in virtual reality
As the glow of light pollution from cities and towns endangers our view of the night sky, gaze up at the stars from Zion National Park in southern Utah. The park is taking steps to become an official “Dark Sky Place” in hopes of preserving its nocturnal vistas.

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