The man who can’t stop painting – BBC News

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The man who can’t stop painting – BBC News
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The man who can’t stop painting – BBC News
Like last week, I wish I was joining for two days solid without sleep. Your nose like like someone, someone else is controlling my body I’ll go to picture to that 90. Maybe 10 minutes spinning back I’ll, get it at and then I have to get up and paint you know and sometimes are pains right through the night are the fish that will copy an ostrich head. I had that like like someone, I know, maybe something someone was guiding me to to to paint, because I was in such a bad way. It’S very difficult to be very definitive of my tax causes. Why and it would have been to the moon and now we know an awful lot about his face on the world, even the ocean, but the brain Still Remains quite a complex, Mistry painting funny looking at it. It looks like it out of it. I think it’s but like me you know, and you you old man, you know you, you control your own destiny. That’S why I think this painting, Charlie Bears symptoms, are neurological condition. Classy stage 4 cancer help. You know the doctor’s, you think, I’m making things you know. It’S all in your head, one serious that he’s got to be more creative and hot sauce problems, so it’s had an injury in an area and she’s not getting the same amount of oxygen, but it still has to do certain help. The person do things so it has to find more Dynamic and quit of agile solutions to a problem and that will generate activity and in different eras, praying I’m more creative problem, solving more creativity, everybody to see some more Lisa that we either laugh or smile. You put happiness in there, you know change.
Meet the artist whose brain makes him paint all night
Wayne Sheppard had never painted until he had a seizure two years ago. Now he can’t stop.

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