The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 3

The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 3
The Hustlers l 20/20 l PART 3
I think these women, the better organized women, were making upwards of half a million a year. I, like nice, things most businesses when things are going really well decide to keep pushing the boundaries and that’s what these women did. They innovated, unfortunately, that Innovation was it legal. It was a little go and then one thing led to the next something for grass and little by little. You find yourself doing things that sound crazy Samantha had amassed over the years like a huge boneless and she was kind of a run down the list. Every night, like a telemarketer and have called, is that okay, what’s up, what are you doing, clients that she would set up? These dates of the marks he runs into Samantha somewhere doesn’t even remember the interaction that at the time they had exchanged numbers, but nothing had progressed beyond that. Doctor Union he’s a single, never married. I cardiac surgeon from New Jersey. Doctor Union was a perfect Target because he’s wealthy he’s successful and basically looking for love with money to spend, was set up on a date with Karina. Using my picture she’d be using pictures of some of these younger women just to lure them in and we would kind of Coach the girl to say. Okay, your name is such and such that you guys met here and you work here. We have a storyline for every girls. So what? If she texts you – and I really am looking for a nice guy – and I would love to go out to dinner with you and we ended up going on a date transpired from there – and it’s actually going to be a dinner. That’S going to be the two of them time alone with you to. Ultimately, she shows up at the end of dinner doctor Union’s best friend and his wife stayed until dessert and It ultimately gets late and they leave together. We had drank, he was very intoxicated and Doctor excuses himself to go to the men’s room and upon return, the last thing he remembers was drinking the remaining couple: ships in his wine and then I started feeling warm slushie in the vision was a little blurry and Cloudy is he wakes up the next morning and his hotel room, not knowing what had happened, the last number of hours and then Karina had left me a note saying. Thank you very much for an unbelievable time. Help me understand you weren’t freak out. I guess I just got caught up in the moment with her. This window was that men would wake up the next morning and discover that not only did they spend more than they thought with those strippers last night, but I don’t even remember part of what they were spending it on the text, messages separately with the girl last Night, what she do after dinner, I went to the bathroom. Then I signed the bill and then I don’t remember the events second date when he woke up. He again was told by her to be the wonderful night. You had a little too much to drink. I’M sorry, if you don’t remember no alarm, why not? I was not even in foolish, you know, I believe there I trusted her. I mean who hasn’t done a stupid thing or two for a beautiful girl in life. He was told that she was interested. He was sold that maybe this is a girl. Did you have a nice time with and go out on a few dates or have dinner with and introduced him to his friends we to meet a third time, and this time it’s going to be a Van Morrison concert, Madison Square Garden. We went to the concert together and alcohol. There is no alcohol that night, so I actually had to talk to him. Sometimes you get tired of pretending and fake laughing all night, so that was rough. It’S emotionally draining to do this drink afterwards and then again, doctor Union remembers drinking Alaska, half a glass of wine thousand dollars on a place called Robert Steakhouse. Can you please call us for three nights, and then I put it together was everytime. I went out to dinner with her. She turned immediately red. She said it wasn’t me with my sisters is my cousin: it was a man on the moon, became of all kinds of excuses, and I told her you’re nothing but a thief. I told her nothing but a swindler. I don’t want to see you. I don’t want to talk to you ever again. Definitely 100 % felt bad because I didn’t even know his bail was that high until I had found out from scores manager and from Samantha. It’S a good scam that works yes, because a lot of them had wise and high-power positions. They didn’t want any problems, they just wanted to pay the bill and move on. We are fraudulent charges through all forged receipts and they weren’t. Even my own handwriting hires, a lawyer and countersues, saying he was drugged and then scores and the women the same thing. That was absolutely embarrass me. I’Ve never been to scores. Dr younan, though, is on camera that scores showing up and then to New York City. Tabloids explode:

Doctor almost swindled out of $100,000 after three dates with woman

Dr. Zyad Younan says he doesn’t remember what happened on his dates with Karina Pascucci. She told him he had drunk too much. Then, American Express called to ask about suspicious charges.

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