The internet helps finish Giuliani’s tweet

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The internet helps finish Giuliani’s tweet
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we might forgot he’s been talking a lot it was a tiniest of tweets one little lonely word posted early in the morning you you want wondered Twitter Rudy’s tweet foreign the good news for many songs beginning with you tend to be a Doran Downer responded someone else he could never be a natural woman referring to the time then mayor Giuliani dressed in drag for Charity Dinner and got nozzle by the man now represents almost finished Rudy’s tweets kellyanne Conway’s husband filled in the blanks before the you it has to be you and a song lyrics don’t do it for you movie why someone recruited A Few Good Men to complete Moody thought you can’t handle the truth Rudy sure has been handling why is accusing Michael Cohen he’s a bad life song played at Trump rallies an actual word baby was about to tweet you have the right to remain silent so far Rudy has remained silent about the inexplicable no GMOs
Rudy Giuliani pulls a “covfefe” with a one-word tweet and Twitter finishes it for him. CNN’s Jeanne Moos fills in the blanks.

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