The impact of Trump backing off on tariffs

The impact of Trump backing off on tariffs
The impact of Trump backing off on tariffs
We got Deneen Borelli here: Moody’s, Capital markets, Chief economist, John lonski, Democratic strategist, Max Burns now dealing with it. But one thing Big, John, is we’re dealing with it because we like the maybe that trade blinking on the part of the president, maybe the trade Overture on his part, to help the Chinese or at least give him something to ameliorate this on time. But it did put up our son some of these. Of course, that’s good news for us equities. I think it’s a good thing. I didn’t respond because of the and so really that’s goes back to the present looking out for the Forgotten men and women in America, because China has been getting away with many many years of cheating and stealing and lying, and now it is time to call them Out on their actions all right, but he was the one that made the reasons you would have to look at the markets, because the markets were getting worried. Worried about the sustainability of the current economic recovery. He’S got to keep that unemployment rate that should risk. You have that drop in treasury bond yield. As far as the outlook for the US economy, the FED add to cut rates to sort of clean up after the president, but I’m paraphrasing and no doubt the FED might have to do that again and again and again, with the president’s doing with China. What do you think are very few people in the country that seem to like what the president’s doing on trade? Certainly not the farmers who were seen their contracts go away, we’re even Farmers issue construction. This is materials for industrial where they have their contracts. That they’ve worked on 410 funny 30 years to build trust. Those aren’t going to come back. voters who increasingly do like this present. Are you worried about that numbers in Pennsylvania? Don’T seem to bear that out, he’s underwater there by 15 points so more? This is much more, I think, damage-control than anything else for the president. The hell Democrats want to implement the green New Deal. What is that going to do two jobs, especially to Union jobs, a raise Energy prices and it and all the other things that they want to do to really disrupt our way of life? And I will be more, it was on America’s on hard-working Americans and specially the union workers, Joe Biden, the cold. I mean no more cold and USA and he’s still trying to bring back that Mantra. Now he has a war against coal again the ministration go ahead and add to that the Democrats, you get an Ohio Warehouse manufacturing areas down south we’re being clobbered by the movement of production facilities from the United States to China from retail doing well a fold-out 30 Stocks are up for the time being, but when it comes to a lot of the issues near and dear to Farmers, barley down. So if there’s optimism to your point about this, or we can talk about President Trump trade schizophrenia doing now, the bond yields aren’t going down because I’m buying bonds, its institutional investors. I thought you were worrying out of the market for fear of a recession. We have the smart money in the large investors already starting to cover their position. Fear of what might happen that money is coming here for the time one half of 1 % and we’re still where we are today. I think there’s a very good chance., e70 years sticker, but increases, which is the first time ever in plastic – knowledge that there is a bill for Americans to pay as a result of tariffs. He is said that we dodged that bullet, because China is paying, of course, the truth is that how much they get passed along to Consumers? What do you think of that? What are the president’s pivoting on? This is really putting the facts out there, and I think that is what his supporters, like the most first of all, who in America, knew that this issue with China was so bad had to, who knew that was found a billion dollars a year that we were Losing because of China lying and cheating and stealing intellectual room., I’m sorry. This is a short-term. How many years has been going on Peter from the political perspective here. I think the important thing to know to is, as I stated earlier, it’s a Democratic party didn’t seem to care all that much that these people were being left behind in Middle America, the middle west whatever, and they get really come up with, such as training programs And take money from other programs and push it into these areas so that these people could re-establish their standard of living. Indians,
Moody’s Capital Markets Chief Economist John Lonski, Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli and Democratic Strategist Max Burns on the state of the economy and the impact of trade tensions with China and Federal Reserve policy.

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