‘The Five’ compares US and UK media treatment of Trump

‘The Five’ compares US and UK media treatment of Trump
‘The Five’ compares US and UK media treatment of Trump
President Trump taking time during his visit to the UK for a candid interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning, Britain show conversations with the queen and his late mother would have reacted. I will say my mother would have been very proud. She was a tremendous fan of this country and she was a tool of Scotland. She grew up in stornoway. She loved the Royal seal of the queen and I always noticed whenever anything was on about the queen watch. She was a big fan of this point. I told her last night she was very honored. We had a great Rapport, we had. We had a conversation that lasted for an hour and a half Non-Stop clarify a controversial comment about Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, Markle business rabbit sounds like she did and that’s okay, I mean they join the crowd right. You’Ve heard about that too, with yourself, I know that right, but it seems like she had and they said some of the things that you said and it’s actually on tape, and I said well, I didn’t know she was nasty. I was referring to her she’s nice guy, said she’s nasty about me and essentially I didn’t know she was nasty about me. So I said, but you know what she’s doing a good job. I hope she enjoys your life United States, Trump blasting, the quote: corrupt media. For not being fair, those comments not without Merit. Let’S look at the Stark difference in how the British media is covering the president compared to the US media UK outlets opting for more positive head Italian Trump’s, Praise of Eternal friendship and values and the treasured friendship between the US and the UK. But they just can’t seem to help themselves once again, swell was diplomacy who knew absolutely no, how to troll the president. They know how to get under his skin and they did it with with put Style with spectacle is being a king. President comes is cuz, it solidifies a relationship between the two countries that have a lot in common for the last several days. They are the hosts to the leader of the Free World. It could not have gone better for us media is that it’s pre-baked that the presents going to have a bad trip he’s on a screw, something up he’s going to have a problem back home and not happen. She said that there is Groundswell of support for President Trump in Britain that a lot of times, people who wanted to leave the European Union get ignored in the media. That says it’s. A very similar story has been a little bit more like when she was fighting with the EU about leaving because she kept trying to accommodate and they don’t want to accommodate your up anymore. So I don’t know where it goes from here, but I do think that the UK had a very successful visit with the president has a lot to be proud of I’d like to take this opportunity to play some video for you of the president. Trying on a hats, Winston Churchill, let me try this out anything about the hacker I could you have done that you should be wearing a black hat because he’s a villain. It was one of the women in the in the Montage at the Brits really know how to get under his skin. So that’s a delusion. She was under his skin in her head CNN’s website by Chris cillizza that we all got sent around in there listed 31 quotes from Donald Trump and after each quote his head was exploding. You can hear him pulling out his neighbor from Bewitched. This is what I can talk about when you focus on the words you can you create your very own mental health problem that nobody else can see if you focus on the Dee’s. However, what’s going on with trade jobs, GDP, North Korea, China’s military strength shrink the military footprint? This is a golden age, but if you keep focusing on the word, you end up having these delusions like you do on CNN, and I like to see a woman that was on that other show before the Trump is a news potato you can make them into Any meal french fries Health news in entertainment – if you were playing, I guess I saw this visual differently cuz. I read where the present was talking to Theresa May about. Well, you know we could have a trade deal with the US and include the British healthcare system which actually set here a fire in Britain, people that what Pinal bring American private Enterprise into our much beloved. You know public-sector Healthcare System, so I think people were upset about that and with the Meghan Markle stuff again, you know he says he was talking about her tied. Is this a kind of difference without distinction, because I think he has a history of calling people like Hillary Clinton, a nasty woman right? He said that’s about Senator Elizabeth Warren. He said this about Kamala Harris. He says Omarosa is a dog. I don’t know how this guy talks and speaks about people who are critical or have strong differences with him. So to me you know it’s not another word she’s the kind of person who makes nasty comments to him the protest. He says he didn’t result. He saw people cheering, he said, oh, but I see that they had thousands of people on the street. The entire country is dead, set against this and he is as bad as plural. I want to point out kind of, in contrast you feel about the president and how he has jostled the world stage and US politics are very Dynamic, very, very fluid and a year-and-a-half. But we may have the same present for another five and a half years. But someone who has been there through many Administration is the queen or snobbery. She was true Diddy and she, obviously this figure out who has created on both sides of hatred, and I really enjoyed watching her, because I think she was trolling him in the political ads from the USA. Kennedy knows: trolling cuz he’s very short.
Trump blasts the ‘corrupt media’ for not being fair; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’ #TheFIve #FoxNews

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