The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 1

The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 1
The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 1
New York is always been a city of Dreams, it’s more than everytime. I come to Manhattan. I sit in this is where I belong. The energy, the fast-paced, the hustle of Rosie, was Rockland County. She was smart, she was when she was growing up. She stood by Kandi and bring it to him, sell it for profit jobs. My father was kind of absent for the family. She dropped out of school and became a waitress and 17 years old and that’s when I started hustling cuz when you know you work off at its, you know the harder you work. The nicer you are, the more money. Rosie is bubbly smart, she’s cunning, but not in a bad way. Managers from that club would come in and Rosie with their waitress me when I guess you should be working there, putting in Waiting tables at a diner. She says what map I could be doing all that same amount of work and be making 10 times the money I’m making. When I was younger, I used to watch g-string Divas on HBO sounds like I will say, can do what I could do it well. The fact that women can make a living doing this – and you add to that Howard, Stern, talking and interviewing strippers, will be coming stars on his radio show best. Looking girls is basically the Prototype of the high-end gentlemen’s club. The Superstar think it’s a national brand is publicly traded and the company has closed. Two women were definitely aware that this job existed and that this was a way to make good money fast for the first day. I think it was like $ 3,000. I ever made one night what a felt great to have our the kind of gentleman who went to gentlemen’s clubs back in the day with a lot of money, he was making about $ 10,000 a night from hedge fund manager. If the rush you get a high going to rush for rent, it was a good fit for this, because she was pushing. She was like she was able to read. People is that somebody whose wealthy is that somebody who’s here just to have one quick drink and look at a pretty woman was that somebody was here to get hammered and to really spend it. So, do you score to the secret rooms with private rooms and that’s when the credit cards were blow up rooms? You got the more intoxicated the more you’re going to spend and that’s the game there to make. You spend more catchment Ox code to start rolling out high-end liquor, purchase in a store that bottle of champagne inside a strip club and even a thousand dollars. So markets are totally insane before you know what that man has 50 Grand charge card when I going to school and working. At the same time, I was making my tuition and one night it quickly, stop being men and stop being people, they start being dollar figures. At all they want, is they want more money, yes to see them with their clothes off, didn’t take them as real people, and they they had a great deal of disdain for them. You see the worth of men when you work in a club these days they’re trying to date you trying to tell you I want to thank you and several New York City clubs constantly meeting men. Doing that I mean teenager string along for as long as you can make the money and leave it just make you feel like I don’t care, I don’t care, I’m going to hustle you cuz. I know you trying to fuss with my body. That’S how I felt a lot more someone upset me, the more I would work harder to get more money from them and little by little men owners are men also, so you feel like there is treating you unfairly with unfair work. Condition can make a lot of money in the city. It was about $ 300 to work. I don’t know anybody else who has to pay to go to their job before we get fine ass girls have to get ready in the snap they’re, also having everybody working inside of these clubs uses of a manager so that he will send you good clients. Yet to pass bartenders there’s all taxation there, the manager he pays our out and then he has his hand out since 40 %. No, I’m doing all the work. I shall have every day miserable drinking to be here, putting up with nonsense. You’Re set up with the club recital with the customers, we just said enough:

A lifelong hustler discovers the strip club scene

Rosie Keo dropped out of high school and eventually became a stripper in New York City, where she said she was making as much as $3,000 a night before the 2008 financial crisis.

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