The former soldier who’s now a blind boxer – BBC News

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The former soldier who’s now a blind boxer – BBC News
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The former soldier who’s now a blind boxer – BBC News
When I step into a boxing ring, it just helps me emotionally. It helps me mentally and physically Elite. I don’t want to be known as a bloke. I don’t want to be a blonde veteran. This is who I am, and this is why this is why I do now, because sometimes who will walk by, I am as a person who’s getting in trouble with the place. I wouldn’t take him on my back Tucker.. They probably Jonathan Young, was the Valentine that they, so he was rather funny Patrol on the left on naughty Wayans, unfortunately trigger the device. People will never know what it’s like Jonathan formica Lisa’s Market in Sargent. He was trying to assist me w126 may. He ended up killing himself Anna punching holes in my face, as well as my arms and legs I’ll start looking around, and I can still achieve I’ll just go to achieve in a different way. It’S all connected with with PTSD, because it allows me to be met. The bandsaw, you can be cheeky, play really good, the first time a trailer blind person before first fight punch in the face. You know because he’s not many times in your life, will you get to show people what you can do. Somebody answer the ring how to get fox in and take it as far as I can possibly take it. Ptsd is sometimes you really hate the world, but you’ve got to learn to accept the anger, anger away.
Paul Jacobs fought for the British army in Afghanistan. An explosion while on patrol blinded him when he was 20 years old.

Now, aged 29, he’s fighting his first boxing match without being able to see anything at all. He’s facing a sighted man.

Paul says boxing has really helped him with his PTSD. Some charities don’t recommend competitive boxing after a brain injury.

Film by Olivia Lace-Evans, produced by Claire Read.

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