‘The Five’ reacts to IG’s scathing report on Jim Comey

‘The Five’ reacts to IG’s scathing report on Jim Comey
‘The Five’ reacts to IG’s scathing report on Jim Comey
Justice department Bay will not prosecute him escaping new doj Inspector General report airport landing at numerous violations by Comey among them call me violated policy by giving one memo to a friend with instructions to share it with the New York time. He also kept copies of the memos in a safe at his home. The inspector-general saying the four head of the FBI said. He quote dangerous example for the bureau, but call me he’s insisting he’s been cleared and even taunting his critics here on quoting and to all those who spent two years talking about me going to jail being a liar and a leaker asked yourself why you still trust People who gave you bad info for so long, including the president President Trump he’s responded by saying, call me – should be ashamed of himself. Someone who’s been in our Congress. I’M going to ask you.. Do you agree with what the Inspector General found in the decision not to prosecute the Inspector General at a different level has decided not to do it very troubling that there are multiple times where the Inspector General has made recommendations to prosecute, including the deputy assistant director And others and they haven’t prosecuted, that’s a problem. I think it’s a terrible precedent. I think Michael Horwitz, who is confirmed unanimously as an Obama appointee, did a very thorough job, but if they are you kidding me, you know he acted as insubordinate. This is as damning as any report you’ll ever see from An Inspector General, and I do think they should have prosecuted. What did James Comey is not out of the woods yet. You have two places of vulnerability. 1 is actually the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, because once the Inspector General does the fisa report, they could very well hold people in contempt of James comey’s. Autograph is on one of those things, and the Supreme Court should actually hold them for misleading. On the Pfizer, the Pfizer abuse, the second one is the report on the fisa abuse. Think about this. What do you think should be the penalty he did? According to the report violate policy, but they’re saying he didn’t break the law. Apparently, these memos were not classified as a 15 + 16 when he was the FBI director he’s doing a Victory. Lap sort of like Hillary Clinton did a Victory lap after he declined to officially charged her for having the private email server, and a lot of these are very similar, write the retention and handling of government documents. It’S almost as if it’s kind of a mirror image, because it’s the same statute or the same policy guidelines that he decided not to officially cha justice department, is saying we’re not going to prosecute, but nobody’s saying this is a good thing to do. I have a feeling that somebody that work for Jim Comey at the FBI found out about it. That person would probably have been fired or at least put on a suspension, a mother’s investigation, but but his tweet, I have say it’s it’s good to be on offense. If you can be Arby’s in politics that works, anybody say that I did something wrong. You know Greg. I was thinking, though, that Democrats are angry at Jim Comey because it was 10 days before the election when he came out and sent a letter to Congress thing. I’M going to reopen this investigation, never mentioning that there was an ongoing probe into Trump’s campaign. So do you think right now, when you look at this – and you say you know he was talking to the present – the present was asking to go light on my plan and you see any way to justify his behavior. Do you think I will credit for having both sides hate him he’s managed to piss off everybody, so there’s something kind of redeeming about somebody, everybody hates from a personal viewpoint, but I have to go back to this Victory lap. It was a one-man, but if you know what it is, it was a one-man fist-bump. You just went up like this. There’S nobody there there’s nobody. There me like claiming Victory when my wifi-only for empty beer bottles and not and I’m not going to jail. I win. I hope this doesn’t hinder his chances coming a CNN contributor, because I think he just proved them right when we learn from what do we learn from what he did wrong to leak info from the FBI to the New York time that this was a guy who’s? Always interested in the media piece more than anything, he was always into the spotlight and you always used to cover it up and it’s a g willikers Andy Griffith Show theater. Can I just piggyback on what you were saying, IG report you’re exactly right, it’s as danien as they come. It was one big. Were you thinking so, first of all, it’s not your personal diary. That’S still classified information and ID comes out and says Burley holy unsubstantiated in law, as well as plainly stated in the code, so you would think an acting director would understand that, right and in terms of disseminating that’s classified information. His defense needs interviews during the investigation with. Why did it cuz I love country. Meanwhile, all of the other actors went on the record, saying they were shocked and stunned and disappointed and surprised that I G was like you’re, not a whistleblower bro. You were just straight-up broke the law and you broke the FBI learned. Let him give you the most for his attorneys, literally during his Congressional testimony and all of those guys Baker and struck. They were calling during the the testimony to try to get that classified information. Port says we’re not classified documents, and the answer was yes, they were yes, they were and also he was riding information as president, I hit my here’s, the part, but here’s my point to you just made this decision that in fact he’s not to be prosecuted. Presently we have the IG investigating FBI for their conduct during the entire investigation. We also have to separate investigations by the doj, but he was attorney for Connecticut and top intelligence officials into the origins of the Mueller probe. He is not out of the clear okay that, whatever it is, you guys are weird because again, there’s been no prosecution surreal quickly by separating out James Comey, there a lot of people behind the scenes that believe that that is really bad news for McCabe strzok page For this list of Terror, if they’re going to treat, call me and got to give him a pass, these others have a great deal of vulnerability had of them, and the second point I like to make is what I worry, I think the Obama Biden Legacy is Going to be the politicization putting politics to the worst of the worst, your ear, your supposed to have an FBI Department of Justice, the IRS, the Federal Reserve they’re all supposed to be above and beyond politics, and yet where we are 8 years later 9 years later. Is politicize some of the institutions that should be on politics? If there’s nothing else from James Comey and what you saw on the first and second report from the IG is that they use this for their own personal gratification, their own personal political agenda, and they politicize. These departments and agencies, and that’s in part with tearing up this country cuz, they don’t believe, there’s an equal application of justice under the law. I don’t know what he did: observative and a Republican and the same thing. You know I mean you stop and look at that Robert Mueller is a Republican made, the situation worse, no matter how you look at
Bombshell IG report concludes fired FBI Director James Comey violated DOJ polices by giving memo containing unclassified information to a friend to share with a reporter; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’ #TheFive #FoxNews

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