The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 2

The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 2
The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 2
Bear on Wall Street stocks hit in 2008 or losing their homes and businesses that have been around for years suddenly cease to exist overnight. Trillions of dollars and well we’re gone every kind of luxury that was not Anna essity for Life. A lot of the money that was going into the strip-club is disappearing to bring in the big box that you weren’t getting paid to sit and talk anymore and hang out. Girls were doing dirty things. There were things that happened with champagne bottles that you can’t say. Oh, my gosh, I got to do that so Rosie’s in the club and she doesn’t want to work as a prostitute. She wants to find something else to do these major changes, so she teams up with Samantha barbash. She was a single mom from the Bronx strip club. She had connections with the hosts and the customers. She was a veteran and she was somebody you wanted to have on your side and see Samantha coming into the club. Samantha has her Louboutins thread and Samantha’s, not dancing she’s, doing marketing it’s under the umbrella of marketing and promotion that the scam really start taking shape, as in casting a line see who we can catch realemon get a minute. The club, The Hustle, starts from a very Regal thing that happens. Every night in New York City men are out on the town play me an attractive woman at a bar they’re having a fun time. She suggests hey, let’s go to strip club. That would be fun and Samantha recruits Rosie and Karina to help her Karina Pascucci. She describes herself as young and impressionable. I think my role in the group, I think I was busy. I was just new and green, so normally you would go to like a happy hour. I was stressing. I was pretending that I also came out of work and had a rough day. What kind of work are you in sales? They know their target, they can differentiate between $ 100 watch and a $ 40,000 watch we’re looking for Hublot Rolexes Patek Philippe restaurant steak. Houses with you saw a black American Express knew you had a High Roller in like we have a shark, we would bring clients back to the club for every dollar. They spend to get a percentage of that money and your goal is just to get them to spend as much as possible. So literally we’re talking that meter is running II, walk in and it’s running fast and it’s running high that customer walks and pay the cover charge pays exorbitant money for food and drink will pay a woman to get a lap dance need to be paying several. Thousands of dollars for our just for the service charges for having the strippers and dancers were the masseuses, come in and spend time in the room to basically it illegal because they’re charging things on these men credit card, so that’s never happened. Sometimes the charges on these credit cards were so big that the banks would call and confirm that the charges were legit and the women would pick up the phone pretending to be the assistance so that the charges could be confirmed and ultimately went through. The hustle became something that was no longer legit. I would be on the phone with a credit card company and I would say: oh, we are trying to put a $ 10,000 charge through. I got the client. Can you tell me what’s going on he’s a crime? Now, looking back crazy, the scam takes an even darker turn involves prostitution. Sex sex sex helps in every scam. The men are led to believe that they’re paying all this money because they are actually going to be able to engage in sex acts, call Samantha, and I are like okay Lisa on girl things that sound creepy somewhere along the line. They came up with a bright idea to drug them. How did they charge a fee for salad, totally incapacitate you? This is something that’ll put you into a euphoric state, so you’ll be more complacent. You’Re agreeable to this baby start charging five bottles of the best most expensive, champagne, another five bottles of the most expensive scotch and he is under the influence of this drug cocktail. Arandas con like a business. I would like to thank Samantha with the CEO and I was a CFO. They were criminal Enterprise. All the funny you can lose. Control of the situation are like, oh, my God. What did I do?

Strip club workers’ new hustle takes a dark turn

Rosie Keo, Samantha Barbash and Karina Pascucci conspired to lure men into strip clubs and spend thousands.

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