The maternity kit that’s saving lives in Nigeria – BBC News

The maternity kit that’s saving lives in Nigeria – BBC News
185, we going to community and we don’t go, we don’t go. They will not listen to you. If you do that, please use the content of the kid from one of the traditional passing attendance that we met. He hadn’t been trained how to use the mothers healthcare’s, but they had a woman in the facility in labor, so we dropped everything. We were doing that we could film The fact. The next thing we witnessed the most shocking scene to just lift her up, get her to wake up and was failing and realize that they have to take her to hospital because she couldn’t stand up 3 of the bathroom attendant lifted. Her off the bed completely naked and they just carried her across the courtyard bakerita out, bundled her into a car and then just verbal. It shouldn’t be like this going to be your last day on that super, be very good idea, because what time you could also teach these are traditional attendance, and then you could help make the itch delivery less likely to get infected. The future for us is which more community help more women, still life application.
Adepeju Jaiyeoba gave up her law career to help prevent mothers from dying in childbirth in Nigeria by creating a life-saving maternity kit.
Warning: Please note this video contains distressing scenes.

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