The Lion Chaser – BBC News

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The Lion Chaser – BBC News
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2 / so it’s it’s very easy for animals to cross over and just a few minutes away from this community is a fast-growing singular sound do the only open land where all the wild animals can come which means you keep towels of the way of life which means I protect my cows anyting cinnamon one of the things I did that was to put the Scarecrow and yeah the caution to take the lines around as always there to look after my cows it would come the first day you a few days and they realize that it’s not moving so they got used to the schedule then they will jump in and kill the cows one night I was working on the church and that day. So I told myself I actually mean something that I’m in line right I was very pleased to know that received a scholarship to move on live loud lights it had nothing to do with Richard because the concept that was replicated because it makes sense it was simple it was cheap because replicable which is great but many of those using it now have no recollection of none they know better is a world came from the government to take out the initiative since it was helping them protect the lands the many young people who are very Innovative at least 5000 people get dark in California I have sat and talked to Ray powerful people like Jack Ma and also work on my new projects already thinking about many young people in China with brilliant ideas they just need support
Richard Turere was just 11 when he came up with a way of stopping lions from killing his cows and goats.
His Lion Lights became a global success and this young Masaai boy became an African superstar. But what happened when the spotlight disappeared? We returned to Kenya to find out what happened to the child prodigy.

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