The last DVD rental store in Vancouver is a labour of love

The last DVD rental store in Vancouver is a labour of love
The last DVD rental store in Vancouver is a labour of love
Hi, I’m Darren gay, I’m the only black dog video streaming come around. I guess it was probably 2012. That’S when it really started to affect a lot of stores started closing pretty quickly, especially when Netflix started playing here really, and it took a huge chunk out of our business as well. Pretty stubborn, I don’t want to give this up cuz, I love doing it. We have dedicated employees have been with some of some of them for like over 14 years, and I like the red one, just go to working to keep this thing going because I believe in keeping up with collection alive. If you want to watch what’s the stuff that we have here and you want to watch it online you’re going to have to go, if you don’t Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and you know crave and the Disney channel is launching their stuff, you know you can Come here and pick what you want for most of us, a plus all the other stuff that they don’t have, which is for considerable, take me to make great friends, Iowa Staffing, customers throat. I never watched anything for a whole evening is going to feel crappy. So good
The last DVD rental store in Vancouver is still in business, thanks to some local movie lovers who refuse to let DVDs die.
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