The Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife on SNC-Lavalin allegations

The Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife on SNC-Lavalin allegations
Don’T you to stick toward gate at the end of any political controversy of Watergate shawinigan Duffy gate, but the allegations allegedly put pressure on the Attorney General intervene. The criminal investigation into the business dealings of snc-lavalin, the combat construction giant May well prove to be gate worthy or maybe not how to do. Anyting and conservatives are now calling for an emergency investigation into these allegations. What could all this mean for the government? What questions do they still need to answer? The scrum is here the guy that broke the story with his team bought five T automobile from the Globe and Mail Joyce Napier ctv’s Ottawa bureau chief is here Craig Oliver CTV Chief political commentators here and today’s gases. The former NDP leader and CTV political commentator, Tom mulcair well good morning with you start with the Prime Minister calling the story false, which is pretty strong language. What’S your response, he said that there was no, he never directed or is office ever directed. He said that he never directed Jody wilson-raybould to intervene, intervene in the case of snc-lavalin, but we never reported that. What we reported was that the prime minister’s office had exerted and attempt to influence her or pressure her to ask the director of public prosecutions to do a remediation agreement, which is basically a plea agreement with snc-lavalin, which he declined to do. So when the Prime Minister came out is also speaking, it was a legalistic language to wish they’d given us the night before we did the story and he kept repeating that all day when reporters went after molt legalistic line and won’t answer the questions about whether his Office actually inserted any kind of influence and pressure on the Justice on the den Justice. Mr. Jody wilson-raybould, remember when you were in the house. Grilling Stephen Harper about something what questions do you have on all the time? These types of deferred prosecution Agreements are an institution of American law. The Liberals brought it in. Can I par Pereira Omnibus Bill tucked inside a budget Bill bringing in this institution in Canada and everybody suspected it had to do with snc-lavalin? I don’t forget if they lose their ability to bid on International contracts that big engineering, it could be really in trouble. So there was clear interest in getting that type of institution brought into Canada and let them off the hook have that type of sweetheart deal, which essentially leaves things in abeyance as long as they’re good, and they can still continue to bid on International contract. This issue is – and I agree with Bob pipe I’ve been at this game long enough to know they want. Somebody keeps insisting that they didn’t give a directive to do something they’re playing with words. This was cut out by a lawyer with a scalpel and safe, keep repeating that didn’t give a directive. Will that wasn’t? The question is Bob, so correctly put it, and now the Prime Minister, I think, is in the most hot water he’s been in since the beginning of this mandate. Non-Denial denial right, you don’t quite sure what the prime minister is saying, and you know what that we still there. So many dots to be connected here and I totally agree with you. The only person that can connect those dots is not talking and the more she keeps her silence, the worse it gets for the government, but the situation is not viable for her right. It’S not viable to have somebody in cabinet that is is now against the cabinet. That is now against the government beak. The more she stay silent, the more it is clear that there is something here and it’s a not viable. So is she going to leave? They can’t fire her. Where is this going to go? What questions do you have about it? Well, I think for any cabinet any prime minister to put his thumb on the scales of justice and whatever that may mean what they’ve said about the rule of law. Bernie cabinet to interfere with a Criminal prosecution for political purposes in interest they see, is our own can bring the government down and it’s a violation of conflict of interest guidelines. Investigation now is not going to go away easily. The opposition parties are demanding to have committees. The government’s going to look bad, so you know this government kind of needs, some kind of political, politically they’re already in trouble over the firing of the Admiral Court case, and this one will last, I think, well into the campaign. I spoke to one senior liberal, very well-connected, also well connected snc-lavalin NC law and she knew this was coming in and this wasn’t the intention of them to do that. And then, when the prime minister’s people went to her and say we got to do this, they blew her off and she said. If you want me to do you get the prime minister to call me and ask him to do, that is intolerable, she’s the person who can put this whole issue a nice by going public Sherwin John Turner, Finance Minister and disagreed with his government and quit, and Just quietly left of the heads that are going to roll because heads roll after like this, so whose head is going to roll who will be the sacrificial lamb, because somebody has got to go put out a letter after she was demoted 30 rungs on the ladder Veterans Affairs and she congratulated herself for her mandate and it she went to very specific language about political interference in criminal prosecution that you have to speak truth to power that we have to have the rule of law, which means that the law has two equally to Everyone imagine being a prosecutor. Evan you’ve worked hard. You work with the police you’ve built up a strong case. You’Ve got a clear case of white collar crime and you find out you know what. If you’re, rich and well-connected, you can get off the hook repeat behavior from the Liberals. They did it in the case of Air Canada, which, Under The Loft with required to keep its heavy maintenance in Winnipeg, Mississauga and Montreal. They have not been respecting that law retroactively and retrospectively. They changed the law for Air Canada. They had every doing the same thing for snc-lavalin now, there’s a big circle around the stain and all Canadians can see it without breaking any client privilege. I never felt pressure. She hasn’t said that I’m Tom was right Bob when Jody wilson-raybould was demoted to Veterans Affairs and no disrespect of actions, but in cabinets, seen as a demotion did write for whatever reason it’s a pillar of our democracy be free from even the perception of political interference. So let me ask you: if there is a perception now, should the government support the opposition? Well, yes, the opposition’s our parties are saying: let’s call Gerald butts the principal secretary, the chief of staff Katie met 12 times with a lobbyist and find out what the hell to do that. I wouldn’t put any money on it if it has a principled difference with the cabinet of which he is a member over an important matter. She should resign and tell us why she’s resigning she could have resigned if they forced to do what she didn’t do it. She showed Steely determination. All you have to do is go back to the tape of her being sworn in as veterans affairs minister. She looked Furious. She knew what was going on, but I think what’s playing at now is her way of saying this is what happened. I don’t know what part you played in getting it out, but certainly there clear Peak there are clear indications of people are willing to talk about what happened and that’s why the prime minister’s office is digging into another person interviewed in that committee is Mister warnecke, the Head of the privy Council Office expect he’s got a lot to say as well rule of law during the whole Huawei Chief Financial officers arrest the fact that she’s detained in in in Vancouver – and this is why that could be International Community, The credibility of Canada. They have built up this image so high and so mighty, and it will fall flat on its face if it is indeed if we can connect these., If we find out that they have tipped the scales of Justice, this world voyageurs National Park absolutely last chance to Hide those documents as well. What are you do right now? I’D be holding the inquiry in the House of Commons everyday, a question. Because they can’t skip out on that. The Prime Minister can skip out on one out of two and if he keeps giving those wrote prepared answers written by the lawyers of the Liberal Party of everybody will be able to interpret it by the way the rule of law is that the rule is that The law applies equally to everyone. This is the animal farm rule of law that some people are more equal than others. That’S what happens if you’re, rich and well-connected in Canada, your buddies are going to try to get you off. That’S what the public is going to see here all right,
The Scrum and The Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife discuss the alleged pressure placed on the former AG by the PMO over the SNC-Lavalin case and Jody Wilson-Raybould’s future.

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